Dispensaries in Fresno
Dispensaries in Fresno

Fresno Dispensaries Get A New Map and Review Update

Dispensaries In Fresno Are Turning Out Serious Green

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Oaktree on Monday Jan 9, 2017

Fresno Dispensaries Get A Map Update and New Reviews.


Fresno Dispensaries and MMJ Doctors Grow on the Cannabis.Net Map! from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Finding dispensaries in Fresno is easy; it is California after all, where both recreational and medical use of marijuana is now legal. Fresno’s dispensaries cater to budgets big and small, and carry a wide range of products to accommodate your marijuana needs.



Fresno dispensaries are the perfect stop while you’re traveling to see Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, or the world-famous Yosemite National Park. Either way, just make sure that you pack your bud appropriately for traveling across cities. The weather in Fresno is great year-round since it rarely snows, so if you’re the kind of person who loves being stoned while enjoying the great outdoors it’s perfect!



If you’re already downtown, you can walk around the dispensaries at Shaw, Bullard, and Barstow Avenues. To check out the other dispensaries, most of which are found both sides of Yosemite freeway, it’s best that you have a car. No matter how you choose to find dispensaries in Fresno, they’re easy to locate and all have friendly staff offering a wide range of cannabis, edibles, and infused products.



Don’t forget to bring your MMJ card when visiting Fresno dispensaries. Even if recreational marijuana is already legal in California, nonmedical sales of the plant still won’t be available until 2018.  But don’t worry - this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy pot products, all you need is to become a medical marijuana patient and your card will let you buy from Fresno dispensaries both big and small.


The most common searches in our map for Fresno dispensaries include the following zip codes:


93650 93701 93702 93703 93704 93705 93706 93710 93711 93720 93721 93722 93723 93725 93726 93727 93728 93730 93737


Ready to search out map for a dispensary near you, click here to start!


Fresno dispensaries have friendly budtenders, so even if you’re just familiarizing yourself to the world of marijuana, whether it’s your 3rd or 93rd visit to a dispensary, you won’t be disappointed with the level of service you’ll be getting. Fresno dispensaries also sell lots of great, top-shelf bud even if you’re looking for the organic variety.



If you’re traveling to Fresno and need some pot, you might want to take some time out and make your way to see San Francisco’s famous dispensaries while you’re at it. San Francisco has long been the capital of the marijuana movement in the country, so you can expect to find a great selection of dispensaries selling all kinds of marijuana products. Trust us, these dispensaries are worth the travel (and steep hills).



Use our map to find Fresno dispensaries. Our map also provides you with review of each dispensary so that you can find the store that’s right for you. There’s no need to go anywhere else: our maps also give you information on shop hours, menus, contact information, and even social media accounts









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