Dry Weed Is Healthy
Dry Weed Is Healthy

How To Re-Hydrate Your Old Dry Stash? (PRO TIPS)

Dry Weed? No Worries, You Can Bring It Back To Life!

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Oaktree on Monday Mar 21, 2016

How to re-hydrate an old stash

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You’re cleaning up your room and find an old baggy in the pockets of some forgotten pants you haven’t worn in months. The weed still smells good; however, you can see that the stash is dry. While it is still possible to smoke the baggy, it will most definitely be harsh on your throat. Fortunately, for you, there are a few ways to re-hydrate that stash so it hits smoothly ones more. The following guide will illustrate different ways of re-hydrating your stash and how to make sure it doesn’t mold in the process. 

The Lime Peel Method

In essence, the principle of rehydration will apply to all the methods that I will mention throughout this guide. The only difference you’ll find is within the “source” of the rehydration, which all give, different after effects. I must admit, these after effects are purely subjective observation on my part, however many people who tried the end result with me confirmed these observations. 

You will transfer humidity from the “source” to your weed and in turn will impregnate a new taste to your stash. You do this by taking a lime peel and removing all the excess fruit from the peel. It has to be only the peel in order to control the transference. You place the lime peel in a jar along with your stash and close it. After roughly two hours, you can check in on it. If the weed is re-hydrated, you can remove the peel. If it still needs to go a little bit longer, keep on checking in on intervals of 30 mins. 

You don’t want the weed to be too hydrated either as it can decrease the quality or potentially mold. The lime peel gives you a more uplifting effect. The taste has citric undertones and is quite pleasant to smoke. 

The Banana Peel Method

While you’ll follow the same method of rehydration as with lime peel, there is a slight variation in terms if time. As opposed to checking in after two hours, with the banana peel you will need to check in after an hour. This is because the banana peel has more moisture than the lime peel and will rehydrate your stash quicker. 

You can definitely taste the banana when you do this method and the taste is quite amazing. Personally, when I smoke from a banana-ed stash, the weed hits me “heavier”. I don’t exactly know why this is, perhaps potassium or some other element within the mix, but it is definitely a great smoke if you want to “plop” on a couch and binge watch shows. 

You can rehydrate a stash a few times; you just have to not go overboard as it might end up moldy and ruin the baggy for good. That wouldn’t be nice. 

Moist Cotton Ball Method

If you want to preserve the original taste of the baggy, you can always use a moist cotton ball. Simply moisten the cotton and squeeze it to make sure that it isn’t soggy. It needs to be moist, but firm at the same time. You can roll a small ball and then just drop it in the jar. 

I like to go and check on my stashes and shake the jar every 30 minutes or so. This helps disperse the moisture all throughout the stash. In addition, depending on the weather, you might have to adjust the “shake” times and check-ups. If it’s hot and humid outside, it is necessary to check in more frequently as the transference of moisture speeds up. In colder climates the process might take longer than the above mentioned times. 

That’s why it’s important to keep your eye on it and not get too stoned and forget about it. I have left jars overnight and found the result the be sub-par. The general “curing” time will last between two to three hours. 

How to not dry up your Stash

While these above-mentioned methods will help you rehydrate your stash, the ideal situation is to never make it go dry in the first place. I have seen many of my friends, all seasoned stoners; keep their stash in a zip lock bag. 

Sure, it can keep it “fresh-ish” but the ideal storage is in a hermetically sealed glass jar. Stay away from plastic. A jar can keep your stash nice and fresh tasting for a long time. There is no need to let it go dry. However, if you do… now you know how to give it back the “spunk” you’re looking for.  

Passing of Stoner Wisdom

I learned this method from a very peculiar dreadlocked guy who had some of the best weed I have ever smoked. He always walked around with a few jars flavored with different fruits and taught me the secrets of his way. I only really use this method when I have a lot of reefer on hand and can’t get to smoking it all before it runs dry. 

It’s a good little trick for whenever you run across an old forgotten stash. There is no need to soldier through the dryness. With this nug of stoner wisdom, you have smooth hits every time.




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