Coffee grounds on cannabis plants
Coffee grounds on cannabis plants

Can Your Used Coffee Grounds Help You Grow Great Weed?

Use Your Coffee Grounds as All-Natural Cannabis Fertilizer?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Aug 6, 2020

coffee grounds to grow weed

Every cannabis grower is always on the lookout for the next big thing that can be done to ensure maximum yield and good health of the cannabis plants. This includes looking into more effective means that can be used to substitute the current techniques inasmuch as it offers high levels of efficiency and does no harm to the plants. One such way that a lot of growers are adopting is the use of coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer. This method has been shown to be highly efficient in improving the growing process and ensuring maximum yields.

When coffee grounds are being disposed into the bin, very few see the benefits that are still present in these special products but I assure you that there is a lot that they can still offer especially to cannabis growers. The once useless coffee grounds have now turned useful as they are important in serving as natural organic fertilizers to help sustain growth as opposed to artificial fertilizers that have one or two drawbacks. Coffee grounds also provide the benefit of being able o help deal with pests and keep away parasites from attacking cannabis plants.

In coffee grounds, we have a cheap, accessible, and natural fertilizer that is both beneficial for the plant as well as the sustaining and regenerative capacity of the soil and environment at large. The organic coffee grounds still play home to a considerable amount of caffeine which when introduced to the growing process helps the plants to ward off competition from other plants which may seek to compete with the cannabis plant for nutrients, space, light, and other factors necessary to promote growth.

The benefits of coffee grounds to the growing process are well documented and they give a good picture of what coffee grounds bring to the table when added to the cannabis plants. These benefits of coffee grounds include;

Serves as compost: Arguably the most important reason for the application of coffee grounds to the growing process of cannabis plants is for its ability to serve as compost. Coffee grounds can simply be sprinkled thinly to the soil used to sustain the cannabis plants but its effect is more harnessed when it is placed in composed storage. This enables the needed build-up of nutrients that makes the coffee grounds more beneficial. When added to the compost bin instead of applied directly, coffee grounds have the potential to become useful green waste that is more nourishing to the soil. To have an even better compost, straw and wood ash can be added to the compost storage to increase effectiveness. Coffee grounds help to increase the levels of nitrogen in the growing process which is important for chlorophyll and is necessary to produce food by the plant through photosynthesis. This also helps the plant deal with nitrogen deficiencies that may affect growth.

Improves acidity: Coffee grounds help to increase the acidity of the soil which is important if the cannabis plant is to thrive and give the required yield. Cannabis requires a slightly acidic pH environment of 6.0 to 6.5 to thrive and flourish and with coffee grounds, these levels can be reached. If the environment of the soil is too alkaline, coffee grounds can be added to help reduce the pH to favor acidity. Coffee grounds can also be added if the soil is not acidic enough to help the cannabis plants grow as it ought to.

Pest control: Another important benefit of coffee grounds that account for its application as a fertilizer is its ability to help control the invasion of pests. The acidity brought about using coffee grounds helps to starve out parasitic infestations. Coffee grounds help to give the plant defense from critters and grant necessary protection to the plant. The micro-abrasive nature of coffee grounds helps to repel insects as they serve as an obstruction to prevent the march of insects to the cannabis plant. The coffee grounds also help to deal with fungal infections like sclerotinia all of which are attributed to the presence of caffeine in the coffee grounds.

Food for worms: Vermiculture has long continued to gain prominence in the world of cannabis growing as worms are well known for the benefit that they bring to the system. Coffee grounds serve as food for worms which then produce necessary compost needed to sustain the growth of cannabis. The castings of the worms are beneficial to the plant as the quality of the composting they offer is second to none. It is however necessary that the diet of the worms is balanced with other organic materials to make the diet complete.

It is obvious that coffee grounds can be just what your cannabis plants need to boost production. What are your thoughts on the use of this method, drop your opinion  in the comment section below.








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