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420 Evaluations Oakland: Get a MMJ Card Online Right Now?

420 Evaluations in Oakland can now be done online to get a medical marijuana card

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BostonBakedPete on Monday Jan 2, 2017

Looking for a 420 Evaluation in Oakland? Look No Further!


420 Evaluations Oakland


If you’re looking to get medical marijuana in Oakland and within the state of California in general, you’ll need to get a recommendation from a licensed doctor. While you might already be aware of a location for 420 Evaluations in Oakland, you’ll soon learn that the in-person option is the way of the past, and a much cheaper, quicker, all around more pleasant option does exist (hint: you can apply for a MMJ card online through NuggMD).


Before we dive into that, let’s start at the beginning. When Proposition 215 and the California Senate Bill 420 passed, California doctors of all types became able to recommend cannabis for medical use if it could treat a patient’s symptoms. Because a doctor can not legally “prescribe” weed, the official transcript is called a “recommendation.” Any licensed doctor can recommend medical marijuana, but going to a specialized cannabis doctor is usually the route that patients go. Lucky for you, it’s extremely easy to find a medical marijuana doctor in Oakland and get your recommendation. In fact, you won’t even need to leave your couch...




In all cases, a doctor will need to properly evaluate you in order to recommend cannabis as a potential treatment option for your ailments. Oakland’s 420 evaluation process is just like every other, in which a medical professional will evaluate your symptoms and determine if marijuana is right for treating them.


After the medical marijuana evaluation process, a doctor will issue a recommendation which can be taken to local dispensaries as proof of your patient-status and eligibility for cannabis. Without completing an initial 420 evaluation and being approved, no patient can legally access the medical cannabis industry. So basically, no rec... no weed.


Medical Marijuana Card Oakland


How Does an Oakland 420 Evaluation Work?


Other than being able to recommend medical marijuana for a variety of major debilitating medical conditions such as AIDS and cancer, a grey area has been left open to the doctor’s discretion. This means that patients suffering from PMS, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, and any other condition with a symptom that can be treated by cannabis are eligible for a medical marijuana card in Oakland, and any other California city. Luckily, this also means that a physician’s recommendation is not exactly hard to obtain, but because not every doctor will recommend cannabis for conditions and their symptoms, doctors that specialize in medical marijuana recommendation exist, and present an easy option for most people looking to become legal cannabis patients.


When attempting to complete the process of having a 420 evaluation in Oakland, it’s more than likely you’ll initially find yourself cringe at the thought of visiting a doctor. Knowing that you have to step foot anywhere near a doctor’s office is never a happy thought. That struggle may become even more painful if you have to actually find a medical marijuana doctor in Oakland, which can be a time-consuming and painful process. Plus, most evaluations are expensive, and the actual process for getting your MMJ card can be long, inconvenient, or even sketchy, and nobody wants to deal with that… especially in the busy Bay Area.


The good news is that patients have nothing to worry about, since those looking for 420 evaluations in Oakland can skip the painstaking drag of finding a doctor. The entire process can be done online, and for a relatively cheap price compared to what the local docs can charge. An online evaluation not only lets patients communicate with a licensed doctor about using cannabis to treat and ease their symptoms, but ensures that the only time they have to leave their house is to walk to the mailbox to pick up their MMJ card. Everything else is done from the comfort of their own home.


Medical Marijuana Doctor Oakland


420 Evaluations in Oakland, What’s the Easiest Way?


Since medical marijuana evaluations in Oakland aren’t always a walk in the park (trust us, we’ve heard some horror stories), we recommend the online evaluation service NuggMD for a smooth and speedy process. Instead of making an appointment and waiting for a doctor, a patient just uploads their medical documents directly to the website. Shortly after all of the information has been submitted, they are connected with a licensed California medical marijuana doctor for a face-to-face interview. This allows for a patient to talk to a doctor about their conditions and comfortably carry out their first 420 evaluation. This interview is super quick too, only requiring 5-10 minutes of one's time.


After the doctor-patient evaluation, if a patient is approved, their recommendation is mailed out on the very same day for only $39. This is a much cheaper option when compared to getting an evaluation from a local MMJ doctor, which can easily cost you $60 or more and may not even be legitimate, essentially draining you of your cash for a useless piece of paper. So before spending your time researching how to get a medical marijuana card or seeking out a local Oakland 420 doctor for a cannabis evaluation, remember that the option to get approved for medical cannabis also available online, and at the convenience of your fingertips.


420 Doctor Oakland


Do I Need a Medical Marijuana Card in Oakland?


After you meet with a doctor for your evaluation and recommendation, you also have the option to register for the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program. The MMICP is a voluntary state-run program, and when you register for it you are given a card with a patient identification number along with a physical identification card. This allows for law enforcement and dispensaries to easily search and validate your existence in the system via the California Department of Public Health database registry.


Here’s the caveat though. When you register for a medical marijuana card through the state, you’ll end up being charged some pretty hefty fees, AND your patient-status will be found on public record, enabling anyone (including employers) to discover that you use medical cannabis. But luckily NuggMD offers the option to purchase a wallet-sized medical marijuana card that offers the same protection from law enforcement (and grants access to dispensaries) as a state-issued card, but your patient-status is kept strictly confidential, meaning you won’t be found on any public database. Additionally, the extra $20 fee for an ID card through NuggMD is substantially lower than the fees you’d have to pay if receiving your card through the state.


And having a card not only makes it convenient for people trying to confirm the legitimacy of your patient-status, it makes it easier for you as well. Once you provide all of your documents to a dispensary the first time around, they will usually accept just your physical card for all subsequent visits, and it’s much easier to carry around than the full recommendation. It’s the same size as a credit card, and beats walking around with a bulky 8.5”x11” sheet of paper.


Both of these documents can be obtained through NuggMD, and you’re even able to renew a medical marijuana card through their service.


After a patient has completed their online evaluation and obtains their necessary documents, they can order cannabis from any local dispensary. And if a patient does not want to go into a storefront, they’re in luck, since delivery services are also available, which makes obtaining absolutely everything you need even easier.


Patients can find delivery services through an app like Nugg, which allows patients to locate marijuana dispensaries through an online, on-demand medical marijuana app. Plus, if a patient uses NuggMD, they’ll instantly receive a $20 free credit towards their first delivery order through Getnugg.com! So not only do you not have to worry about the long, draining process of going to see a doctor to get your papers, you don’t even have to go to a store to get it.


So what are you waiting for? If you’re an Oakland resident, complete your 420 evaluation online through and gain instant access to the wondrous California cannabis industry!







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