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Cannabis Marketing - Swag Out Your Cannabiz With Custom Stickers

Stickers, T-Shirts, and Packaging are ways to promote your business

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The Undercover Stoner on Thursday Feb 14, 2019

Swag Out Your Cannabiz With Custom Stickers



The cannabis industry is quickly blossoming into a major money-making industry. The advent of ecommerce has made purchasing gear, gifts, and swag easier and safer than ever before. The only downside is, high quality customized cannabis supplies can do serious damage to your wallet. A quick and economic way to easily brand or customize personal and professional cannabis goods is with custom stickers. Whether you currently work in the cannabis industry or are simply a CBD connoisseur, here are StickerYou’s simple custom solutions you can really adhere to:


Jars & Baggies

Jars and baggies are a constant tool both dispensaries and customers use for storing their bud. However if you’re interacting with a lot of different strains at once, your herb might all start looking really similar. It’s incredibly important - especially if you’re a business - to not confuse indica’s for sativa’s or confuse hybrids because they all have different effects for different users. Creating custom stickers online allows you to keep consist canna-branding while also organizing product. Relevant information such as the strain, name, and THC and CBD percentages can be printed on stickers so you always know what plant you’re using and where it came from.


Stay Lit

Everyone has that one “friend” who’s constantly asking to borrow your lighter - and then never gives it back. Call out lighter thieves everywhere by small custom stickers of your name, initials, or even your favourite cartoon characters to personalize all your BIC’s or Zippos. This way you’ll be able to keep track of lighters, and remind forgetful friends that you’re the rightful owner. If you work at a dispensary, lighters can be an inexpensive and unique swag item. Create stickers with logos or mascots and slap them on a bulk order of lighters to include with purchases or use as handouts and your next tradeshow.


Ash and Rolling Trays

If you’re a fan of a fat blunt or a smooth joint you more likely than not have some sort of tray to roll your spliff on and ash it out when it’s done. High quality rolling trays that are endorsed by a celebrity though can be super pricey because you’re paying for the association. Customized ashtrays can also start to get expensive because you’re paying into the supplies and labor it took to create the piece. For an expensive way to personalize your ashtray for your friend or gift, create a custom clear sticker for the bottom of basic glass trays to make names and images really pop. Vinyl stickers are also thick and slip resistant. So if you’re looking for a DIY alternative to a branded rolling tray, make a sticker large enough to adhere to a plain tray you can find at a craft of discount store for a super cheap and quick way to pass the joint along.


Food Labels

Not everyone enjoys consuming their cannabis by smoking it. In fact, some people don’t even enjoy the headrush they get from joints or bongs. A super popular method of cannabis consumption that’s seen exponential growth in the market recently are edibles. A lot of cannabis enthusiasts prefer edibles because they find them safer to use and prefer the experience. Although if you’re making or selling a lot of different edibles with a lot of different buds you’re going to need a foolproof way to organize them all and prevent mixing up your super potent goods with the ones you were planning on selling at the bake sale. It may be advantageous for you to create a custom food label for each type of edible you’re making. This way you can include information like the type and amount of cannabis you’re using. Depending on where you live there’s a lot of legal information you have to include on food labels including the other ingredients in your product, nutritional info, and if the product could have come into contact with any allergens. Labelling food is a great practice for dispensaries because you create specified ones for edibles you might make for clients with dietary restrictions, or if you make edibles with varying potentcies.


Paraphernalia Boxes

Sometimes smoking up requires a ton of extra tools. Amongst your sturdy lighter, you might also need rolling papers, filters, screens, cleaners, grinders, and of course maybe some munchies. And if you’re a seasoned stoner you know well-enough to keep all this additional supplies in an air-tight wooden or tin stash box. After a while though your stash box can start looking a little grubby and lose it’s lustre. Custom stickers are a great tool to add personal flair and upgrade the lids and the sides of your stash box. Furthermore, if you live amongst prying eyes or need to keep your stash box discreet print a sticker to look like the label of a common or embarrassing household product. This way snoopy loved ones won’t even bother opening your stash box because the fake product label will quash their interest.











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