Explosive Concentrates
Explosive Concentrates

Concentrates - Dab Them or Ditch Them? (They're Explosive)

Are Concentrates Worth It For Dabbing?

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Oaktree on Wednesday Jul 13, 2016

About Concentrates: Should I Dig to Dab or Ditch Them

Dabbing Concentrates - Ditch Them or Dab Them? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


This is not an open and shut case. There is counter argument to everything. My wife swears by broccoli but I think it sucks. After I learned to make hash using her kitchen colander and ice (I have to choose my moments) along came butane blasting. This opened the opportunity to expand the house as well as my experience. I decided this was a highway going nowhere, and I would get my product from an online headshop where I bought a dab rig that I really liked.



What was worrying me is that butane is the same as bottled gas they sell on exchange at the depot in the business district, where they have a massive fence and danger signs all round. Get this picture of a butane gas explosion in Taiwan two years back. ‘So you want to breathe that stuff,’ I asked myself, and went looking for the colander and another bag of ice. I have had my share of downers but this would be insane.


cannabis and butane


I got talking to my smoking buddy I go back a long way with about my dilemma. I am calling him Chuck because we live in a backward place where medical marijuana and the happy stuff are not yet legal, although they are working on it. ‘Holy smoke Joe,’ Chuck says to me, ‘you have got things back to front. What have you been smoking on your hookah? Dabbing hash beats smoking pipe every time.’



My friend Chuck is a total artist, and I admire the way he heats the nail, lays the concentrate in the dab, has a slow inhale while the smoke lasts, and then chills. I guess you could say he is a dab hand at what I have been wondering about. ‘Why don’t you check the facts out instead of guessing?’ I took his advice, did my research, and wrote a report I decided to post here.


honey wax cannabis


Cannabis Butane Honey Oil


Let’s Talk About How They Make the Stuff

The American food and drug department is thinking of treating medical marijuana the same as medicine (how long did that take) and edibles the same as food (I am there already). I decide the first thing to do is investigate is how the dealers make the stuff. Food inspectors go ape at the slightest smudge on my favorite chicken takeout counter so I guess it is only fair to examine the process.


Making hash the safe way without risking blowing the cat off the mantelpiece works on the principle resin glands sink in water while the rest of the plant floats away. The general idea is to bash the flowers around with ice cubes and collect the resin. I have heard I could use the kitchen blender but I am still looking for a suitable moment to suggest it to my wife.


My ice cube method produces a squishy hash that’s high in THC, provided I use the right strain. It makes for easy smoking, and is great for taking in the sunset after I shape it into blocks. For healthy hygiene all I need is fresh water, clean equipment and to remember to wash my hands. I give this one five stars for keeping my marijuana green and me pleasantly occupied in the shed.


marijuana baby plants


Marijuana Plantation


I am not contemplating building a butane plant from my busted motorcycle parts if that were possible, as I want the house to stay the same. If I did, I would be blasting raw solvent through plant material before recovering the good stuff, and I doubt the Yamaha guarantee covers accidental damage. If I switch to dabbing, I am going to have to buy in the processed product, which is going to cost me more.


The cannabis plant has more goodness in it than what regularly goes up in smoke. The butane method releases these extras along with the THC, and some of these have medicinal benefits. The problem is we could end up taking something in that turns out bad later like tobacco. Perhaps I should stick to stuff that has been around for ages, at least according to this old postcard from I don’t know when.


egypt and cannabis


Egyptian "Hashishe Smokers"

I realized there is only one problem with my theory. When marijuana becomes legit, and I figure that will happen soon the tobacco and alcohol companies are going to muscle in. The food and drug administration is unlikely to approve the old way of doing things. The smart money is going to be on high production extraction equipment producing the perfect dab. My only question left is how safe is this?


Dabbing and Its Benefits for Marijuana Patients


Folk generally turn to medical marijuana after the system lets them down or doctors are just too stubborn to listen to their problem. I don’t suppose Chuck’s method would be safe for people lying ill in bed, or small children where an edible would go down better.


However, I can see advantages for folk wanting serious relief after a bout of chemo, or someone with HIV/AIDS hoping to increase their appetite and enjoy a decent meal again. So, I would say that dabbing with a good balance between CBD and THC is something to consider, provided the individual can handle the paraphernalia, or a person caring for them is on hand to help.



dabbing cannabis in a car


Old Timer Dabbing

Dabbing and Its Benefits for Marijuana Heads

It is a more or less accepted fact that chemical extraction produces a deeper high enabling one to get more seriously stoked. I watched Chuck put too much oil on his nail once, and while he did come back, it took a while. Therefore, I would say dabbing is a situation where less can sometimes be more. I suppose the real worry is the butane torch dabbers use to pre-heat the nail.


This contains the same gas as blew up the street in Taiwan in the photo at the top. Although there is less of it, it could still burn a person if it started leaking and there was a spark or flame to ignite. But then, the same applies to an auto gas tank and we still drive cars around. So, here is my definitive answer on the matter.


Dabbing is efficient and effective and produces a more concentrated high. We need carry less of it around and the container is easier to conceal than a bag of marijuana. Finally, if a law enforcement asked me what I was using my butane blowtorch for, I could smile before explaining I use it as a chef torch, for caramelizing sugar on my crème brûlée, and melting cheese on breakfast toast. I think I might dig to dab on occasions from what I learned.





cannabis concentrates explosion




what is dabbing marijuana



What did you think?

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