1980s commercial - Partnership for a Drug Free America Partnership for a Drug Free America
1980s commercial - Partnership for a Drug Free America

This is Your Brain On Drugs - And other Anti-Marijuana PSAs that Failed

Sit back, relax and rewind to relive the 1980s

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Cannabis.net on Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

Let's Rewatch These Outrageous Anti-Marijuana PSAs that Failed Miserably

Have you ever wondered why there is such a staunch opposition to cannabis legalization? It’s true that the world is waking up to the fact that drug prohibition has failed miserably, however it is important to understand how they were placed under the spell that maintained this corrosive policy for so long. 

Today, you’ll look at some of these Anti-Marijuana/Anti-Drug PSAs and probably chuckle at how ridiculous the content really is. Yet it is important to comprehend that all of these messages is part of a three-decade campaign to condition the way you perceive ‘drug use’ in general. 

By using a wide variety of tactics, the Drug War Machine drilled a single message into the psyche of the masses, which in turn allowed them to expand on a system that destroys the very fabric of a free society. 

To help illustrate these points, I found a compilation of anti-marijuana PSAs which I have segmented and posted below. Feel free to watch the entire video and be sure to read the observations below each segmented video. I’d love to hear your take on things. 

Lies from the Corporate Hive Mind

In this compilation video, you’ll be exposed to a wide whole parade of these deceptive videos. You’ll quickly notice that anti-marijuana PSAs tend to highly exaggerate the effects of cannabis on an individual. It makes one wonder if they have ever even seen anyone high before. 

For instance, in the beginning of the video, we see a surrealistic scenario depicting a surgeon smoking a joint unaware of the surgery he’s about to perform. While absolutely hilarious as a comedy sketch, it has no merit in the real world. 

Surgeons who smoke weed, would not smoke weed during surgery. Similar to how surgeons technically shouldn’t drink alcohol before surgery. Some of them do, but we’d rather not think about that. The point being that in no way would this ever happen in real life. Scaring us with fantasy definitely is a fail. 

The second video in the sequence comes swinging with a lie from the seventh layer of hell. “High for a night, slow for a month” says the slogan at the end of the clip. Apparently the creators of this PSA didn’t understand your body’s metabolism. There is absolutely no way that someone would be “slow for a month” after smoking a joint just like someone wouldn’t be ‘hungover for a week’ by drinking a beer. Your body doesn’t magically change by smoking marijuana. Sorry to burst your bubble. 

Peer Pressure and Your Favorite TV Show

If lying to the masses didn’t work, the Drug War Machine resorts to ‘peer pressure’ and childhood heroes. Frequently anti marijuana PSAs use cartoons like the Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo and what have you to sell their anti-drug rhetoric. 

In this particular clip you once more are presented with the exaggerated scenario of a big bully-looking kid bringing three horribly rolled joints to a younger kid. “You’ve gotta try this” says the bully, leaving the “innocent kid” in a terrible predicament. Pan out, let’s see what the Turtles have to say about this! 

The snappy comeback ends of with a “I’m not a chicken, you’re a turkey…” reference that makes about as much sense as getting kicked in the balls for fun. 

Step into the Bizarre 

When a direct approach to emotional blackmail doesn’t produce results, the Anti-Marijuana PSA propaganda machine will attempt to step into the bizarre. Having your friend melt into the couch or your dog talk to you are simply not side-effects of marijuana. I wish it could be, but sadly you won’t become Dr. Dolittle after getting high. 

First they shoot you into the absurd and then they end it off with the emotional blackmail. “I miss my friend” and “We use to do fun things together” sounds to me more like an egocentric response from people who cannot comprehend the experience of smoking cannabis. Trust me folks, people have fun on cannabis and more importantly, you can have some deep conversations about the existentialistic nature of your own life and relationship with the universe. But hey, if your dog misses your company…take him for a walk after you smoked a bowl. You’ll both enjoy it a lot more. 

Let’s Stereotype folks! 

The following clip is a jewel in the anti-marijuana PSA arsenal. Creating social labels is one of the best methods to divide people. Thus, the propaganda machine decided to associate the words “loser”, “idiot”, “moron” with people who smoke marijuana. 

More importantly, they used sex as a motivator for kids to not smoke weed. In the above mentioned clip, you get to see how the “cool kids” smoke weed but in fact are raging buffoons who were losers’ way before they ever knew of weed and the “uncool kid” that seemingly has everything going for him including a piece of “ass on the side”. 

These divisionary tactics creates a social stereotype that works in the back-programming of your brain. You subconsciously associate a sub-standard lifestyle with the act of smoking marijuana. However, they fail to mention that highly intelligent people smoke marijuana as well such as Allen Watts, Carl Sagan and hell, even good ol’ Bill Shakespeare was an avid toker. 

If all else fails – Dark Hypnosis! 

This final clip I’ll be reviewing was probably the most disturbing out of the lot. I dare you to take a big hit from a bowl and to sit quietly through the entire clip. You’ll start feeling this uneasy sensation in the pit of your stomach. That’s because the techniques used in this clip (directed to children) implements techniques used in hypnosis. 

The repetitive phrasing and the hypnotic music will induce a state of hyper attentiveness. This Alpha Wave state is perfect for programming and suggesting ideas as your brain is more receptive in this state. Now you can rest easy knowing that you’re being subconsciously manipulated by your government! 

Above the Influence

Unlike Marijuana, anti-cannabis PSAs are invasive spam that mess with your perception and clouds critical thinking. If you think that everything I was talking about is mere hogwash, then I strongly encourage you to do some research on the MK-Ultra projects specifically in relation to what they did on public television during the 60s. If you think they stopped doing what they did…you’re wrong! They only got better. 

To rise above the influence is to turn off your television and unplug from the official narrative. Think for yourself…you deserve it! 








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