marijuana as a job benefit
marijuana as a job benefit

Jobs Where Free Marijuana is a Frequent Bonus

What is the best job perk you ever got, how about free weed?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Sep 4, 2020

Jobs Where Free Marijuana is a Frequent Bonus

marijuana as a job benefit to employees

Over the years marijuana has become a frequent sight in many communities. Although this is still a far cry on what is ideal given the numerous benefits that cannabis has both as a medical product and also for its recreational capabilities, it is a welcomed development. The implication of this widespread acceptance in some legalized states is that many cannabis users are freer to express themselves within the confines of the cannabis laws that are prevalent in such places.

Despite the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in some states in the United States, it is still not federally accepted. This poses a great problem for cannabis users that are crossing state lines from a region where cannabis is legalized to a region where it is not. Traveling with possession of cannabis is a federal offense in such cases. This is why cannabis users intending to travel have to find ways of dealing with the extra stash in their posession else risk getting on the wrong side of the law.

Some of the common ways many cannabis users tend to deal with such extra stash are either by finding local cannabis users to trade it off to, smoke it all, or even give it off as bonuses to some classes of workers around them.

A closer look at this situation opens up the truth that there really are some jobs where free marijuana comes as one of the perks and bonuses that the workers get from clients. In states where cannabis use is legalized, it is not a new sight to see clients offer the workers free marijuana as a bonus. These are hugely appreciated especially if the worker is a cannabis user who is well versed with the numerous medical and recreational benefits that are embedded in cannabis.

In this article, i'll talk about some of these jobs, and why free marijuana seems to be a frequent bonus there.


Cab drivers and uber drivers are a frequent component of every busy city as they serve the purpose of easing the transportation problems that are present in many cities. They help to transport different types of people daily and this is a special type of job where quality service often prompts the passengers to offer tips and bonuses to the drivers. Often such tips and bonuses are in monetary forms, but in states and regions where cannabis is legalized, it is a common sight for the drivers to be offered free marijuana as a bonus for quality service. This is even more true when it comes to airport shuttle drivers who usually carry passengers that may posses extra stash of cannabis and they do not want to run the risk of being caught on the wrong side of the law while traveling across state lines. The same applies to rental car employees as well making employees of ride-sharing services one of those who are frequently offered marijuana as a bonus.

Performing Artists

If there is one place or environment where cannabis has always seemed to be a frequent component, it’s the life of a performing artist. Be it a comedian or a musician, they are known to always appreciate the recreational benefits of cannabis and so for workers who are working around performing artists or performing artists themselves, one can be sure that there will be frequent marijuana bonuses. Although all this still applies within the confines of legal laws that are prevalent in legal states, workers around a stage and a crowd are bound to be offered free marijuana joint as a perk from one of their co-workers from time to time. This might be one of those factors that spur many stagehands at arenas or clubs to stick around close to performing artists.

Hotel Cleaning Staff

Hotels play hosts to different types of customers ranging from celebrity performing artists to regular working persons just looking for a serene environment to lay their heads. While enjoying the services that are present in hotels, many are bound to use the opportunity to enjoy a joint or two as the privacy of a hotel room assures the cannabis user freedom from disturbance. This, therefore, makes many of the maids that come to clean such hotel rooms the beneficiaries of free marijuana bonuses once in a while. Many guests are not likely to take the remainder of their stash with them when heading home which is why hotel cleaning staffs are frequently on the receiving end of free marijuana bonuses.

Ski Resort Workers

The mountains and ski resorts offer many cannabis users with some of the most uplifting platforms to enjoy the euphoric feeling brought on as a result of THC in cannabis. Many who go to the mountains to ski are known to pack a joint or two so they can enjoy in some of the hideaways that are present at such elevated heights. When many are unable to finish the remaining stash of cannabis, they are prone to giving it over to employees in the ski resorts. This means that aside from the benefits that come with being a ski resort worker, they get to receive offers of free weed regularly in legal states.

Food Delivery

Workers in food delivery services make deliveries in a different number of neighborhoods and encounter different types of people. This makes them open to offers of free weed from different customers as compensation for quality service rendered especially in legal states.

Bottom line

For most of these workers, receiving cannabis bonuses may not comply with company policies but the truth is that these things happen. They show that the people of the society are slightly becoming more open to cannabis as a society. An increase in the acceptance and legalization of cannabis can be expected to increase this trend in different places as well.

Have you ever received cannabis buds, edibles, tinctures, and so on as a bonus/gift at work or on a personal level before? If yes, let us know in the comments section below. And if you haven't, how would you feel if you were offered such a bonus?

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