cbd oil in Australia
cbd oil in Australia

CBD Oil in Australia - Where and How to Get It

Australia is jumping on the CBD train, but how and where do you get it?

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Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Nov 6, 2019

CBD Oil in Australia is Just Starting to Take Off

cbd oil in australia

CBD oil has obviously seen a massive surge in popularity worldwide in recent years.


But the latest country to jump on the bandwagon is Australia.


With government bills in progress that would liberalize laws on various types of cannabis products, the “land down under” clearly sees the benefits in this amazing plants and its derivative compounds.


Australia is traditionally a very conservative country that doesn’t necessarily just jump on board with every new health fad or “natural remedy” that comes out, but the power of cannabidiol(CBD) is so strong that even this country is now changing some of their views on the cannabis plant and products that come from it.

Companies that sell hemp oil are starting to pop up all across the country with some being based in places like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

CBD Oil’s Benefits

Cannabidiol boasts an impressive range of benefits, with some of these being actually proven and others reported based on people’s anecdotal experience.


Perhaps the most powerful benefit that CBD holds(and one that has actually been proven through scientific research) is its anti-epileptic properties.


People with seizure disorders can benefit dramatically from taking various CBD products.


It has been found that this cannabinoid stops the destruction of certain nerve cells in the body that people with epilepsy experience.


Of course, ever since these specific anti-seizure properties were originally proven, Big Pharma came along trying to jump on board with their own synthetic version of CBD called “Epidiolex”.


Seizure disorders are just one of many disorders that may be improved by these cannabis and hemp extracts.


CBD has also been reported to help people with anxiety, pain, depression, acne, and cancer.


Obviously these benefits are not yet 100% proven, but many people have anecdotally reported that, in their own experience, their symptoms seemed to improve following the ingestion of cannabidiol.


Scientists speculate that any benefits that do exist are likely due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect on the body(which can obviously contribute to and/or cause all of the disorders listed above).


For this reason, hemp oil is likely beneficial for a huge list of other inflammation-related conditions that we don't even know about yet.


This is exciting to know because many people believe that inflammation causes or plays a huge role in the majority of health conditions.


Where To Buy CBD Oil In Australia

cbd oil in aussie

One of the best places to buy CBD oil in Australia is at C.O.A CBD which stocks a huge variety of different hemp-derived products.


They currently have CBD oil tinctures, capsules, and gummies.


They also have a 100% money-back guarantee where you can return your product within a certain timeframe and get a full refund if you don’t like it.


Wherever you decide to go, if you are an Aussie your best bet is definitely to order online.


Currently there is not much in terms of physical retail stores in Australia that stock any significant amount of CBD products.


Ordering online allows you to pick from a wide variety of different items and select the options that work best for you.


For example, some people prefer hemp-derived CBD while others prefer cannabis-derived versions.


Some people prefer full-spectrum oils while others prefer broad-spectrum or even isolate formulations.


Another top-notch Aussie CBD source is ACO CBD because they allow you to choose between full-spectrum or broad-spectrum tinctures as described above.


Whatever you do, it is strongly recommended that you most definitely get a “plant-derived” product and never a “synthetic” one.


There are many different aspects and characteristic of these CBD oil products and this is just one of them.


Obviously, as we all know, natural and organic products are by-and-large more gentle on the body, feel better, have a smoother effect, and cause less side effects than their artificial counterparts.


By the way, just because you hear a cannabinoid product referred to as “isolate” does not mean it is necessarily synthetic.


There are both synthetic and plant-derived versions of “isolate”, which is essentially just a pure CBD product that contains no other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, etc.



Why CBD & Hemp Are Getting So Popular In Australia


Every country accepts new fads and new genuine advances at their own pace.


Thinking of marijuana and cannabis is somewhat abrasive to certain people, particularly certain traditionally conservative segments of the population that associate this plant with being a loser or an unmotivated slob.


Luckily, this perception is starting to change everywhere you look, especially when people realize that this one particular cannabinoid is not really psychoactive anyways.


And beyond just the CBD compound, even THC is getting more acceptance in traditionally conservative groups as these people realize the general stereotypes about marijuana are largely untrue anyways.


Even though Australia was a little hesitant to jump on board with the “green rush” and the popularization of CBD products, it now appears that they are finally willing to be a part of it.


The benefits, particularly for those with seizure disorders, are simply too big to ignore.


Traditional pharmaceutical seizure medications come with a litany of side effects and are not always that effective anyways.


Take, for example, one of the most common ones known as Neurontin or gabapentin.


This anti-epileptic medication has over 30 official listed side effects.


You can compare that to CBD which has extremely few side effects and the ones that do exist are fairly low-incidence in terms of their occurrence rate anyways.


And then on top of that, the preliminary research that we have at this point suggests that cannabidiol is likely more effective at preventing seizures than gabapentin anyways.


It really is astonishing to realize the degree to which nature provides us with so many wonderful cures that are many times better than any man-made solution could ever be.


It seems that Australia is starting to realize this as well in regards to this particular topic of cannabis products.


It is really heartening to see the entire world finally start lightening up to something that has for so long been way over stigmatized.








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