how do you get cannabis out of your body
how do you get cannabis out of your body

How Do You Get All Traces of Cannabis Use Out of Your Body?

How do you get rid of all the signs of cannabis that stay in your body after you smoke weed?

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HighChi on Wednesday May 13, 2020

How Do You Get All Traces of Cannabis Out of Your Body, and Fast!

how to get cannabis out of your body

Smokers often get interested in how cannabis affects the body, and how to remove it. Read on to get to know everything about these aspects of marijuana.


Alright, for some reason, you’ve come to a point where you’re interested in getting out all the cannabis signs from your body. AskGrowers experts described in detail the effect of cannabis and its compounds on the human body, and now we can take a closer look at the ways how to remove the signs of marijuana from your body. You see, it is relevant to get to know how cannabis impacts your body to understand how to remove its signs. Any smoker has to learn about cannabis compounds and all the implications of marijuana smoking to understand the signs of cannabis use and the ways of removing it from your body. Read on!


How Cannabis Effects the Body and All Its Parts

We can talk for hours about the effects of smoking marijuana on one’s body. While various methods of smoking or vaporizing impact your body differently, a shared factor is the quick release of THC and CBD to one’s bloodstream. Through sophisticated bloodstream links, marijuana quickly finds its way to one’s brain and other organs.

A separate discussion requires the effect of cannabis on the brain. You can read more about this in this article. Let us return to the traces of marijuana in our body.

One of the most noticeable impacts of consuming marijuana is an increased dopamine release, which is triggered by THC qualities of cannabis. It triggers a well-known high feeling, accompanied by heightening of one’s sensory perception. 

If you are wondering what causes your eyes to become red after smoking, this is mostly caused by the expanding blood vessels all across your body. Another immediate effect of cannabis is an accelerated heartbeat, which usually lasts for hours after consuming marijuana. In some cases, a heartbeat is increased in a series of rapid jumps, which make cannabis so distinctive from other drugs in terms of impact on your body.

Another noticeable effect of smoking marijuana is its capacities of pain relief, which are related to the inflammatory characteristics of some weed strains. What we were amazed to get to know is the way how marijuana impacts one’s memory. THC directly interferes with the hippocampus, which is the part of a brain responsible for forming fresh memories, eventually leading to memory losses.

Without a doubt, marijuana also leaves its traces on one’s lungs by causing irritation and phlegmy cough, which also correlates with the increased lung cancer risk and the weakened immune system. One might be peculiarly interested in the long-term body effects of consuming cannabis, whereas the answer to this question is more related to the patterns of one’s use of marijuana. These effects include how a person smokes, how often do they use it, the age of a person, and an average of use at any given time. Some of the potential common implications, in the long run, include memory loss, lung irritation, concentration issues, and even the development of the cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

The strongest chemical in marijuana, which is THC, binds to cannabinoid receptors of one’s brain, eventually causing long-term and even permanent changes to one’s cognitive functions. Although the effects of consuming marijuana are exceptionally varied based on one’s pattern of cannabis use, knowing them is a key to understanding how to remove the signs. For more information on the longevity of marijuana’s compounds in your body, be sure to read the following section.


How Long Do the Signs of Marijuana Use Stay in the Body?

For some smokers, the question of how long does marijuana stay in your system can be a crucial one. There are a variety of factors that actually impact the amount of time that THC can stay in your body, ranging from dosage and frequency of use to genetics, fat, and metabolism. What might be even more confusing is that different testing systems allow detecting the signs of marijuana use variously. You should be aware that the frequency of use still remains to be a crucial determinant for how long marijuana stays in your body. First-time smokers usually remain cannabis compounds for about three-to-five days, whereas regular smokers can be exposed to THC compounds that last from seven to thirty days or longer.

You might be wondering what the differences in the signs of marijuana use in different parts of your body are. While blood tests, which account for most of the tests done, can detect THC for only a few hours, urine and saliva tests allow detecting the signs of marijuana use for a few days after smoking. The most sensitive part of your body is, surprisingly, your hair. They can detect THC use up to ninety days after use, which is an astonishing result compared to other fluids or parts of your body. Once again, you should be aware that a dazzling array of factors have to be considered in how testing can expose your THC use.

A notable mention is the question of how long does edible marijuana stay in your system. Edible cannabis stays for a much longer time, whereas exact timings on urine, hair, and saliva tests vary on the type of edible and its respective dose. Nonetheless, you should still be aware that edibles can leave THC compounds in different parts of your system for much longer than joints or vaporizers.


What Tests Do You Need to Pass for Past Cannabis Useage?

