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How To Pass A Drug Test You Had No Idea Was Coming

Marijuana Drug Testing Will Increase, Get The Rules Here

Posted by Oaktree on Thursday Nov 17, 2016
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How To Pass A Drug Test You Didn't Know Was Coming...



Throughout the United States, many individuals are faced with the challenge of taking a drug test. As a matter of fact, there are some industries that require each job applicant to take a drug test as part of their application process. Even though they aren't suspected of drug use, millions of working Americans are stressed with the thought of having to go through a test to prove they are not taking any drugs. The reason for this is because there is very little laws that protect the privacy of the ordinary American worker.



The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has accounted that workplace testing has increased to 277 percent from 1987. This number has gone up even though there are some states that have already legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. Considering the fact that random drug testing is unfair, at times inaccurate, and has not been proven to help stop drug use; it is disheartening for individuals to be asked to go through the test. Even though employers can require their employees to be sober and free from drugs, workers shouldn't have to prove their innocence by subjecting to a test; particularly one that involves invasive practices.


So what's the best way to prepare yourself before you succumb to a drug test? Here are some things you need to know:


How to Pass Your Drug Test


Obviously, the best way you can beat a drug test is to make sure that drugs are not part of your system at least a few weeks before you take the test. Even if random drug testing will be implemented, you'll usually be notified about it a few days or weeks prior to the testing date. And if you are taking recreational or medicinal marijuana, time is your best friend as it will allow you to detox.  



When you decide to go through a detox, make sure you invest in testing kits for home that you can purchase online. Using these, you can practice regularly and check to see if you can pass the test. This is particularly true if the company will be using a urine test to check for drugs in your system.



Ways to Pass a Drug Test Using Urine


pee test for marijuana


There are two known ways on how you can pass a urine drug test for marijuana. Here are your options:


  • Use synthetic urine. Considerably, this is the best way you can pass a marijuana drug test since you won't need to go through a detox or take a detox pill. However, it is a risky option as you will need to smuggle synthetic urine into the facility and make sure it is the right temperature so you'll be able to pass the test.


  • Go through a THC detox. Your other option is to flush out the drugs from your system so that they will not be detected in the marijuana test strips used. Since the THC detox program requires time, you will need to have enough time to prepare for it. But the good news is that with this option, you won't need to use an additive for your urine or even try to smuggle in fake urine. Plus, THC detox simply expedites the time drugs are flushed out of your body so it's not considered cheating.



Or you can try adding in something to your pee before you hand over your sample to a technician. But you have to know that this is a surefire way for you to fail your test. Technicians are trained to look out for these things, especially if you are looking for everyday household products like dishwasher detergent, bleach or soap. If they are detected, a secondary test will be given to you. And again, if your sample fails, the technician will run your urine through a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) to confirm the results shown in the preliminary test you had. And this can lead to a positive drug test. So by no means necessary, do not try to mask your urine sample. Just don't attempt to do it at all. Instead, go for a detox program that can effectively get rid of marijuana from your system.



Using a Detox to Pass a Drug Test


blending water and cannabis


Nowadays, there are a number of different detox drinks that you can take to help you pass a drug test. However, these things take time and will depend on how much time you have to prepare for the test. Your options include the following:



  • If you have 3-7 days. You can use a safe natural detoxification product to help you cleanse your system. With the help of these detox products, you can permanently get rid of the toxins that are in your blood and urine.


  • If you have 24 hours. If you're strapped for time and cannot prepare for the drug test properly, you can opt for a Same Day Cleanser. There are certain products that can temporarily get rid of the toxins in your body in as little as an hour. This will then give you a window of about six hours so you can perform the urine test and not have to worry about its results.



With whichever detox program you intend to use, make it a point to have a home marijuana test so you can check if you are clear to take the drug test. By testing at home, you can make sure that the toxins have been flushed out properly prior to your test.



Passing a Drug Test Naturally



If you have a lot of time on your hands and do not wish to undergo a detox program, you can still do something to help you pass the test naturally. Here are some useful tips to remember:



  • Drink lots of water
  • Get some exercise
  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • Drink lemon juice
  • Skip eating junk food and red meat
  • Opt to drink tea
  • Eat lots of food with healthy fiber
  • Abstain
  • Test yourself



Going through a natural detox process to cleanse toxins out of your body will take about 30 days and will depend on your metabolism, toxin levels, and overall health. The trick here is to keep testing yourself so you can verify that marijuana has been flushed out of your body completely.


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