Vaporizing is considered to be healthier than smoking. 'Ecigclick' ( )
Vaporizing is considered to be healthier than smoking.

What are the Benefits of Vaping Cannabis?

Learn what to do with vaporized herbs?

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HighChi on Friday Jan 29, 2016

The Many added benefits of Vaping Cannabis



Vaporizing marijuana has become the preferred method of consuming marijuana within the ‘medical applications’ of the plant. This is because when you vaporize marijuana, you remove all smoke from the process and is considered ‘healthier’ than smoking.


Below we’re going to be talking about all the different benefits of vaporizing marijuana, which may interest many of you. 


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What is vaporizing marijuana?


When we’re talking about vaporizing marijuana, we’re referring to a process of ‘heating up cannabis’ before the point of combustion. This means that that the active compounds within marijuana turns to vapor while never igniting the plant matter at all. In order to vaporize marijuana you’ll need a vaporizer. 


There are many different types of vaporizers out there ranging from hand-held devices to bigger devices like the Volcano and so forth. Prices for vaporizers also range depending on the model and the maker. 


With most vaporizers, you have ‘temperature control’, which is used to activate certain compounds within marijuana. For instance, THC vaporizes at a different temperature than CBDs, so for those who use cannabis for medical uses…this could be a more accurate measure of obtaining the specific compounds you are looking for. 



More for Less



For me personally, one of the best benefits of vaporizing marijuana is that you will be able to stretch your baggy much further than if you were to smoke it. Because you never ‘burn’ the plant matter you can consume your ‘portion’ for a longer period before all the compounds have been evaporated


For instance, smoking in a pipe or a bong could give you roughly 3-5 ‘hits’ before you’re smoking ash. When it comes to vaporizing you could probably get anywhere between 10-15 tokes before the essential compounds are depleted. 


With a pipe, you’ll simply throw away the ashes whereas with vaporizing marijuana you could save the remaining herbs for other purposes of which I’ll explain below. 


What to do with vaporized herbs


I personally take all my vaporized herbs and put them in a small jar. Once I have collected enough vaporized herbs, I make either “Hemp milk” or a low potency butter for later use. While you did vaporize most of the essential compounds in the initial ‘vape session’, the remaining herbs still contain small amounts of the compounds. 


This means that it can be repurposed for the above mentioned ‘side products’. Some people even use it as a “spice” to throw into their food however; I’m not a big fan of this practice. I find that if you make butter or ‘milk’ it has a much more mellow effect and works great for anxiety and stress or even insomnia. 


It’s healthier!


Vaporizing is infinitely healthier on your body than smoking it. The human body is mostly water and smoke isn’t something that we typically inhale. When it comes to vaporizing, you can instantly feel a ‘smoother’ hit and for me at least…I can feel how it cleanses my lungs. 



A different high


Having smoked cannabis in pretty much all of its presentations, the ‘high’ associated with vaporization is very different than smoking it. 


For me at least, I have a more ‘clear headed’ experience with less strain on my body. Whenever I smoke marijuana, I can feel a deeper body sensation, my head feels slightly ‘thicker’ and my mind is a tad bit more ‘cloudy’. 


Vaporizing is a refreshing high that has a smooth onset and lasts a bit longer for me personally than smoking it. 


In addition, by increasing the temperature on my Pax I can play around with the ‘intensity’ of the high itself giving me a greater sense of flexibility and control over my intake. This for me is an important aspect as I like to maintain control over ‘how I’ll feel’ after consuming marijuana. If I want to feel the full effect of the strain I’m vaping, I simply put it on the highest temperature level and let her rip. For a smoother more controlling high, go low temperature. 


Odor Control


While vaporizing weed will still give off an odor, you won’t smell it a block away. Vapor disperses into the atmosphere much quicker than smoke meaning you won’t be smelling out your neighbors even if you’re toking all day long. 


Smoke on the other hand has the ability to linger and even stick to your clothes. I have vaporized in public with cops only a few feet away and nobody was the wiser. While I don’t advocate smoking/vaporing in front of cops, I’m merely illustrating that the smell factor is greatly diminished. 


With the right kind of portable vaporizer, you’d be able to steal tokes in public here and there without raising any suspicion about your actions. Once more, I don’t recommend you vaporize in public because even in legal states, you’re not allowed to get high in public spaces. 


The Taste Factor


I also prefer the taste of vaporizing over smoking. Don’t worry, I still smoke weed…I’m just saying that the taste of vaporized marijuana has a more “earthy” undertone to it. It just has a more herbal zing to it and for some people; it tastes much better than smoking it. 


As mentioned, I smoke it, eat it, and vaporize it depending on my circumstances. However, at home I almost exclusively vaporize my weed. 




Vaporizing has recently gained a lot of popularity due to the aforementioned reasons and if you’re thinking of getting yourself a vaporizer…I can guarantee you that you’ll like it! 







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