how to make cannabis lube at home
how to make cannabis lube at home

How Do You Make Cannabis Lube at Home? (The DIY Guide to Making Weed-Based Lube in Private)

Directions on how to make homemade cannabis lube!

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Joseph Billions on Sunday May 8, 2022

how to make cannabis lubricant

Weed and Sex equal more pleasure. Now take away the stress of smoking, eating, or vaping this weed and replace it with a topical application of cannabis-based lube. You have less work and more time to focus on the sex part. Hence, more pleasure for you and your partner!


Based on many years of accumulated scientific and anecdotal evidence, we've established that cannabis and sex complement each other. Intensive research showed that cannabinoids contribute to regulating sexual function by ECS stimulation.


Weed can take the pleasure derived from sex from zero to a hundred. With THC or CBD-based lubricant products, sex gets even more enjoyable for both partners. Cannabinoids induce soothing and stimulating effects that smokies sexual sensations, including orgasms.


Cannabis-based Lube

Cannabis has a reputation for enhancing the senses and improving different aspects of our life. This notion remains valid, irrespective of your preferred method of consuming it.


Sex lubes or lubricants, as the name implies, help reduce friction during vaginal or anal penetrative sex. With lube, sex becomes painless, easy, and more pleasurable.

Cannabis lubes function the same way as regular lubes. The only difference is the added soothing sensations and more intense orgasms thanks to the cannabinoids.


The addition of cannabis into routine lube improves the system's pleasure-sensing nerve function. The higher the CBD or THC, the more intense the feelings get. However, you must gauge your use of cannabis-derived lube based on your tolerance for other non-topical cannabis products. The impacts of cannabis-based lube depend more on your body's specific reaction to cannabinoids.


Like other cannabis products, cannabis lubes are produced by multiple brands. Each variant had its ingredients and added advantages. We'd refrain from recommending any product at this junction because it'd be much better to produce your lube for personal use by yourself at home.


Benefits of Cannabis Lube

Cannabis Lube has a wide range of benefits to offer to users. Here are some of the many benefits of introducing cannabis-derived lubes into your bedroom.


Intense Orgasms: if you think you'd had explosive orgasms before, you'd love to know that the notch could still be raised. With cannabis lube, you'll experience increased sensitivity in sensuous areas. Once it is applied to the genitalia, and the effects start manifesting, every touch and movement your partner makes would be registered intensely till you burst.


Improved Wetness: This is arguably the best benefit of using cannabis lube. Wet genitalia makes the experience more enjoyable. Movement is easier and enhanced. With cannabis-based lube, you can forget about getting dry due to environmental factors or the cooling or heating system.


Added Time for Roleplay: Cannabis-based lubes do not take effect immediately. It takes at least 15 minutes, depending on your body's reaction, and for some, it could take as long as an hour. This gives you and yours more time for foreplay and whatever kinky act you have in mind.

Between these fifteen to sixty minutes, sexual partners can prepare themselves for more intense sensations once the effects kick in fully.


Preparation and Application of Cannabis Lube

Cannabis lube is easy to produce at home. With the recipe below, you'll not need to visit stores to buy your lube stash when the occasion asks.


Ingredients needed

  • Coconut oil (1 cup)

  • Finely ground cannabis flowers (20 grams)

  • Sunflower lecithin (1 tbsp)

Note that the above measurements are for one batch of sex-enhancing cannabis-derived lube.


Equipment and materials needed

  • Plastic jug

  • Sieve

  • Cheesecloth

  • Small oil spray bottle

  • Crockpot or slow cooker

  • Funnel


What to do

Now that you've got every ingredient and equipment ready, you're set to cook! Stick to the steps below to transform these raw ingredients into your additive for a hot, heavy, and intense orgasm(s).


Step One: Combine all ingredients

Mix up all ingredients into the crockpot or slow cooker. With the wooden spoon, swiftly and thoroughly turn the mixture till the ground cannabis, coconut oil, and sunflower lecithin get fully incorporated into each other.


While this is going on, the cannabinoids, including THC and CBD in the weed, will dissolve into the fat and diffuse all around the mixture. It is best to ensure all the cannabis flowers are fully immersed in the oil to increase their potency.


Step Two: Increase the heat

Once you're done mixing everything together, turn up the heat. It must not be too hot. Leave the mixture on heat for about four hours. You do not have to sit with it; however, you must intermittently return to give it a thorough mix/stir.


Step Three: Cool and Filter

Turn off the heat after the four hours has passed. Allow the mixture to cool off. As soon as it cools, use your sieve a d funnel to filter out the larger particles. Next, you can use a cheesecloth to remove the tiny debris.


To ensure no valuable material is left in the debris, you can squeeze the cheesecloth and the sieve over the container. This way, you get out every last bit of valuable lube.


Step Four: Package

Now that you have your cannabis lube. You can divide them into smaller bottles for preservation. Ensure the mixture is completely cool before storing the bottles in a cool and dry space.



Once you're ready to put your lube to use, you just have to spray it onto your genitals. To make it more fun, your partner can massage the lube into your vagina, penis, or anal passage. While you wait for it to take effect, you can get the "sexy and kinky" on full blast.


Bottom Line

If you're wondering whether or not cannabis lube works, it does. There's no better way to explain it to you than to advise you to try it to improve your overall sexual experience.


Note that cannabis lube cannot get the user high. It would only diffuse into the mucous membranes around the area of application. They are more or less topical cannabis products guaranteed to take tout orgasms to another new level—that possibly exceeds your wildest imagination.


What's more, you can safely practice oral sex after application. Now, this act could get you high, though. Don't forget to start low and slow. A few sprays at a time till you get your perfect dose.





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