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Hemp, Inc Joins GanjaMan GO In Hemp Games

Sell Weed To Snoop In The New Game Hemp, Inc

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Jul 27, 2016

Hemp Inc.: A New Game To Play With Your Buds



Talk about a video game with a purpose for our people: Hemp Inc. is a new game from HKA Digital Studios, which is a little similar to FarmVille. HKA Digital Studios is led by Danny Hammett, of Tony Hawk and Call of Duty fame.


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Hemp Inc. lets players build their own cannabis empire by growing and selling 20 different marijuana strains. To expand the business, players can also buy property and even interact with celebrity stoners such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, and Willie Nelson. Hemp Inc. also features several big ganjabusinesses including NORML, a marijuana legalization nonprofit, and High Times. So if you can’t build your cannabis empire in real life, this game is the perfect opportunity to do so.



However the game has been under the radar and had a quiet launch in April earlier this year. In a feature article on Vice, Larry Linietsky of High Times revealed that HKA Digital Studios approached the magazine a few months before the launch, which resulted in a budding partnership. This is why you’ll see the High Times logo when you open the app, and the characters also appear to be reading it as you play the game. High Times even has an office in the fictional town where the game is set. Linietsky thought the partnership was a good fit. He told Vice, “Many of the people who come to our events, read the magazine, [or] go to the website are gamers. They expect, of course, that if there's going to be a game that is in this space, that those same brands would be in it.”



Hammett divulged to Vice that featuring the celebrities requires some work on their part: they gave their permission to HKA and also agreed to help promote Hemp Inc., provided that they are paid royalties quarterly. However, their relationship with celebrities is mutually beneficial: because they are featured, the app has a better chance of reaching a new market of players while celebrities have a chance to access audiences that they normally don’t interact with. Because of this, celebrities have a new channel to promote the decriminalization of marijuana without sounding like a broken record time and again to their existing fan base.


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Obviously, people who perceive marijuana as illegal or harmful won’t be playing the game. The case for Hemp Inc.’s future still remains unclear despite the increasing significance and popularity of cannabis legalization in general. In the highly competitive gaming market, we have yet to see if Hemp Inc. will be weeded out as a winner.


If you haven't read about the new Pokemon Stoner game called GanjaMan Go, you can see our leaked screenshots by clicking the link below.


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Hemp Inc, check it out...




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