Costco Weed
Costco Weed

Why Buying Weed At Costco Is A Bad Idea

Large Quantity Buys Open You Up To A World Of Hurt

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 4, 2016

Why Cops need to understand “Buying your Bud in Bulk”

Does Costco Sell Marijuana? Why Bulk Buying is a Bad Idea for the Future from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

Anyone who pays for their own shit knows that buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying individual units. It’s cheaper to buy an ounce from the get-go than to buy an ounce joint-per-joint. That’s just basic economics. 

When I was a younger Reefer, I used to purchase a half a kilo of weed every other month to minimize my risks of traveling with cannabis. I would jar them and cure them differently in order to create diversity in my stash. However, every time I traveled with the reefer, I could feel cold sweat dripping down my back as cops passed my car because I knew that if I was pulled over the cops would immediately assume that I was “buying with the intent to distribute” which would have been completely false. 

Why do people go to Costco? Because they know having a shit-load of something they will use frequently will save them time, money and effort. This is the same philosophy I hold when it comes to Reefer. 

I prefer to have a Kilo of weed that I can smoke as I wish for three to four months, as opposed to getting a few grams of which I’d have to go and get some more every few days. Now I understand that in States that have a legal marijuana program, this isn’t so much of an issue, but trust me…even if you are in Colorado with a few pounds of reefer in your trunk without a license to sell or anything of the sorts, you’re still going to be in a world of trouble. 

This is because cops think that anyone with a large amount of cannabis is thinking of selling it. They cannot fathom the idea of bulk buying when it comes to drugs. I mean, if we were to transfer the concept to beer, would a cop think that someone with three cases of beer in his trunk is trying to sell it to other people, or that they are stocking up beer for an elongated period of time? 

I’m assuming even if cops see a car with a trunk filled with bottles of booze, wine, drinks and so forth, they aren’t going to think; “He’s opening up an illegal bar”. They will automatically assume that the person in question is either stocking up, or will have a party in the next few days. 

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Yet when it comes to cannabis, suddenly you’re a freaking drug dealer? 

Excuse Mr. Officer, firstly I’d like to point out that if someone wants weed, they can very damn well go and get it for themselves. Secondly, I don’t like to travel with weed, I don’t like to get into these kinds of situations, I prefer to stock up to avoid being part of the “illicit system” as long as I can. So now, this kilo is not for distribution, it’s for brownies, bong parties and of course my evening blunts. So please, let me go!  

If only that defense could work in the court of law, but sadly this argument will not work with a cop or a judge of any kind. A kid in Florida tried this and they still tried to peg trafficking charges to him. 

Fortunately, my days of buying in bulk is over. Well, not over, I transferred my bulk purchases to wax, so the volume of the purchase is sizably smaller. But even if cops find me with 30 – 40 grams of dabs, they will automatically assume that I’m dealing…which I’m not. 

The point here is that we need to start treating weed just like any other food or substance on the planet, bulk buying doesn’t mean you’re a street dealer…it means that you’re just an economically sound person. 



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