Cheech and Chong Delivery
Cheech and Chong Delivery

Ding, Dong, It's Cheech & Chong - The Legends Get into the Cannabis Delivery Game

Would you like Tommy Chong to deliver your weed to your house?

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The Undercover Stoner on Thursday Feb 17, 2022

cheech and chong cannabis delivery

What's better than getting your weed delivered by two of the most outstanding cannabis OGs ever to walk the earth? Absolutely nothing.

This moment is for the cannabis industry. The steady influx of celebrities into the sector will not be stopping anytime soon. Celebrity weed-enthusiasts Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are capitalizing on the growing interest in cannabis products to launch a joint (pun intended) venture. Although both men have separate cannabis ventures, they decided to work on this together.

The demand for cannabis plants for medicinal, recreational, and even ritual purposes is now more widespread than ever. It's as though the 70's never happened, but they did. And during this time, Cheech and Chong reigned supreme over the counterculture movement on cannabis prohibition. They crawled so that the industry could run right now.


The Current State of Cannabis Distribution

In legal states, cannabis delivery is on the rise. The service has been described as valuable to customers who are unable to leave their homes to pick up their products from the stores. During the stay-at-home period of the pandemic, delivery companies experienced a massive boost in sales, especially in highly developed areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco. That period showed just how essential cannabis delivery companies could be.

One of the largest e-commerce companies in the U.S., Eaze Technologies Inc., was reported to have seen a 69% spike in orders during the peak of the pandemic. According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, most states have observed a rise in delivery services since then. The combination of favorable policies and innovative technology has contributed to the growth of this niche. Currently, the Apple App Store and the Android Playstore now allow cannabis delivery apps on their platforms. This wouldn't have been a reality if not for the continued push for cannabis legalization in various states across the country. Federal lawmakers are also putting in an effort to cause change on a national level.

In the next few years, delivery operations will see a massive rise in orders. The level of stigma around cannabis use will also be reduced considerably.


What's Up?

Cheech and Chong opened up a new delivery service for cannabis orders in California on the first day of this month. The stoner-comedy duo named the new establishment "Cheech & Chong's Takeout." The men, now in their 80s and 70s, promised that delivery time would take an hour or less, and customers have been assured of swift delivery of all orders in perfect condition. Their story is quite inspiring, and believe me, they're the best brand to trust with weed packages in California, given that both men drove around in a weed van when it was widely prohibited.

Tommy Chong pointed out that the most essential feature of their operation is the pedigree and experience of the founding duo. Chong once played the role of a hippie store clerk in the famous "That 70's Show," which aired about two decades ago. He told 48 Hills publications that he and his partner bring a valuable pedigree to the field. For instance, if you need a good surgeon, you research and find the best medical practitioner for the job. In the same way, you also check around to see which law firm has the best reputation around. According to the duo, their experience in the cannabis field for over four decades is enough reason for customers to trust them with their merchandise.


About The Stoner-comedy Duo

Cheech Marin and Tommy Ching have been pioneers of joints since they were youths. Both men are now senior citizens, and they're still maintaining their status as OGs of celebrities and weed. What's more, both men are now legally in the game. They've come a long way from cracking jokes on weed and driving a van literally named after pot to now owning individual cannabis lines and a joint weed venture. Many people are not surprised because the duo has shown for years that they have the potential to be notable names in the industry.

Tommy Chong is now 80 years old and still smokes consistently. He is an advocate of the health benefits offered by pot. He is literally a cannabis folk hero. Not only is he making millions off his cannabis lines, but he is also making as much money from his old-time movies, comedy recordings, and tours originating from the Cheech & Chong Brand. At one point, Chong said that he is proud of their cannabis movement because, unlike before, when most young people used cannabis, now-aged citizens use cannabis oils and CBD products to manage all kinds of ailments and pains.

Chong claims his diet of herbal cannabis helped hasten his prostate cancer into its remission phase. He also says that he uses hemp and CBD to calm his anxiety and boost his immune system.

Chong's line of cannabis products is named "Chong's Choice," and products in the line include oils, cannabis rolls, and edibles.

Cheech Marin, 72, has a personal cannabis line known as Cheech's Private Stash. He was the primary reason for the group's temporary breakup in the '80s when he said he wanted to shed the stoner character. He went on to accept more serious acting roles in movies like "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Tin Cup." He also featured in the series "Nash Bridges". He mentioned that he got inspired to delve into stoner-based comedy by his real-life antics.

Unlike Chong, Cheech no longer smokes marijuana. He had to stop when he was imprisoned in the early 2000s. In an interview, he clarified that he quit smoking when the drug tests started during the pre-trial probation. He was in jail for almost a year for trading cannabis paraphernalia.


Final Note

Cheech and Chong are successful businessmen and comedians who have stayed on and off the limelight for many years.Their latest joint entry into the cannabis delivery sector will draw more fans to the industry. It will also solidify the friendship between the duo once again, as they prepare to host more Cheech & Ching comedy shows in the future.









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