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eco friendly cannabis

How To Be An Eco Friendly Cannabis Lover

Protect The Environment As You Enjoy The Herb

Posted by DanaSmith on Tuesday Mar 28, 2017
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Do You Care About The Environment Enough To Green Your Pot Habit?




Even though pot has long been associated with hippie values like loving mother earth, being green these days isn’t always environmentally-friendly. Legalization will help the environment, but there are still major hurdles that we need to overcome.



If you care about the environment, how you grow your pot or where you buy it from will matter. Otherwise, smoking weed can be as harmful for the environment as using plastic. Cannabis grown using high intensity lights can consume massive amounts of energy, while the pesticides and chemicals used to increase yield will be bad for you and the environment.



Ganjapreneurs have recognized the importance of developing green(er), more sustainable products for today’s eco-conscious marijuana consumer. These days, it’s become easier than ever to have an environmentally-friendly pot habit and support green cannabis businesses.





If you want to make the switch to an eco-conscious habit, here are 6 things you can do:


  • Opt for “farm to pipe” cannabis from businesses in your area. Think about the distance that your pot has traveled to get to you. If you live in New York and are smoking BC bud, this means that your cannabis has traveled thousands of miles, using up energy and contributing to pollution and climate change in the many forms of transportation it’s been on just to get to your pipe. Supporting cannabis purveyors in your locale will help you reduce your carbon (and cannabis) footprint.



  • Don’t use plastic packaging. Getting rid of plastic is the easiest and simplest way to help the environment, whether or not you’re a cannabis consumer. High-quality packaging for your pot should be made of glass anyway, which is great because it can be recycled or reused. Edibles and bud can also be stored in tins. Think about how much plastic you’ve taken home after buying weed and the landfills that they end up in, where they’ll take millions of years to decompose. Just say no to plastic packaging; whenever possible support businesses that use biodegradable packaging.



  • Go for organic cannabis. It’s much healthier for you because it doesn’t contain any fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals used by farmers to increase their yield all of which are extremely harmful for the environment. You might have been smoking regular weed for years, but think about all the nasty stuff you’re putting into your body. You’ll also get another bonus from smoking organic pot: it’s much more potent!



  • Invest in high-quality vape pens. They’re much more durable plus they’re also safer than the cheap vape pens commonly produced in China. Poor quality disposable vape pens have a tendency to explode and can lead to some pretty frightening injuries that will scar you for life, literally. Good quality vape pens will last you a long time and will have less chances of ending up in a landfill. A safer, more eco-friendly alternative is using extracts that are made out of CO2 or ice water, which can then be dabbed into an e-nail. One of the most eco-friendly ways to consume cannabis is by smoking dry-sifted kief using a hempwick.



  • Stay away from the use of butane when dabbing. When properly burned, butane creates principal greenhouses gases which destroys the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere.



  • If you’re growing your own supply, switch to energy-efficient LED lights. CFL (compact fluorescent lights) use a gas that contains low-pressure mercury vapor, argon, and in some cases even krypton. The bulb’s inner surface is coated with a combination of rare earth phosphor salts and metal. CFL’s also contain many other toxic chemicals such as mercury, neon, lead powder, and fluorine. These lights are extremely poisonous and bad for the environment. Switching to LED lights is a smarter choice for the environment, for you, and your home. LED lights contain no mercury and are also 300% more energy efficient than CFL’s and 1,000% more efficient than incandescent lights.


Now that you know how to be an environmentally-friendly stoner, share this with your friends!



In what way do you contribute to lessening your carbon footprint when using cannabis? Share with us in the comments below!










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