Twitter cannabis accounts
Twitter cannabis accounts

The 10 Best Twitter (X) Cannabis Handles to Follow for Marijuana News and Updates

What are the best marijuana-based X accounts on the Twitter platform?

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Karhlyle on Wednesday Jul 3, 2024

cannabis twitter accounts

Being a cannabis lover, coming across an article regarding the best X accounts for cannabis users is interesting as it provides the reader with the latest information and events that transpire in the marijuana industry. While there are so many people sharing their opinions on a particular subject, it is always helpful to identify those who give more meaningful information.


In this article, we shall look at the top 10 Twitter handles that offer exclusive information to cannabis enthusiasts such as yourself. We will also identify three primary key opinion leaders who set trends in the weed culture alongside the responsible use of social media like Twitter.  Elon Musk buying Twitter and making it "X" has been a boom for cannabis culture on the social media platform.


Thus, leaning on these resources, you will expand your knowledge base and understand how following top Twitter accounts for cannabis users can benefit your experience within this ever-growing sphere. Please keep your eyes open as we will present the list of recommendations and explain the usefulness of all the accounts for you.

Twitter for Cannabis Lovers

Twitter, or X, is an effective platform to receive information, share something with like-minded people, and follow the news if you are interested in legal cannabis. Thus, active enthusiasts need to use hashtags, participate in discussions, and be aware of the changes in such a rapidly growing market as cannabis. By subscribing to relevant feeds that cover the interests of all the enthusiasts of cannabis, you can indeed gain much and share your passion with others.


For any cannabis consumer who wants to keep up-to-date with what is trending and to be connected in any way, it is essential to follow the best Twitter accounts for cannabis users. Below, we have compiled a list of the most active ten profiles that may provide helpful information about weed culture, news, and updates.


  1. @Leafly: A popular website where people can get the latest cannabis news, the type of cannabis available, and where to buy the same. Leafly provides detailed information and current information about what is going on in the world of cannabis.

  2. @HighTimesMag: It is the account of one of the world's most famous marijuana magazines that publishes articles on cultivation tips, product reviews, and legalization. High Times is a reputable magazine that targets a broad audience who consumes and sometimes uses cannabis.

  3. @MERRYJANE: By creating his media, Snoop Dogg creates interesting content concerning culture, politics, and business concerning the use of Marijuana. In general, Mary Jane provides an original combination of entertainment and knowledge.

  4. @cannabis_net: Going on 8 years now, is a cross between Barstool and the New York Times.  They use the best pictures and headlines for their sometime serious and sometimes sarcastic cannabis stories. 

  5. @WeedFeed: An amazing site for all the news updates, entertainment, and lifestyle events regarding cannabis. WeedFeed is for those interested in cannabis and looking for creative approaches to the latest happenings.

  6. @GreenMarketRpt: It is a verified account for a community that disseminates information regarding publically traded cannabis companies, its products, and services by posting news, reviews, and educational content. Led by ex-CNBC reporter Deb Borchardt, Green Market Report covers all the financial dealing of this in and around the cannabis industry.

  7. @HighThereApp: It is an application that allows people interested in marijuana to communicate, exchange information, and locate events. The social networking app is ideal if one aims to socialize and get to know people who share similar interests and follow local events.

  8. @NCIAorg: The National Cannabis Industry Association account posts news and events about the legal cannabis business. NCIA information is valuable for anyone who wishes to sink their teeth into the commercial and legal facets of the marijuana industry.

  9. @Leafbuyer: A service that allows a customer to check different coupons and lists of stores that offer cannabis products. Overall, if you are seeking the best prices for cannabis products or offers and promotions, Leafbuyer is the platform for you.

  10. @Weedmaps: Here is a complete directory for locating legal marijuana dispensaries, your state's delivery service, and certain special offers. To anybody interested in the cannabis market, Weedmaps is still a good follow even if Google has cut their traffic and relevance in the "find a dispensary near me" world.


Through these top 10 accounts, you will be in an excellent position to track the latest developments or events related to cannabis and movements.

Besides these, some more critical persons still have a great impact on today's cannabis culture. Some of these critical influencers include:

  • @TommyChong: Tommy Chong is a comedian best known for his work in the Cheech & Chong movies; Chong is currently an influencer for marijuana use and promotion.

  • @Sethrogen: Seth Rogen, an actor/comedian, is a Legal marijuana fan and Investor for Houseplant, an organic marijuana brand.

  • @Montel_Williams: TV host Montel Williams has been a strong advocate for medical marijuana, particularly for pain management.


By following these accounts and engaging with their Twitter content, you can stay informed about the latest news, trends, and products in the cannabis industry. The top Twitter accounts will give you a well-rounded view of the cannabis industry, from news and business to culture and lifestyle. Happy tweeting!


Responsible Engagement

In the world of cannabis, it's essential to engage responsibly on Twitter. As a cannabis enthusiast, you can contribute to the conversation by engaging in meaningful discussions and sharing content that resonates with you. Actively participating in cannabis-related discussions helps you connect with like-minded individuals and stay informed.

Here are some tips for engaging responsibly on Twitter:

  1. Retweet: Share valuable information from your favorite accounts to spread awareness and knowledge. Retweeting helps amplify essential messages and news within the cannabis community.

  2. Like: Show support for posts that align with your interests or provide valuable insights. Liking posts is a simple way to acknowledge content that you find helpful.

  3. Engage: Join conversations about trending topics or ask questions to deepen your understanding of the cannabis industry. Engaging in discussions helps you learn more and connect with others who share your passion.

  4. Be Respectful: Always interact respectfully, especially when discussing sensitive topics like drug use or cultivation. Maintaining a respectful tone encourages healthy and productive conversations.

  5. Stay Informed: Follow reliable sources and stay updated on the latest news and trends in the cannabis industry. Being well-informed helps you contribute more effectively to discussions.


By following these guidelines, you can maintain a positive online presence within the cannabis community. Engaging responsibly ensures you stay informed while promoting a healthy dialogue among enthusiasts. Happy tweeting!





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