mad bong rips
mad bong rips

5 Tips and Tricks to Achieve Massive Glass Bong Rips

What is the best way to get a good bong rip?

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Thom Baccus on Monday Feb 18, 2019

5 Tips and Tricks to Achieve Massive Glass Bong Rips

mad bongs rips

Glass Bongs are basically a water filtration gadget that is utilized to consume tobacco, herbs or cannabis. It looks nearly in the state of a hookah or shisha with the exception of the way that it is effectively compact anyplace. The real significance of the term bong originates from Thai word "Baung" a round and hollow smoking tube made of bamboo or wood. The shape and size of the glass bong specifically influences your general smoking background in a wide range of ways. The Different sort of bongs distinctive drag experience which results in an alternate kind of smoking hit. Bongs are portrayed and are known to be separated into numerous styles: Straight tubes, beaker bongs, heady bongs, oil rigs, and recyclers.

It's basic for individuals to narratively claim that bongs get them higher than joints or glass hand pipes. A few folks on a Reddit thread talked about bongs delivering higher measures of THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound in cannabis that gives the psychoactive impacts). Despite the fact that examination on bong productivity is deficient with regards to, a recent report from weed backing bunch NORML and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, which tried a few weed gadgets, found that smoking from a water pipe did not convey more THC than a joint. Indeed, glass bongs and weed pipes may really sift through a portion of the THC, however that is not by any means demonstrated. All things considered, the examination didn't think about the bigger breathes in individuals tend to take.

So why do people want to achieve huge bong rips? And How can you achieve massive bong rips?

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Learn the 5 Tips and Tricks:


1. Grind Those Herbs

Finely grind your dried herbs. It's possible to simply break apart your dry herb with your fingers or even scissors but grinding is truly the optimal method widely used by most cannabis smokers. Be that as it may, to really take into account and even consume, having a processor is basic. Finely ground herbs will consume equitably and gradually, rather than bigger pieces. On the off chance that you are smoking your perc bong socially, at that point finely ground herbs additionally empowers you to share your piece!


2. Find the Right Bowl Size

Bowls are typically round yet can be any shape including martini, square or rectangular. Glass bowls influence the how focused your smoke gets and how herbs are burned. The extent of the glass bowl, which is sometimes embedded into the removable downstem of the perc bong and pulled out toward the finish of the hit, matters a considerable amount.

As a result of their size, larger bowls have more wind current. This implies the smoke will be more focused, and the herb will burn better. Bigger bowls have more wind stream, implying that they will deliver less focused smoke.


3. H2O out of a Water Pipe

A glass water pipe with water is so essential in light of the fact that a bong without water is identical to straightforwardly breathing in smoke and sometimes feeling like its cruelty to your lungs. At the point when your smoke goes through water, it turns out to be clear and create clean and smoother hits thus it gets chilled off for your enjoyment. If a bong or water pipe has an ice pinch or ice catcher, it is even better. You simply add some ice, and when the smoke passes by the ice, it cool the smoke.  At the point when smoke is cooled with bong water and ice, it enables you to draw hard and smoke profoundly cleaner hits.


4. Inhale

When smoking a perc bong, taking moderate, full breaths is vital. Before you get your piece and begin the procedure, make sure to practice deep breathing. Practicing your stomach will open your lungs, and increment your breathing limit. Along these lines, when you are prepared to begin smoking, you will have a higher perseverance, and have the capacity to take longer breaths. This will guarantee that you can endure a huge shot.

Drinking liquor diminishes your breathing limit, so abstain from drinking in the event that you intend to endure vast shots.

When you practice your stomach, it helps increment your breathing limit in this way higher resistance for longer breaths that will lead you to colossal bong hits.


5. Exhale

Breathe out means to breathe out fully. Breathing in the smoke takes you part of the way through the procedure while Exhale with the appropriate measure of power to try to abstain from coughing. Indeed, even in the wake of breathing in the smoke from your perc bong, your work isn't finished. To dodge a noteworthy hacking fit, you have to breathe out appropriately.

Hacking results from leftover smoke that isn't breathed out, or is breathed out inappropriately. The most ideal approach to breathe out smoke is to do it with some level of power. Instead of doing this at the same time, you can likewise breathe out portion of the smoke, at that point take a short breath, and breathe out the rest. This breath will manage whatever is left of the smoke outside of your body. Subsequent to breathing out, take a couple of moderate full breaths. This will re-acquaint your lungs with clean air. At that point, reestablish the dampness substance of your mouth by drinking some water.



Smoking a glass bong is a genuinely basic process. Place the weed in the bowl, light it up, and afterward smoke it. Throughout the long periods of smoking with glass, you learn tips and tricks to add to your bong smoking knowledge. Ideally, this article has put you on the correct way to increasing better glass bong tears. With regards to the subject of hemp wick or electronic lighters, hemp wick is surely the appropriate response. It gives a clearer taste and a more pleasurable smoke sesh. Hemp wick is a definitive life hack in the realm of stoners, where everybody is hoping to make things more straightforward. It's ended up being the thriftiest and most helpful sidekick. It's a crisp and clean alternative, as well as simple to actualize into your daily schedule.


On the off chance that you take after these seven tips, you may very well be the following Snoop Dogg or Willy Nelson! While numerous individuals think you require long stretches of understanding to ace the glass bong; the mystery is method, not resilience.








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