Stoner Productive
Stoner Productive

How To Be A Productive Stoner, Yes, You Can!

How To Be A Stoner and Still Be Productive.

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

How to be a Stoner and still be Productive

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I have met many stoners in the past that tell me, “When I smoke weed, I become less productive”. While it’s true, cannabis can be a distractor, knowing how to manage your smoke sessions can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency. There are a few tips I will divulge today to help you maintain the habit while not affecting your professional life.


time your cannabis use


Know when to Toke

The first thing that every stoner should learn is “timing”. I know, the morning wake and bake is one of the best hits of the day, however, it might not be the best thing to do if you want to be productive.


Obviously, this isn’t a blanket rule as my significant other tokes up constantly throughout the day and gets a lot more done than I could ever do.


For me personally, being the “creative type” that I am, cannabis stimulates this aspect of my brain and usually distracts me from my “to do’s” and I rather focus on working on a riff or writing some awesome fiction which isn’t paying the bills currently. For me, I learned that by giving up my morning toke, I could focus on the chores of the day before I dive into “creative mode”. I usually toke up nowadays only after 7 PM, however on certain days depending on my workload, I might toke up in the afternoons.


If I’m working on creative stuff like graphic design, making videos or music…then I toke up in the morning and get to work. However for everything else like writing manuals and so forth…I try to stay sober.

marijuana strains

Knowing WHAT to smoke

Strains produce different effects. If you’re smoking on Indicas, you might not be as productive as you would by smoking Sativa strains. I find that if I am smoking early, a Sativa strain is the best thing to keep me pumped and motivated.


When I need to shut off my brain, I resort to Indica strains. I usually smoke Indica at the end of the day and Sativas on the rare occasions that I smoke during the day.  (Check out our strain guide by clicking here.)


Find out what strains helps for productivity and stick to that as your staple “day time” smoke. Shy away from Indicas during the day as it might motivate you to go chill on the couch watching crazy stuff on Youtube.

social media and marijuana

Turn off Social Media


Stoner’s get distracted by many things. One of the main distractors has to be social media. We get involved with the dialogue and voice our opinion. Suddenly we might be trapped in a dialogue battle with some random internet troll, thinking we’re winning when in reality we’re procrastinating like a Pro.


I find that by turning off your social media feeds during the day helps a lot with productivity. Cannabis users have the ability to focus on one task like no other, however, put social media into the mix and you’re going to be watching videos and reading articles that do not help you in the long run.


work checklist

Check List away!

Finally, create a check list. This is a productivity tip for stoners and non-stoners alike. A check list helps keep you organized and helps you measure success throughout the day. I always create my to do list the night before and when I wake up, I have a game plan ready.


If you’re a stoner and want to achieve things, then a checklist is one of the best ways to help you do this.


If you can achieve merely 1% of your project each week, by the end of the year you’ll be 52% closer to achieving your goals. So set your goals, create an action plan and simply do it.


What are some productivity tips that have worked for you in the past?



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