Best Stoner Job
Best Stoner Job

The Best Job for a Stoner is…

Marijuana Can Cause Problems In A Job Search

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jun 16, 2016

The Best Job for a Stoner is…

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The stereotype of a “pothead” is a person who smokes weed, can’t keep a regular job and is essentially a strain on society. While some people do represent this stereotype, most stoners would like to be productive citizens. The problem lies in the fact that there are certain laws in play that make it hard for stoners to find a job.


Random piss tests and corporate policy against “drug use” creates a framework where a group of people are discriminated against based purely on their consumption choices. You can’t openly admit to using marijuana on your job application, and if you are caught with cannabis in your system, you could end up losing your job.


Thus the stereotype is perpetuated through a network of laws aimed at suppressing folks who “choose to consume what they will” or in other words, “exercise their right to experiment with their own consciousness and body”.


So is there a way to work around all of this?



Option 1: Find a Job in the Cannabis industry


The first thing you could do is just give up on the traditional job market and look for employment in the cannabis industry. While you might not necessarily work as a grower or dispensary operator, there are plenty of cannabis-related jobs out there.


Since the full scale legalization in places like Colorado and Washington, many cannabis-related jobs have opened up. From marketing to law, you can find a way to be a part of the cannabis industry without ever having to work with cannabis directly.


For the most part, these cannabis-related gigs will not require you to piss into a jar or to disclose whether you use marijuana or not. Their clients are stoners, so in order to not discriminate against them, they would not require you to “not do what their clients are doing”.


If you’re fortunate, you would be able to work directly with cannabis. In these instances, you would most likely be required to smoke at least some marijuana, even though it wouldn’t be a requirement.


For people working in dispensaries, they need to be intimate with the product in order to inform customers about their best options.


So one way to work around getting a job and still smoking weed, is to actually work in the weed industry.  Check the job board for cannabis jobs around the country by clicking here.




Option Two: The Informal Market


The internet has changed the game forever. Nowadays, people can make money right from the comforts of their own homes. In fact, over the next few years, traditional jobs will become less frequent as the costs for businesses to hire “external workers” are far less than “hiring someone and putting them on the payroll”. Why?


Simply because someone who is hired on a “gig bases”, does not require health insurance and additional fees or a salary. As a business, it makes sense to “buy a product or service” once off, than it is to hire someone and pay them all year round. This way you can make sure that each product/service that is being delivered remains at the highest standards, whereas traditional employment doesn’t guarantee quality every single time the employee is working.


There are plenty of ways of making money in the informal market, whether it is through blogging, ecommerce, video marketing, affiliate marketing and advertisement.


For a stoner, the best job is a job they control, they set their own salary and they are their own bosses.


You just have to expand your search and find ways to generate income from the internet. Millions of people are doing it, and the best thing of all is that you will be able to smoke as much weed as you can muster without ever fearing the termination of employment. All you need to do is ensure that the work you supply always lives up to the quality expected.



Check out “The Jobless Guide to Money Making” for more information on how you can break into the informal market in an easy way.






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