High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract
High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract


What Exactly is High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract?

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Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

What is HCFSE Stand For?

what is hcfse

HCSFE is a High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract concentration. The extraction is done by the method of hydrocarbon extraction. It is an excellent process to have maximum cannabinoid preservation. It is considered to be a hash oil product with extraordinary aromas and flavors. It has a complex combination of cannabinoids that benefits the human body to a full extent.

If you are looking for the best way to have the maximum therapeutic value of the cannabis plant, the full-spectrum extract embraces the full range of the plant compounds with a high concentration of cannabinoids. The artistic extraction creation strives to capture all the taste and strength of the plant.


What exactly is High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract?

In a way, it is exactly as the name states. A full-spectrum extract is an extraction of the full range of potentially therapeutic compounds derived from the cannabis plant trichomes. Trichomes are the little crystals on the cannabis strains. Full-spectrum extractions do not have non-therapeutic molecules like fats, lipids, or waxes.

HCFSE is considered to be a very high-quality product. It is mostly found in a crystallized form. If the profile of the extract is broken down, it looks like this:

Terpene profile- the terpene profile is normally above 20 %

THCThe tetrahydrocannabinol level is usually around 55%. If it is kept in a sugar form, it can reach a level of 90% or even more.

Cannabinoid levelsThe cannabinoid levels are around 20 – 30 %

Trichomes The trichome level is also around 20-30 %

To keep the full-spectrum extract totally solvent-free, it has to go through a vigorous process where it is completely dewaxed. Then it also is vacuum purged to clean it even further out. The goal is to let the features of the cannabis concentrate be completely recognized and appreciated by all the senses of the user. The ultimate goal is to create a product that shows the distinctive profile of cannabis in the best possible way. In order to achieve this, the plant compounds do not undergo chemical alteration through decarboxylation or oxidation. This means that the compounds, like THC, would still need heat to activate it through decarboxylation when you use it.


Is there a Difference between HCFSE and HTFSE?

HCFSE stands for High-Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum extraction, whereas HTSFE means High Terpene Full-Spectrum extract. Terpenes and cannabinoids are two words often heard when referred to the cannabis plant. Both have great therapeutic potential and benefits. There is a great array of complex synergies playing out between them. There are quite a few studies on how these potent synergies work. The interdependence between the many different terpenes and cannabinoids is what gives the plant such a magnificent medicinal property. The more the plant gets studied, the more extractions might come to light. The dominance of the extraction lies in the name when the extraction occurs from the cured flower.

A High Terpene Full-Spectrum extract will have a lower cannabinoid content than a High Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum extract. The terpene profile is higher in HTFSE. It is usually around 40%. THCa, the acid form of THC, will normally be around 40% before decarboxylation.

Both HTFSE and HCFSE are very closely related. The method of extraction is very alike. The difference lies where the solution naturally separates into two mediums. One would be oily, and one would be viscous. The oily section will have a high terpene content, where the viscous part would be sugary and high in cannabinoids. The separation of the two solutions is quite easy and two similar, yet distinct products are formed.


What is HCFSE Sauce?

When it comes to cannabis-related mixtures, the word sauce means the concentrate has very high levels of THCa and terpenes. Chemists strive to preserve the uniqueness of each chemovar (the chemically distinct entity in a plant or microorganism). The goal is to stay close to the cannabinoid profile when the extraction is made. Because it is quite a high-quality product, it could reach the amount of US50$ per gram. It is definitely seen as a luxury product and dabbing is the method most used to consume the product. As is it a full-plant extract, the experience is very full of flavor every time.  Most of the HCFSE on the market are made from high-grade fresh frozen flowers. This helps to keep the planta material from losing much of the therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes when the extract is made. The end product has an extremely high quality.


Where can you get HCFSE Sauce?

At the moment, finding a high-quality product is not so easy. The extraction method is still in its baby shoes and not many have mastered the skill to perfection yet. A person needs high-tech equipment to do the extraction. As for now, a US- based company Extractioneering is the leader on the market and both HCFSE and HTSFE are available from them.



The word full spectrum is used in a very general way in certain cases to sell a product. When you look at a full spectrum product, be sure to verify the authenticity thereof.









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