Not So Fast Microsoft, LeafLink Is Wholesale Marijuana Done Right

LeafLink Is A Wholesale Platform For Cannabusinesses

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DanaSmith on Monday Jul 11, 2016

Leaflink: A Wholesale Platform For Cannabusinesses

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Taking your cannabusiness to the web just got a whole lot easier.


These days, if your business isn’t online, you’re majorly missing out on the pot of gold. Enter Leaflink: a wholesale management platform that caters exclusively to the marijuana industry. Leaflink provides a high-end solution so that retailers can easily order items from their vendors online. It’s the perfect solution for dispensaries, and saves a lot of time and money considering that you no longer have to text, call, or email each of your 15 vendors individually to order products. Since LeafLink is designed exclusively for cannabusinesses, all retailers that use the program are required to have a Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division license.


Features Built For Budding Businesses

Through the program, retailers can place orders in a timely manner and order products from multiple vendors all in one shopping cart. The program’s many features make running a dispensary hazy - both vendors and retailers can save time since there’s no longer a need to run through the inventory to see what’s available. More time is freed up so that sales teams can focus on business development.


LeafLink also features a centralized portal that makes it simpler to access messages exchanged between suppliers and buyers. In this location, LeafLink users can also easily access inventory management tools, and a special functionality designed to find new products and request for samples, source leads, and close deals without having to leave the site, all of which make it so much easier for dispensaries to order their most popular products.


LeafLink is just as useful for vendors: its order tracking features are high end, making it easy to monitor orders until they are delivered. It’s equipped with super useful CRM functions and makes it easy for brands to be noticed by dispensaries that are looking for new products.

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Vendors are also empowered to make better decisions for their cannabis businesses by tapping into data, charts, and reports.


The B2B platform was able to raise $1 million last December from angel funding. They are currently only serving the Colorado market but will expand later in the year to states where cannabis is legal. Aside from serving established cannabis brands, LeafLink is also a great way to break into the industry especially if you want to introduce your product or service to the Colorado market.


According to founders Zach Silverman and Ryan Smith, they “believe cannabis regulation and distribution is moving toward mimicking the alcohol industry with regional distributors and nonsensical supply chain participants.” They’ve simplified the supply chain that’s also being used in other industries hoping to revolutionize how business is done.


We think that LeafLink is an awesome innovation! Anything that makes it easier for you to get your preferred marijuana product from a dispensary WHILE making it easier for retailers to run their business is a win-win situation.


Several notable cannabusinesses are already on  LeafLink: Foria, Medicine Man, Keef Cola, Dixie Elixirs, Eureka Vapor, and much more are coming on board.




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