There is no simple answer to what test to pass in terms of cannabis use. With dozens of its variations, this question can be a completed one for smokers. From what you’ve already learned before, four main categories of tests can be outlined, such as blood, urine, saliva, and hair. The concentrations obtained from different testings can be exceptionally accurate, which allows distinguishing active use from passive exposure as well as the duration of use.

Usually, a cannabis drug test to detect marijuana use is enforced by your employer on probation or because of suspicious of your drug use in work-related circumstances. In most cases, the blood test is used, which is accurate in detecting the mother drug and its metabolites. Its drawback, in turn, is that any blood test can only detect THC a few hours after its use, but not days or weeks like in other testing techniques.

AskGrowers specialists claim that you have nothing to worry about a joint or two you smoke a few days ago if you’re asked to pass a blood test. Since hair and saliva testings are rare and such that are mostly used in courts, you should still be aware that they exist and have higher detection rates compared to blood samples.


How Can Your Remove Cannabis Evidence from Your Body?

Since drug testing sprung up out of nowhere, eventually harming casual marijuana smokers, it is of vital importance to know how to remove the signs of use from your body. Most of the traces of marijuana are stored in a few parts of your system, the most important of which is fat. Keeping in mind that there is no universal way to cut all of the THC compounds at once, we know a few ideas that could speed up and facilitate a faster withdrawal process.

The first one is quite obvious and simple, whereas its efficiency is tremendous. By increasing your fluid intake, especially water, all the toxins can be removed from your body much faster. If you are conducting drastic measures to detox from weed use, you should get used to drinking a gallon of pure water daily. Even though other fluids work perfectly, including sodas, beverages, and fruit juices, pure water is your panacea for removing THC compounds from your system ASAP.

Another useful recommendation that has proven its efficiency over time is exercising. Except for its favorable implications on your physical health and fitness, getting weed out of your body can be performed via a series of exercises. It is widely agreed that an intense workout, coupled with adequate hydration, breaks down the fat cells of your organism, eventually eliminating THC compounds there. By involving intense sweating and hydration, a workout is a superb way to remove signs of cannabis from your body, once you do your best in running, swimming, workout, or any other physical activities.

Diets have also proven to be useful approaches towards removing the signs of cannabis use, especially the ones that rely upon high fiber intake. It is widely known that THC is removed from your body with feces, meaning that turning to a high fiber diet is a great idea. Consider eating more beans, fruits, and vegetables should be complemented with staying away from foods with high-fat content. You see, you can significantly reduce THC content in your body even by adjusting your diet.

Welcome greetings to all Finnish readers there. Sauna is one of the best ways for waving out most cannabis remnants as well as dozens of other toxins from your organs. Sauna, in such regard, works much like exercising since excessive sweating is a decent practice to achieve a goal of cutting THC content from your blood vessels, urine, and saliva.

Much like with everything that is happening in our lives, marketing trends are stronger than ever in the case of removing THC compounds from our bodies. We now refer to hundreds of cannabis detox drinks, which are designed exclusively for the purposes of washing out the remnants of cannabis from your body parts. These beverages are perfect for flushing out your system, thanks to dozens of herbal supplements, B vitamins, low fat, and high fiber intake. After all, don’t forget that much of their content is pure water, your best friend in cutting THC compounds from your blood cells and urine.

The question of how to pass a drug test for weed if you have a recent history of smoking is a complex one. If you have an upcoming blood test and you smoked yesterday, you have nothing to worry about since blood samples can only detect THC content a few hours after use. In case you’re asked to pass a urine test, most of the mentioned ways of removing signs of marijuana use can be too time-consuming and overall ineffective. In such regard, the only way to detox your body from marijuana before the upcoming urine test is to flush all the THC content.

It might be obvious that you have to cut any marijuana intake as soon as possible, not to allow new compounds to settle in your body. Shortly after that, prepare to drink a lot. The exact amount of water has to be decided based on your body weight, but drinking lots of pure water and detox drinks starting from five hours before a drug test is a must. An obligatory measure is to urinate as much as you can to flush out all the signs of drug intake.

The only problem with such an approach is that excessive drinking and urination would cause your urine to look pale, which can be considered as a failure of the test depending on the lab or a situation you’re in. That’s why an increased intake of B vitamins and detox drinks is needed to preserve the natural appearance of urine. Even though this approach is far from ideal, in extreme cases, it is the only way to pass an upcoming cannabis test without worrying about your lab results. 

Good luck with getting through this procedure, which is likely to cause little or no problems once you comply with our recommendations and guidelines. Take care!










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