cannabis tech and the evolution
cannabis tech and the evolution

Cannabis Tech is Hot, But How Did We Get Here? - A Review of the Technology Evolution of the Cannabis Industry

How is technology changing the cannabis industry by the month?

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BostonBakedPete on Tuesday Nov 2, 2021

Cannabis Tech is Hot, But How Did We Get Here? - A Review of the Technology Evolution of the Cannabis Industry

cannabis tech evolution

The past decade has seen the cannabis industry grow by leaps and bounds. With the legalization of marijuana in many countries, to the invention of different strains, and the innovation of new methods of consumption, it has been a great period of evolution in the industry that has gotten cannabis enthusiasts optimistic above the future. One of the driving forces behind the growth of the cannabis industry is technology. Technology has improved different sectors of the cannabis industry, and the quality of marijuana is at an all-time high. This article will discuss the role of technology in the evolution of the cannabis industry.


How Technology Is Transforming the Cannabis Industry

Technology has transformed the cannabis industry in many ways that can be broken down into the categories below:

  • Growth of the Product: Growing cannabis outdoor is no longer a popular option as a result of the elements. It is difficult and near impossible to control the elements and the amount of light that gets to the plant when growing in outdoor facilities. With the growth of technology in the cannabis industry, growing cannabis indoors is so much easier and more effective. While it was difficult with the use of regular bulbs, LED lights have come to change and improve the way indoor cannabis plants are grown. The advantages of LED lights when it comes to growing cannabis indoors, are seemingly endless. These lights provide high quality lighting that comes with low heat. In addition, they come with a large and more natural light spectrum than regular bulbs. This is a massive upgrade on standard bulbs that come only with red and blue light variance. LED lights are also cost-effective, as the low emission of heat eliminates the need for air-conditioning. LED lights are also very durable, having a longer lifespan than regular bulbs.


  • Quality of the Product: The quality of cannabis on the market has improved drastically, thanks to technology. With technology, DNA sequencing is now a thing in the cannabis industry. Different balances between THC and CBD are created everyday, resulting in exciting new strains for cannabis enthusiasts to try out. This process has led to the discovery of rare cannabinoids. The use of technology also means that cannabis strains can be personalized. Cannabis users react to cannabinoids differently due to their body system. . As such, the high gotten from a given quantity of cannabis differs from one user to another. The process of personalization usually involves micro-dosing, through which the right dosage for each individual can be discovered. By doing this, you get to know the perfect blend of CBD and THC that works best for you. One of the technological breakthroughs in the area of cannabis personalization has come with CannabisDNA. As the name suggests, it entails the use of DNA to generate personalized cannabis dosages for individuals. It is saliva-based swab test, that is done to evaluate the generic marker of the user. This test will then determine which strains work best with the user’s physiology and in what dosage. This technology is developing and promises to be a worldwide phenomenon in no time.


  • Modes of Consumption: It is a fact that not everybody is comfortable smoking. For some, it is as a result of health concerns while for others, it is for other personal reasons. For cannabis users that do not enjoy smoking the plant buds, technology has made it possible for them to consume cannabis without missing out on anything. Cannabis takes different forms now, such as edibles, oils, vapes, capsules and creams. Edibles refer to cannabis that is consumed by swallowing, when cannabis is added into food items. This includes cookies as well cakes. Vapes allows users to consume cannabis in form of vapour, inhaling and exhaling vapour without having to deal with smoke. Capsules are swallowed just like other regular capsules. Oils are consumed through a method known as sublingual intake. This method involves placing cannabis; that takes the form of tincture oil, under your tongue, where it is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Creams are applied on the skin. One problem that most edibles consumers face is the long onset time, between consumption and getting high. This problem has also been remedied by technology, through a process known as nanoencapsulation. Nanoencapsulation involves the reduction of cannabinoid into nano size, in order to protect the compounds that it consumes, while making it soluble in water. With cannabinoid taking nano size, it bypasses the digestive system when consumed orally, affording users a shorter onset, as well as higher potency. By utilizing nanoencapsulation, cannabis can be added into water-based drinks without losing its effectiveness.


  • App-Based Retail: Another thing that technology has changed in the cannabis industry, is the way it gets to consumers. The legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world has aided its distribution. Now, cannabis users can buy what they need from the comfort of their homes, by ordering online. Startups like Eaze and Budly have put in place structure that allows users connect with legal cannabis suppliers. Not only can users get cannabis much easier and faster now, they can now have a clear idea of what strain they are consuming. Information as the name of the strain, the product’s provenance, as well as the method of growing it. There has also been an improvement in packaging. Buds can now stay fresher for longer, as they are packed to eliminate air, moisture as well as light. Most cannabis products are also packaged in child proof bags.


With technology improving different sectors in the cannabis industry, it is expected that the stigma that comes with cannabis consumption will be soon be a thing of the past. It will also lead to several changes in every level of the industry, with many users making the move to become cultivators in the future. What do you think of the impact of technology on the growth of the cannabis industry? Is technology the major driving force behind the cannabis industry's success? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.








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