Dry Weed
Dry Weed

3 Tips To Make Sure Your Weed Stays Fresh And Not Dry

Keep That Stash Moist and Don't Let it Get Dry and Brittle

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Sep 28, 2016

How To Increase The Shelf Life Of Your Pot

How to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Moist (3 PRO TIPS) from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Nobody likes smoking dry, brittle bud. We all know that cannabis in all forms is a valuable and precious commodity that you shouldn’t waste. Whether you’ve bought your herb or grown it yourself, learning how to store it properly in order to extend its shelf-life and preserve its potency can save you a lot of greens in the long run while ensuring that you always have quality bud to smoke.



There’s no denying that cannabis is now a major part of our lives and American culture. While we try to spread the word about how good the herb is for health, it’s just as important to educate others about the plant as a consumable product. Taking good care of your cannabis is one way you can show your appreciation and respect for the plant.



Cannabis Shelf Life



The shelf life of pot is dependent on several factors. If a crucial step was missed during the cultivation process this can take several months off your herbs’ shelf life. But if cannabis has been cultivated, harvested, and dried correctly, it can be stored for as long as 18 months without getting stale.



Just like some of the best wines in the world, cannabis is best stored in a dark, dry, and cool environment. Keep your bud in an air-tight container.  When temperatures reach around 77° and 86° F, this becomes fertile growing ground for mildew or molds to grow on your plant. Exposing your cannabis to extreme heat will also dry up the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids which took months to form. Being methodical and careful about temperatures and storage will go a long way in extending the shelf life of your bud.



Storage Methods



Unless you’re a broke ass teenager who doesn’t have access to legal bud, just say no to keeping your pot in plastic or zip locks. Show some respect to the plant by investing in the appropriate storage methods. Storing pot in plastic is a surefire way for it to get dry and brittle. Harmful chemicals like BPA can also leach out from the plastic to your herb, and, well, toking on unhealthy stuff just defeats the whole purpose of cannabis doesn’t it?



Vacuum sealing is an effective way of keeping your bud in top shape for months, even years. If you are looking for long-term storage methods, look no further than vacuum-sealing. This method effectively removes all the air which will reduce the potency and quality of your pot over time. There are already BPA-free plastic bags that are made specifically for vacuum-sealing.



Glass jars are a preferred storage method for many cannapreneurs because it’s simple, inexpensive, and gets the job done. Just make sure that the glass container you choose is airtight. Nothing, not even air can come in a properly-sealed glass container. Glass is strong enough to withstand temperatures changes and won’t secrete any harmful compounds or chemicals that can alter the quality or taste of your cannabis.Mason jars are a popular glass storage method, but almost any kind of glass container even those with rubber seals will work just fine. However, glass won’t protect your pot from light exposure so if you can use dark or opaque glass, even better! But don’t keep a small amount of bud in a large glass container since it traps excess air inside and can cause your weed to go stale.




Airtight metal is also another effective way of storing pot. Titanium is the best choice out there since it doesn’t leach gasses which can affect the flavor of marijuana.



You might also want to consider investing in a cannabis humidor, which makes sure that your herb is stored in ideal humidity temperatures. These awesome devices can be used anywhere and are also designed to be opaque and prevent any air from getting in. If you already have a cigar humidor, you can use the same device to store cannabis but make sure that you adjust the humidity levels to 50%.



Lastly, how you handle your bud will also impact the shelf life and quality of your smokes. Many people underestimate the importance of properly handling cannabis. Even I myself am guilty of carelessly just using my hands to break down the bud or transferring it from one container to another. Touching pot too much with your hands actually removes the sticky trichomes which tend to stick to your hand instead of staying on the plant. Manhandling your pot will also leave you with lots of shake, or those excess parts that fall off and accumulate at the bottom of your container. When you have a lot of shake, this affects the potency of your plant. For best results, always use a tong or chopsticks when handling bud.


Good quality bud isn’t always cheap these days particularly if you love smoking rare strains. If you won’t be consuming your pot within a few days, use these storage methods to preserve your cannabis.











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