worker's comp claims in legal cannabis states
worker's comp claims in legal cannabis states

Employees Who Smoke Weed are Good For Business - Worker's Comp Claims Drop in Legal States

Why not caring if your workers smoke weed is good for business and improves profits

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Feb 14, 2020

Why not caring if your workers smoke weed is good for business

employees who smoke weed

There has long been the discussion about “cannabis at the workplace” and how it will impact the bottom-line for companies. Some people believe that by legalizing cannabis you’ll reduce productivity within the workplace – however, evidence suggests that this is not true.

In fact, a recent study showed that in states with medical marijuana on the books – there was nearly a 7% decline in workers’ comp claims. When there were claims, the total period were also shorter than states that didn’t have a medical marijuana program on the books.

What this means is that at least in terms of “injuries at the workplace” – legalizing cannabis seems to be creating a modest reduction. For owners of businesses – a reduction in comp claims means lower yearly costs and it seems that the “downtime” is also reduced – meaning having employees working faster.

This – for any business owner – should be enough to convince them to not care if their employees smoke weed. However, some business owners might still be on the fence about whether or not they should care if their employees smoke weed or not.

Below is a short list of why it’s actually good to turn a blind eye.


You’re acknowledging their humanity

Let’s face it – the idea that you hold so much power over the private happenings of other humans should disgust you. I hear people talk a big game about “being inclusive” while simultaneously denigrating people by forcing them to piss in cups to see ‘what they decided to put in their bodies’.

I understand that under the circumstances that someone is high on the job to the point where it is an issue [or obvious], then an employer has all the rights to fire the person. This isn’t a reflection of cannabis but rather the irresponsibility of the person.

Under these circumstances, you’re firing the employee for “being a dipshit” and not because he or she is smoking weed.

However, if you force them to take a drug test – find out that “at some point in the past 30 days they consumed cannabis [or any other drug] – and then you fire him/her…then you are exercising your “slave-owner powers” inherited from the ‘days of old’.

I don’t care about what any company says about being “woke” – if they are drug testing anyone these days and terminating employment because of it – then their “Wokeness” might as well be wearing a pointy white hat.


Cannabis Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Here’s another selfish reason why you’d want your employees to smoke weed. Cannabis is a natural anxiolytic, anti-depressant and helps manage stress. These are all things that is good for people who – apart from handling problems in your business – also have their own personal issues to take care of.

Additionally, cannabis users tend to be quite active. The average BMI of cannabis users are lower than non-cannabis users. With more activity, lower levels of stress – it is bound to impact performance at work [for the better].


Reduces inflammation & helps manage pain

In terms of worker’s comp claims – this is probably the part of cannabis mostly responsible. A large number of people are suffering from some sort of chronic pain. It might be a “small pain in your knee” or “just a pinch in my back” – but it’s relentlessly present throughout your life.

This common pain we tend to ignore…and sometimes befriend, syphons energy from us. We make due, but never perform at 100%.

This is true within every aspect of our lives – including our work. What if, there was a non-toxic way to reduce inflammation and manage pain?

Turns out, that cannabis does just that. Most pain-related conditions are somehow related to inflammation and with cannabis both helping to mitigate pain and reduce inflammation – it’s an optimal, low cost solution.

This is probably the reason why there were fewer comp claims in states with medical marijuana.


You heal faster

What the study also found was that comp claims were “shorter” – meaning that people healed quicker and were ready to get back to work sooner. With fewer sick days, lower pay outs on comp claims – any smart business owner would be able to see the undeniable evidence supporting “not giving a shit” whether people smoke weed or not.


It’s time to corporately “not give a shit” about weed

Some major organizations have made a conscious shift away from the strict “no weed” policies implemented throughout the decades. It’s time that we accept the fact that people smoke weed -and that is okay.

You as a business always will have the right to fire anyone who is directly messing up your business [smoking weed on the premises, evidently being high, smelling like stank bush while talking to customers, etc] – however, if someone is a model worker who smokes weed at home, and you found out they smoke weed by way of urine…then please stop sifting through other people’s urine…it’s real creepy!








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