Gov. Bevin on Cannabis
Gov. Bevin on Cannabis

Batshit Bevin – The Kentucky Governor That Got it All Wrong!

It Doesn't Matter What The People Of Kentucky Want Really

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Nov 6, 2017

Batshit Bevin – The Kentucky Governor That Got it All Wrong!



Gov. Matt Bevin…or Batshit Bevin, as I’ll refer to him from now on (and hopefully you too) is a strong opponent to the legalization of recreational cannabis. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, his anti-cannabis rhetoric is available for the world to see and as you know…I LOVE to go after prohibitionist rhetoric with fervent passion.

So what did Batshit Bevin say?

First…let’s set the scene.

Bevin was at a luncheon with business leaders in Lexington, where he was doing a Question-and-Answer session. Whether he was asked about it or not, he made some Batshit crazy statements that really doesn’t have an ounce of truth to it.

Today, for your entertainment we’ll be going through the rhetoric of Batshit Bevin and debunking it.


cannabis gummy bears

Marijuana Edibles, Like gummy bears, cause ‘overdoses’ in states where it’s legal


"If you're already a little bit doped up ... and you're getting doped up by eating gummy bears, gummy bears are addicting enough already," Bevin said. "There aren't many people in this room who can open up a pack of 20 and just eat three or four, but now imagine if they're laced with THC."


He claimed that the police in legal cannabis states have become inundated with overdoses since recreational pot became legal. According to Bevin’s idea of ‘overdose’, he said it’s someone who consumed more than what they intended to do.

While technically, this is the definition of an ‘overdose’, modern perception of the word is related more to “fatal overdoses” such as in the case with opioids. According to him, there has been a surge of these incidences.

However, in 2016…there were only 200 cases reported in Colorado. Take into consideration that the population in Colorado is 5.541 million (2016 estimates). Additionally, according to the Colorado Poison Control and ER Statistics, these cases were fewer than in years prior. They cite “people are getting educated about cannabis” as the main reason for the decrease.

So in other words,  as recreational marijuana becomes more “normal”, people are learning on how to effectively use it. Additionally, laws on edibles were changed to lower the dosage per edible. Which brings me to my next point…


marijuana joint

One Edible Gummy is Equivalent to 40% of a Joint

Batshit Bevin also stated, incorrectly, that one gummy equates to almost smoking a half a joint. According to Colorado medical professionals, the average amount of THC per joint is roughly 80 milligrams whereas Colorado edible laws limit edibles to having 10 milligrams per edible.

In other words, one “gummy” which is banned now by the way, is actually 1/8th of a joint. So you’d technically have to eat eight of them to get the full effect of a joint. Of course, edibles react differently than smoking cannabis so I would never recommend binging on cannabis edibles…unless you’re prepared for a dense trip that will last you a few hours.


While I’m Governor – Recreational Cannabis is a No-Go!

Concluding his batshit crazy rhetoric, Bevin reiterated that while he’s governor he will not legalize cannabis…even if the people vote for it?

"There is no way, when I am governor, that I will ever legalize recreational marijuana in Kentucky," Bevin said. "It's just not going to happen."

While he is in favor of Medical Marijuana, the recreational aspect does not appeal to him. That’s okay…people don’t have to like cannabis to accept the legality of it. However, in Bevin’s case…he’s the representative of the people.

Seeing that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of legalization, and if Kentucky were to vote on legalizing recreational pot…he would technically have to ‘obey the law’. Of course, governors have veto powers and he could use that power to shut down any bill or law, but this will only show us that he is ‘NOT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE’.

Unlike Colorado governor Hickenlooper, who was opposed to the idea of recreational cannabis, he submitted to the will of the people…like any governor should do.

The legality of cannabis is no longer up to politicians to decide. It’s something that people on all spectrums of the political table is calling for. The drug was is expensive, it doesn’t work and it only serves to enrich a select few at the expense of the many.

Batshit Bevin is on the losing side of the argument and seeing that he has little to no understanding of the cannabis market, he should really refrain from trying to ‘sound smart’ by spewing fallacious arguments.

The United States is ready for a national cannabis reform. They have long touted for it. Now is the time that we vote out governors like Batshit Bevin from office so that real progress can be made. One thing is certain, while these crazy prohibitionists continue to regurgitate old and outdated ideas…I will continue to debunk them and show the world just how out of touch these people are.









What did you think?

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