cbd lube menopause
cbd lube menopause

Does CBD Lube Help with Menopause?

Does CBD work, and if it does, what exactly does CBD lube do?

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Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Feb 19, 2020

How the CBD Lube Helps for Menopause

cbd lube for menopause

Menopause is a part of life for every living woman. For some it is dreadful, and others breeze through it without any hiccups. But mostly, the medial world falls short when it comes to supporting women to deal with the symptoms of menopause. There is still much to learn about everything that exactly happens with the body of a woman during menopause. So, much of the time, women are thrown into deep waters when it comes to treating the symptoms of the hormonal changing phase. Many are open for less conventional ways and are exploring natural ways to deal with the side-effects of menopause. For this reason, cannabis, and specifically CBD, is becoming quite popular. Three of the main reasons why women are looking for help is to deal with problems with menopause, menstruation, and sex. The good news is that cannabis is a help to all of those.


The Sneaky Nature of Menopause

Every woman knows that at some point in her life she will have to deal with menopause. But, like with everything else in life, it doesn´t come with a manual, and it is something that lingers in the back of her head. This makes a woman totally unprepared for the woeful symptoms. Some women might not even recognize the symptoms in the early stages of perimenopause. It doesn´t help that the previous generation silently carried the burden. But the sooner awareness is there, the better future health would be.


Why CBD is Great for Menopause Symptoms

Cannabidiol is gaining popularity under women for treating peri- and post-menopausal symptoms. But it is not just Good testimonials that make it so sough-after, there are also scientific facts that support the popularity. CBD is useful for:

Aches and joint pains

Weight gain/diabetes

Mood swings and depression

Hot flushes

Vaginal dryness and bladder problems


Sleeping problems

Memory loss

In the onslaught of menopause, a woman’s estrogen levels have dramatic swings. Apart from the fluctuation in estrogen levels, other hormones also become unpredictable. There are changes in the neurochemistry of a woman and problems with inflammation also happens. CBD has the ability to deal with each and everyone of these symptoms.


Low Estrogen Levels lead to Inflammation

Estrogen plays a vital role in the biology of a woman. When a girl is born, she has millions of immature eggs in her ovaries. By the age of puberty, every time that an egg matures, there is a full load of estrogen released. This happens monthly. As the years pass on, the egg supply lessens until there is none. Women don’t menstruate anymore that leads to no more estrogen bursts. This is when menopause is triggered. But to make it more complicated, years before the altogether stop of egg production, there is an unpredictable swing of high and low estrogen levels before it finally stops. To make it even more unpredictable, other supporting hormones that helped the body to function smoothly, also go in rebellion. Controlled by these hormones, thousands of other molecules increase or decrease. Menopause changes the inner workings of the body and has an effect on the brain, fat accumulation, and bone reabsorption. To put the cherry on the top; every woman’s experience is unique.


Why CBD Lube is such a great help during menopause

There are many symptoms that need attention during menopause. But one that specifically is most interesting form a cannabis perspective, is the genitourinary syndrome of menopause. This condition describes genital symptoms like vaginal dryness, burning, irritation, and sexual symptoms like pain and lack of lubrication.

When there are sufficient levels of estrogen, the blood keeps flowing to the pelvic area. When there is enough blood, there is enough oxygen supply to the urinary tract and sexual organs. This is very needed during menopause as this area requires loving care during the menopause phase. This is where the CBD lube comes in. CBD is a very potent vasodilator and helps to dramatically increase blood flow to the pelvic region. What makes CBD amazing is that it causes both acute and time-dependent vasorelaxation in isolated arteries.

CBD is very effective in combatting inflammation and pain in the vagina and vulva. The cannabidiol compound in the lube helps to keep the tissue healthy and moist in the vaginal canal. It also increases sensitivity and many women report the feeling of relaxation after application. For those experiencing pain during sex, the CBD lube also brings relief.


Are there any risks using the CBD Lube?

The only real risk is that regulation is still lacking in many jurisdictions. It might happen that results are not always the same and that some error-and-trial is at hand. CBD lubes are also mostly oil-based and could interfere with condoms.


After Thoughts

If you are a woman, it might be more important than you think to be aware of changes in your body. CBD products come in very handy before and during menopause and self-directed care is something to keep in mind.








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