stoner elf on the shelf
stoner elf on the shelf

What is your Stoner Elf On A Shelf Name?

Have you named your cannabis loving elf yet?

Posted by:
Reginald Reefer on Thursday Dec 13, 2018

What’s your 2018 Stoner Elf Name?


stoner elf names


A Kushmas Carol by Reginald Reefer


Tis the season, or so they say. Here in the land of Kushmas it’s always that way. When cherries red blossom in the mouths of stoner elves, not those bastards that sit on those loner shelves. These small creatures come in all shapes and sizes, smoking those bowls and getting us higher.


Stoner Elves are just like you and me, even when sitting in family company. Perhaps they are told that they cannot say, about how high they are from smoking that jay. Nonetheless, with cached eyes they sit. Quietly eating away.


Because even though it’s time for Christmas, Stoner Elves can never resist this – A good warm meal, a bit of jolly wine. Talking about life and what’s happening all the time. They love good company and are a barrel of laughs. They enjoy good music and share what they have.


They don’t hold grudges about the bullshit you say, they’d rather keep chipping away on that big fat jay. The one from earlier before the meal, they couldn’t finish it cuz it was the real deal.


A bit of some dabs and a lot of good weed. Sprinked in kief with balls of hash. It’s rolled in a blunt and sealed with some wax. It’s got 3 different strains to make you relax. The terpenes are rich and smells through a bag, it’s a Kushmas joint – the best you’ve ever had!


We’ve all got a stoner elf living inside, just dying to get out of the closet it hides. Just give it a hit and let it roam free, it will show you just how happy you can be. So call Ganja Clause this Kushmas and purchase a sack, make sure it’s sticky and prepare your snacks.


So where are you hiding, oh stoniest of elves, what are your names…oh please do tell. We’ve got a way to figure it out, just take a quick look what the picture’s about. It’s actually quite simple, so make it be read – by posting your stoner elf name down in the thread!


Kushmas for you and Kushmas for me. This is the end of my poetry. It was actually much harder than you could believe, to create stonerlang in this fictional scene. Kushmas is as real as you want it to be, you just need some Christmas and a shitload of weed! 


Picking your Stoner Elf Name


I decided to make a tribute to an old meme I saw a few years back by coming up with my own stoner elf name combinations. Last year, I also did a Kushmas carol type thing in video format, however this year I decided to create something a bit more interactive.


That’s why I smoked a big fat joint and sat down in front of the computer to come up with my new Kushmas Carol about the Stoner Elves. It might not be the best work of art, but it’s entertaining enough if you smoke just the right amount of reefer. Sure, I know it’s a very select group of people who would find this appealing, but hell…let’s have a bit of fun at the end of the year. It’s been a crazy one.


To figure out your Kushmas Stoner Elf Name, you simply have to match your stoner elf name, with the first letter in your real name. Then, take the month you were born in and pick that name for your last name.


For instance, Reginald Reefer who was born in April


R – Treefer

April – Puffington the Third


My Stoner Elf Name is “Treefer Puffington the Third”. I guess I come from a long line of stoner elves…


So why not let us know what your elf name is by posting it on wherever you are reading this from. You can comment right here on or on the various social media channels they have.


I think it’s good that we remember our stoner roots. If it wasn’t for us, being able to take a negative and spin it into a positive…the vast majority of the people who enjoy medical and recreational cannabis would never have had access to this plant.


So let’s pay homage to the stoner inside us…post your Stoner Elf name right now! 


Here’s how you find it;


First Name: (Take the first letter of your name)


  1. Bubbles
  2. Hashy
  3. Blazey
  4. Blitzy
  5. Chiefy
  6. Couchy
  7. Dutchie
  8. Endo
  9. Kushy
  10. Hazey
  11. Kiefster
  12. Muggles
  13. Nuggy
  14. Roachy
  15. Schwaggy
  16. Sploofy
  17. Fatty
  18. Treefer
  19. Herbz
  20. Giggles
  21. Stogie
  22. Puffer
  23. Bushy
  24. Smokey
  25. Stoney
  26. Ripper



BIRTH MONTH: (And your birth month)


JANUARY)  - Rolleydubs

FEBRUARY) - Hairynugs

MARCH) - Pinnerjoints

APRIL) – Puffington the Third

MAY) - McFluffyBowls

JUNE) - Ruffelpuffs

JULY) - SugarLeaf

AUGUST) - MunchieBottomz


OCTOBER) Smokapotomus

NOVEMBER) Cloudycough



And your Stoner Elf Name is __________________



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What did you think?

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