cannabis scams online
cannabis scams online

How to Avoid the Most Common Weed Scams Going Around Right Now

Don't get fooled by the marijuana 'get-rich-quick' scams that are floating around the internet

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HighChi on Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

cannabis scams online

The cannabis industry made significant advancements in 2020. Several states have legalized cannabis use for recreational and health benefits. However, even with legalization, the price of quality legal and illegal cannabis remains high. Uncontrolled inflation, increased legalization costs, and social media hype are a few reasons behind the skyrocketing prices.

It is common for users to pay more than $80 for eight high-quality buds from known brands. Black market sellers have adopted new deceptive tricks to increase their profit margins. Below are some popular weed scams to avoid when shopping for your preferred buds.

1. Bogus Online Weed Dispensaries

Legalization and increasing reliance on online shopping by most weed users have made fake cannabis dispensaries a pervasive challenge for buyers. While legitimate dispensaries and weed delivery websites that sell quality cannabis products like 420dc exist, bogus dispensaries have enticing deals that easily attract unsuspecting buyers. You should watch out for the following red flags to avoid being a victim of this popular online scam:

  • Verify the website’s credentials: Legitimate weed dispensaries should have legal permits and licenses. Before ordering from the store, verify the website’s credentials with regulatory bodies and local authorities. Cross-reference their license number and certifications for validity. You should also avoid buying from dispensaries with poor website design, offer unrealistic prices, and sites that don’t have contact information.

  • Read customer feedback and reviews: Checking reviews and customer feedback is another simple way of verifying legitimate websites and franchises. Customer feedback on Google, cannabis forums, and social media platforms can give you insights into the dispensary’s legitimacy. Similarly, you should avoid websites with suspiciously high ratings. Chances are such perfect ratings are fabricated to convince customers.

  • Only pay using secure payment methods: You should only shop from online dispensaries with secure payment gateways. Most customers lose their personal details to operators with insecure payment options. Ensure the payment method protects your financial information. Sites with untraceable payment options, like cryptocurrency and gift cards, are a red flag. Reputable dispensaries use standard payment options, like credit cards, point of banking, AHC transfers and other secure payment processors.

2. Social Media Hype

Social media influencers are a powerful force that shapes customer preferences and purchase options. Following the legalization of cannabis in most states, nearly all online dispensaries have partnered with social media influencers to promote various cannabis products.

While some endorse genuine products, you shouldn’t fall for the hype you come across on social media platforms. Influencers typically share their experiences and advocate for quality and beneficial products. However, not all give authentic reviews. You can avoid influencer scams by:

  • Cross-check influencer’s recommendations: You shouldn’t rely fully on recommendations given by influencers. Conduct independent research and consult an expert before using the product. Cannabis products with multiple positive reviews are reliable.

  • Verify the influencer’s credibility: Unfortunately, not all influencers value honesty. Some prioritize their financial gains and promote products they can’t vouch for. You should only consider suggestions from influencers known to promote genuine products.

  • Don’t fall for miracle claims: Avoid influencers who promote cannabis products with extraordinary claims. If possible, request clinical studies and scientific evidence that support the influencer’s claims. If the influencer can’t quote credible sources, their claims are baseless and misleading. Genuine influencers should highlight the product’s benefits and limitations.

3. Fake Cannabis Products

You should also watch out for fake cannabis products introduced by dealers looking to capitalize on the increasing demand. Consuming fake products is a health risk and undermines legitimate businesses. Fake cannabis products are available in various forms, including fake edibles, dried flowers, tinctures, and vape cartridges.

Unfortunately, identifying fake cannabis products is challenging for most users because the cannabis market is still evolving. Fake products often have harmful potency levels and contaminants that can cause serious side effects. You can avoid counterfeit cannabis products by:

  • Purchasing from licensed dispensaries: Buying cannabis from licensed dispensaries is the only way to be sure of its quality and safety. Licensed dispensaries have regulatory guidelines that provide assurance of pure, safe, and potent products. 

  • Avoid suspiciously discounted products: Pricing is always an issue that malicious dealers can use to attract customers. You should exercise caution if you find cannabis products with notably lower prices than market value.

  • Buy from reputable brands: Each city or state has well-known cannabis brands. Recognized brands prioritize customer safety and product quality.

  • Check third-party testing: All legitimate products should undergo third-party testing by recognized independent labs. You should only purchase cannabis products with a certificate of analysis from these labs.

  • Check the packaging and labeling: You can easily identify counterfeit cannabis products by checking their packaging and labeling. Fake products often miss out on small details, such as misspellings, improper labeling, and ingredient inconsistencies.

4. Cannabis Investment Scams

The rapid growth and potential for profits in the cannabis industry has attracted many investors. As a result, there’s an uncontrolled proliferation of cannabis-related businesses, including investment scams, that seasoned and novice investors can easily lose money. Like cryptocurrency scams, cannabis investment scams lure potential investors with promises of guaranteed profits. You should consider the following before investing in cannabis-related businesses:

  • Research extensively: You should research thoroughly before putting your money on cannabis-related ventures. Find out more about the company, its founders, and other related information. Avoid companies with lawsuits, negative reviews, and complaints.

  • Check for licenses and certifications: Legitimate cannabis ventures should have relevant licenses and certifications. Ensure the company has these requirements before buying into the investment idea.

  • Be wary of guaranteed profits: All businesses have some degree of risk. Legitimate investment portfolios can’t guarantee profits. Avoid companies that promise minimal risk or guaranteed profits.


The rapid expansion of the cannabis industry has attracted scammers who want to reap from unknowing buyers. Being vigilant and knowing these common cannabis scams can save you from being a victim of bogus online dispensaries, phishing attempts, influencer deception, and cannabis investment scams. You’ll also be sure to purchase high-quality and safe cannabis products.






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