marijuana marketing tips
marijuana marketing tips

Marijuana Marketing Online - Tips For Getting Traffic and Followers

Cannabis Marketing Is Tough But Not Impossible

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Laurie Lyons on Friday Jun 16, 2017

Marijuana Marketing Online - Tips For Getting Traffic and Followers

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For any business to succeed, there is a need for it to have efficient advertising and marketing.



But as marijuana is widely restricted, a lot of these new companies have problems with advertising their product. It is difficult to create an awareness of your product across the country due to various regulations statewide and nationwide.


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Create not just a product but an attractive story for your brand

As the competition grows it is very important for your product to stand out, that is the reason you need to have a brand and create a story around your brand and your company. Cannabis marketing will help you make a recognizable identity and creates value for you. Your intended audience must understand the message you are passing along and flow with it. A brand is the best asset of any successful product. The importance of storytelling must not be underestimated. Storytelling is a vital aspect of communications, marketing and business. If there is no storytelling, it will be much more difficult to connect with your customers. Storytelling makes your brand trustworthy and dependable.



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Define your customers

Figuring out what the profile of your customer looks like is one of the most crucial steps in your Cannabis marketing strategy, Answering some questions first about the perfect profile of your customers will save you lots of time later.

Who are your customers? How old are they? What is their level of education?.

What is the income of those people? Do they have special habits that it would be useful for you to know? Do they spend time online? What are their interest? How are these people related to Cannabis products and what kind of content they prefer watching online?


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Do all you can to fight the marijuana stigma

There is a great stigma attached to marijuana for almost a hundred years. Your intended audience could have a hard time getting real facts on marijuana. It is your duty to educate them with the truth. Marijuana could be used recreationally or medicinally. You should ensure that you do not mix these two set of users with each other. Your advertisement strategy has to focus on one aspect. You can blog about your expertise or share important news with your customers. Market strategies like website design, SEO and great content should be utilized for your business.


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Take good care of your content Consistency

Nowadays every company has become a small(or big) media company. Content is important and  should be a natural and organic process, You have to be dedicated and a lot of creative effort so that the  Content that you offer will engage people.. You have to take a risk and consistently try to create interest stuff for your media consumers. You have to, in some way, generate ideas that stand out. This is the simple and difficult way to make your content heard.



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Invest in Video

Not only online video marketing is always rising it is also a simply way to attract and engage your audience. Needless to say how important is the fact that social media channels and video go hand in hand and most sites encourage video posting and sharing. The reason is obvious: people prefer watching videos than reading texts. All you have to do is provide interesting videos that the audience of your market niche likes to watch and choose the right strategies to create and post your videos online. Stay focused to the most important points and then optimize it. Establishing your company as an expert to your niche will create trust and an audience that sooner or later will bring the valuable conversions. Tip:Avoid making a sales pitch in your video—nobody wants to see that on video. Just provide your link in a visible place and let them come to you.



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Social media and SEO

You could employ an internet cannabis branding agency that knows how to optimize your blogs and website for search engines properly. A lot of people search for cannabis related products online daily and SEO is one way of tapping into that market. Apart from setting up a Facebook or Twitter page, you must create good content for them. You must also respond to questions even more than businesses in other sectors. If you are active on social media, you create great bonds with your customers, create a lot of hype for your products and you get a lot of new customers. Use funny antics as a lot of people like laughing. Relate them all to your products. Pictures are more attractive than ordinary words. Mix the pictures with great and unique content to engage your users. You must also post regularly if you don’t want to lose your audience. At the same time keep track of the technical details that will make your website rank higher than your competitors. For example did you know that when you use https and ssl in every part of your your site then it is more secure, and additionally, your site will show up more often in search results.


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