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Marijuana Container

Top 4 Marijuana Packaging Options for the Inconspicuous Stoner

Need A Safe Marijuana Container Or Bag, Check These 4 Out

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Oaktree on Thursday Apr 14, 2016

Top 4 Marijuana Packaging Options for the Inconspicuous Stoner


4 Packaging Ideas To Hide Your Stash Safely from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


When dealing with a product in a virtual legal limbo state like marijuana, developing proper packaging can be a sticky situation. How do you go about packaging a product that is regarded as medicine at a state’s level but as an illegal drug on a federal level? What sort of rules and regulations need to be followed? What will lock the smell in so everyone on the bus stops staring at me? Luckily, complex problems often prompt creative solutions as evidenced by these 4 marijuana packaging options.



Pinch ‘n’ Slide: One of the most revolutionary means of dealing with public wafts of fresh cannabis on the way home from the dispensary came in the form of the Pinch ‘n’ Slide Bag. Easily the most adept method of locking in odor, the Pinch ‘n’ Slide Bag takes advantage of a dual locking mechanism within one simple zipper, rendering it smell proof, child resistant, and ASTM and CPSC certified. Dispensaries also love the Pinch ‘n’ Slide Bags for their rather generous volume and the fact that they comply with the strictest laws on the books. They’re also opaque so they beat many other types of weed containers, including your neighbor’s Ziploc sandwich bags, as a means of transporting cannabis products.


Reversible Cap Bottles: Some plastic medicine bottles now offer reversible caps that offer versatility of use. The caps can be flipped over to offer your choice between the classic child-resistant mode or the more convenient (though less secure) simple screw top mode. The screw top mode is often the ideal for elderly patients or those weakened by ailment. One advantage that plastic medicine bottles offer over Pinch ‘n’ Slide bags is a diversity of colors which can come in handy for keeping different strains in order.



Pop Top Bottles: Pop Top Bottles are often the choice of patients who don’t have to worry about any children stumbling upon their medicine. Built for easy access, a simple squeeze pops open the connected plastic top of these medicine bottles. However, this basic system still manages to lock in freshness with its moisture-resistant, airtight design.



Concentrate Containers: Good weed comes in many forms and that’s where Concentrate Containers come into play. These are typically straightforward boxes crafted from plastic with a hinged, locking lid. The lid is often airtight, sealing in odors and freshness. While the above referenced methods are the most ideal for flower, concentrate containers are specifically designed to keep your dabs, waxes, and hash under wraps.




With the probability that marijuana prohibition will end soon, marijuana packaging will certainly be affected by a mixture of laws and regulations across the country. However, some packaging methods are destined to remain tried-and-true through the evolution of marijuana law. Newer designs like the Pinch ‘n’ Slide are so capable that they’ll likely stand the test of time while plastic medicine bottles in various forms stand poised to go the distance as well. But for a polarizing product lauded as a medicine and loathed as a drug, packaging options for weed are already surprisingly convenient.








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