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The Very Best Movies to Watch While Baked

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Cannabis.net on Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Stoners love to get baked and watch movies. When you’re under the influence of sweet Mary Jane, you simply get to enjoy the cinematic experience so much more. This is why we have decided to provide you with a list of the best stoner movies to watch while totally baked. 


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These titles will be in no particular order because let’s face it, what is an awesome movie for one person might be simply “passable” by others. Rather, I decided to compile a list of movies that are predominantly rich in marijuana related content. Some people call them “stoner flicks” but I just call them a “good time."


Get ready to whip out the bong and enjoy these awesome movie suggestions that will accompany you at times when you have absolutely nothing better to do. 




Cheech and Chong Series (All of them!)


You can’t call yourself a pot enthusiast if you haven’t seen Cheech and Chong movies. With ten movies to pick from, you can get educated on the grass roots of the marijuana movement. If it wasn’t for these toking legends, cannabis would definitely not be where it is today. 


Cheech and Chong managed to take a highly controversial topic and turn it into a humorous social undertone that spread across the sub-culture like wildfire. Twenty years after their movies came out, there were pot references in most mainstream shows slowly paving the way for a more serious cannabis discussion. 



Half Baked

Another stoner classic that impacted an entire generation of tokers. A solid cast of comedians led by Dave Chappelle takes you on a hazy journey through the lives of different stoners. This movie is considered a cornerstone in stoner society and will give you a baseline education in all things cannabis. You’ll quickly be able to identify friends and acquaintances throughout the lavish adventure of three buddies trying to bail out their friend from prison after killing a police horse with junk food. Sounds insane, it’s a total trip! 



Friday Series (All of Them)


Ice Cube takes us into a unique journey into the Hood, then into the Suburbs and everywhere in between. Once more, this is a staple in the stoner archives and is a must watch for anyone who is just starting out. 


Crazy characters, insane situations and a whole lot of weed is to be expected throughout this film. Friday is almost a rite of passage in the stoner world. 



Harold and Kumar (All of them except the Christmas Special)


Harold and Kumar is of the newer generation of stoner flicks that merits mention. While the humor isn’t “Einsteinian” in nature, it definitely does the trick when you’re baked out of your mind. This tale talks about two friends, the obvious stoner and the “I-want-to-get-my-life-together-guy” who go on an epic misadventure to solve some random problem as the premise of most of their films. With the frequent appearance of Neil Patrick Harris (as himself), the movie will keep you entertained from the beginning to the end. Of course, the Christmas special was a load of donkey shit, but it’s passable if you truly have nothing to watch. 



Super Troopers


We’re eagerly waiting for the second installment of this movie which is allegedly coming out later this year, but you definitely have to watch Super Troopers. Then once you have finished it, watch it again! Some of the funniest scenes in stoner history was eloquently delivered in this Cop comedy. 


The entire plot is so random that attempting to explain it would be a futile action. Rather I simply suggest you watch this movie and understand that “Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries.” 



Pineapple Express


There was a time I watched this movie religiously. The epic pair up of Seth Rogen with James Franco hit this movie out of the park. Basically the movie is about a stoner who is placed in a tight spot and has to rely on his drug dealer to help him escape all harm. I really don’t want to give away too much of the plot as this movie is definitely worth a watch and if you haven’t seen it before…better! 


This movie perfectly captures what it ‘feels like’ to be high. 



Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


This movie can change your life. Following the life of Hunter S. Thompson portrayed by Johnny Depp, this movie is about more than just marijuana. In fact, to be honest…I don’t think there was marijuana in the movie at all. However, the trippy nature of this film will send you into a different state of mind if you are baked out of your brain. 


I highly recommend getting totally smashed, turning of all the lights and watching this flick from the beginning to the end. Keep on smoking all the way through and you’ll come out saying, “That was one of the best movies ever!” Totally worth the watch when high!



The Big Lebowski


If you don’t know “The Dude” … you don’t know shit! The Big Lebowski will forever go down in history as one of the most awesome stoner flicks of all time. The Dude is the ultimate stoner, going through life in a Zen like fashion dealing with abstract situations and some of the best dialogue within the stoner repertoire. 



Jay and Silent Bob Series


Jay and Silent Bob are icons in the stoner world. Kevin Smith perfectly executes a highly entertaining movie that is awesome to watch while high. For God’s sake, they even made marijuana inspired super heroes…what’s not to love about this movie. 


There’s still plenty of movies that wasn’t added to this selection, but if you’re in the search for a good stoner flick, these should definitely get you going. As mentioned, these are in no particular order because I know you guys can get quite defensive about the hierarchy of movies. So let’s just leave it at this for now and later on I’ll come back with another list of awesome flicks to watch while totally zonked. 












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