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salema porgy fish

Why Eat This Fish To Get High When You Can Smoke Pot?

The Salema Porgy Will Leave You Tripping Balls For 2 Days

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Jun 6, 2017
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Why Eat This Fish To Get High When You Can Smoke Pot?



There’s dozens of harmful substances out in the world that can get you high, and have seriously detrimental side effects. One of them is a fish – yes, a fish!



The Salema porgy, also known as the dreamfish, goldline, cow bream, or salema, is a fish found in the East Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean. Salema porgy has gained notoriety for the high it causes when eaten, which was an accidental discovery when 2 men consumed the fish at a Mediterranean restaurant in 2006. After eating the fish, they began hallucinating, which they described as frightening, and it occurred just within minutes of eating the fish. Yep, these guys got high for a total of 36 whole hours after eating Salema porgy!



Hallucinogenic fish poisoning is known as ichthyoallyeintoxism. Other kinds of fish can also give you the same kind of frightening high, although it’s not common with the Salema porgy. Scientists believe that the reason why some species of this fish cause a scary psychoactive effect is because they consume certain algae, and once it interacts with the fish, anyone who consumes it will go through a psychedelic high – and not in a good way, as experienced by these two men.



Two Frightening Cases


tripping balls


The first victim was a 40-year old man, who began experiencing digestive issues, followed by terrifying visual and auditory hallucinations after eating the Salema porgy in a restaurant. He started behaving in an odd manner, and he was finally taken to a hospital where it took him 36 whole hours to recover after his meal! He experienced a total blackout and couldn’t remember what happened during the hallucinations.



The second case was a healthy 90-year-old man who experienced auditory hallucinations 2 hours after he ate the same fish. He experienced nightmares for 2 consecutive nights after the incident, and it took him 3 days to fully recover from the incident.



Thankfully we don’t have to resort to drastic measures such as eating a crazy fish just to get a high. But did you know that in the ancient Arabic world, Salema porgy was eaten for this exact reason? In fact, they used to refer to it as “the fish that makes dreams”.



Use Cannabis Instead


cannabis plant buds


Cannabis is a 100% safe way to enjoy a fantastic high. It isn’t exactly classified as a hallucinogen, although there are certain strains that can cause you to experience hallucinations especially when consumed in large amounts or when taken in the form of oil or hashish, which are usually much more potent.



Getting high on cannabis can result in similar effects as consuming a Salema porgy fish. If you want to experience the same kind of high that you can get from eating Salema porgy, all you need to do is smoke strains that are high in THC, the cannabinoid in the plant that is responsible for giving you a high. The good thing though is that you won’t have to worry about any scary side effects, since it’s safe, unlike the two victims who suffered for days to recover. Recreational users of cannabis use the stuff precisely for the high that it gives. The CBD content of cannabis has been known to counteract the psychoactive effect of THC, so if you want a pleasurable, euphoric, and sensational hallucinogenic experience – go for cannabis instead!










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