Marijuana jobs
Marijuana jobs

Where The Cannabis Jobs Are In 2017?

Marijuana jobs are booming if you know where to look

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Jan 25, 2017

Where the Cannabis Jobs Are In 2017


Trump’s presidency and the appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has caused the cannabis industry, particularly entrepreneurs and business owners, to feel a little hazy about the outlook of business this year. Many have decide to put their plans on hold until we all know a little more about the intentions of the new administration with regard to legal cannabis.



The uncertainties that face the industry has rocked the boat despite the progress of legalization last year, especially during the elections. But despite all this, many cannabis businesses have decided to go full steam ahead in search of greener pastures.


During the recent Emerald Cup, many supporters and businessmen in the cannabis industry gave some insight on what can be expected in the employment department this year:


marijuana delivery service Delivery staff: Legal cannabis laws in certain states have made it possible to deliver prescriptions to patients. The demand for delivery services and mail-by-order cannabis products have increased significantly over the past few years, which has spurred the growth of more jobs in couriers and delivery personnel. Additionally the use of mobile enables patients to purchase on-demand cannabis medications and has led to the development of a delivery model customized to the needs of MMJ patients.

Seed harvesters: According to Seed Bank Reviews, international legalization led to an 830% increase in demand for seeds globally. Because federal authorization is required for selling cannabis seeds, harvesting has become one of the industry’s most sought-after jobs.

cannabis seeds
marijuana dispensary

Dispensary owners: Establishing your own cannabis retail shop has become the easiest way to make money grow on trees. Unique businesses and offerings can propel cannapreneurs to fame, and of course millions. More retail shops are expected to grow this year.

Cannabis reviewers: Competent cannabis reviewers are crucial to product development of many things in the market, from edibles to beer, and even actual strains. Professional reviewers are responsible for providing insightful feedback on the effects of various strains as well as how they interact with different kinds of infused products. cannabis containers
how to become a budtender Budtenders: Good budtenders should have a thorough understanding and deep knowledge of the cannabis industry as a whole. The role also requires skills in identifying the differences of each strain in order to recommend the right variety to recommend to users of cannabis, especially medical patients who have unique needs.
Consultation: Cannabis enthusiasts who want to be involved in the industry but aren’t interested in putting up their own businesses can also look at work as a cannabis consultant. Consultation enables you to meet many passionate and skillful business people in the industry, and can very fulfilling work. To become a cannabis consultant, you must have in-depth knowledge about the industry to be able to offer advice on operations, growth, legal aspects, auditing, and more. consultant
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Security personnel: These roles are necessary for keeping retail shops and dispensaries safe, since most cannabusinesses operate on an all-cash basis. Those who are fit and brave can take advantage of numerous employment options from hourly or part-time roles to full-time security staff.

Bud Trimmers: They are responsible cutting off the unwanted parts and heavy leaves of the cannabis plant. Don’t be fooled: it’s much more labor-intensive than you think. However, starting off a career as a bud trimmer is a good way to learn the ins and outs of processing the cannabis plant, knowledge of which will always be vital for anyone serious about the cannabis industry.  bud trimmer
cannabis edibles Creators of edible goods: Other forms of consuming cannabis are becoming increasingly popular, particularly edibles. If you’re creative enough to make candy, popcorn, baked goods, beverages, and dishes, you can have a lucrative career creating edible goods. There are over 100 startups focused on cannabis edibles today, and it’s likely that this figure will only continue growing.

Cannabis tourism: The cannabis tourism industry is expected to grow like weeds as long as legalization continues to progress. There are many possibilities: from farm tours to developing bud-friendly accommodations where it’s legal, cannabis tourism is another entry point for hospitality and tourism professionals as well as entrepreneurs.

cannabis tourims

Concentrates experts and processors: Cannabis concentrates are a potent way of delivering the medicinal benefits of the plant to patients. Concentrates come in different varieties such as wax, oil, tinctures, and budder and shatter. Concentrates are usually the only way that the plant can be developed into medications such as tablets, so the demand for this is expected to grow even more. A profession in processing concentrates is a highly specialized role, and one well-suited for those who have significant experience handling laboratory equipment. 


What are your thoughts on the employment options in the cannabis industry? Share your thougths with us in the comments below!










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