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Research Access for All - There Should Be Unlimited and Unrestricted Access to Drug Research Papers and Information

by Reginald Reefer | Monday Jul 15, 2024

Since 1971, the landscape of drug research in the United States has been drastically altered, with severe restrictions placed on the study of substances deemed "most dangerous." The Controlled Substances Act (CSA), ostensibly implemented for public protection, has instead created a system that inadvertently benefits pharmaceutical companies by maintaining their monopoly on drug manufacturing and distribution.


$1 Billion in Cannabis Sales in Just 182 Days? - Illinois Voters Send Clear Message to the Feds about Weed Legalization

by HighChi | Monday Jul 15, 2024

Governor JB Pritzker of Chicago claims that on July 1, 2024, retail cannabis sales in Illinois topped $1 billion. This sum comprises around $150 million for medicinal marijuana and about $850 million for adult consumption. Remarkably, this achievement occurred almost two weeks sooner in 2024 than in 2023 on July 10, when the $1 billion threshold was attained. Furthermore, cannabis sales increased to almost $2 billion in Fiscal Year 2024 from $1.9 billion in Fiscal Years 2023 and 2022 and $1.8 billion in Fiscal Years 2022.


Should Parents of Teens Be More Worried about Alcohol or Cannabis Right Now?

by Thom Baccus | Sunday Jul 14, 2024

Curt Dalton of, and father of 3 teenage boys, sat down with Preeti Davidson of Maya4Life to discuss a variety of topics related to teen health, including the social pressures and access to cannabis.  Why is alcohol the biggest threat to parents of teens right now? While teens face many social pressures, including drinking, drugs, sexual maturity, cannabis is a new form of discussion due to state legalization over the past 8 years.


A Regulated Cannabis Market vs. Non-Regulated Market - Would the Marijuana Industry Be Better Off Without Any Regulations?

by Reginald Reefer | Saturday Jul 13, 2024

In this article, we'll dive deep into the potential consequences of a "non-regulated marketplace" for cannabis. We'll explore the arguments on both sides, weighing the purported benefits against the potential risks. By examining these contrasting approaches, we aim to shed light on whether a hands-off policy could indeed create a better system for consumers, businesses, and society as a whole.


Canada Legalized Weed 8 Years Ago, Here are 5 Things They Would Do Differently if They Could Get a Redo

by Thom Baccus | Friday Jul 12, 2024

Canada’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana in October 2018 marked a historic moment, making it the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to do so. The goal was to eliminate the black market, protect public health, generate significant tax revenue, and regulate the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis.


Exploring the Synergy Between Cannabis and Craft Spirits at Nickel 9 Distillery

by BehindTheWaves | Thursday Jul 11, 2024

As the legalization of cannabis continues to spread, innovative distilleries like Nickel 9 are exploring the potential of combining cannabis with craft spirits. The synergy between these two industries opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique and enticing products. By leveraging their expertise in distillation, Nickel 9 aims to develop cannabis-infused spirits that adhere to their high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Marijuana Dispensary

by jsp1073 | Thursday Jul 11, 2024

A variety of dispensaries serve the essential role of legally providing marijuana to the public. Yet, individuals encounter the difficulty of identifying the most reputable dispensary that offers top-notch cannabis products. Numerous online weed dispensaries are reputable and reliable. Nonetheless, individuals should be discerning when selecting the appropriate one. Here are six things to consider when choosing the best online marijuana dispensary.


Could the Smell of Marijuana Ever Be So Strong That It Knocks You to the Ground? - Dank Weed Smell Gets Police Chief Fired

by HighChi | Thursday Jul 11, 2024

On June 20, when Hayes-Hensley and another council member went to Webb's office to pick up his daily logs, they noticed a strong marijuana smell. This is when the incident started. "When I first said, 'Who has been smoking weed in here?'" The mayor of New Miami Village, a hamlet of 2,226 people in southeast Ohio, stated, "The smell of marijuana could knock you off your feet."


90% of People over 50 are Using Cannabis for One Reason - A. Get High B. Chronic Pain and Arthritis C. Sleep D. Sexual Arousal

by Chiara C | Wednesday Jul 10, 2024

This new research expands upon an earlier Tilray study revealing a rising number of older patients seeking medical marijuana. The study identified chronic pain (27.8%), arthritis (14.9%), and anxiety (9%) as prevalent conditions prompting cannabis use among older adults. Pain emerged as the primary symptom, followed by anxiety and insomnia/sleep disorders.


How to Combat the Digital Cannabis Prejudicies Already Hardcoded into AI

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Jul 9, 2024

 However, it is through this endeavor that I have begun to notice some concerning issues that have led me to question the broader implications of AI and its relationship to the values and biases of its creators. As I delved deeper into using AI for cannabis-related content, I couldn't help but notice a pervasive prejudice against drugs, particularly cannabis, woven into the very fabric of the AI systems I was using.