What is a Jeffery?
What is a Jeffery?

How To Make a Jeffery from “Get Him To The Greek”

What Is A Jeffery And How Do You Make One?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Dec 14, 2016

How to Make a Jeffery from “Get Him To The Greek


What is a Jeffrey Blunt from "Get Him to the Greek"? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Before we jump into the ingredients of the Jeffery, I find it only prudent to mention that you should not really try this at home for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Jeffery is a cocktail of drugs and many of them are highly addictive and could be severely damaging to your body. The second being that most of the substances in this “joint” are schedule I substances, meaning getting caught with one of these bad boys could mean serious trouble for you.


Nonetheless, for the mere sake of entertainment we’ll be disclosing the ingredients as listed by Aldous Snow (Russel Brand) from “Get him to the Greek” right after Jonah Hill’s character takes a few puffs from a Jeffery.


So without any further delays: The Jeffery



The first thing and most prominent substance in a Jeffery is weed of course. This is typically the solution for most laced joints as cannabis acts as a good base. It allows the substances to burn slowly and release the active ingredients while still mellowing you out sufficiently. In the case of the Jeffery…mellow will probably not happen.  Marijuana strains can vary in strength so make sure you check the potency in our marijuana strain guide.





Next we take some opium and drop it into the mix. Opium is a deep sensation, highly relaxing and can inspire some deep thought. There’s a reason why poets and writers smoked so much opium in the early 1900’s. You could either roll up a few strands of opium or simply coat the paper to achieve the opium effect.





Then comes a bit of heroin. While smoking heroin isn’t nearly as potent as injecting it, it still will get you all kinds of high. With the mix of Jeffery, Heroin acts as your “space cowboy” sending you to other worlds.





Crunched up Ecstasy

Then we get the body high going on. In the movie they crushed up some ecstasy pills into the mix which will induce a sense of “one-ness” with your surroundings. I personally think they added this into the mix to chill people out from the rest of the substances in the list.






I have no idea why the hell they would want to add Clorox to the mix, but according to Aldous Snow it’s in there. Perhaps I’m a novice at taking “shitty drugs”, but personally I would not add this into whatever I’m smoking. Any potential “high” one could achieve with this is dwarfed by the risks and side effects, so rather ignore Aldous on this one.






To intensify everything, you add some Meth to the mix. This was the reason Jonah Hill’s character had rapid heart palpitations since this drug is the quickest to get into your system out of the lot. It will intensify all the other substances.






Subutex is really used for drug withdrawal. I imagine, under the drugged reasoning of Aldous Snow, this was to diminish the after effects of smoking a Jeffery as many of the substances can get you hooked from the first time.






Then we move onto morphine. To completely send your body into another dimension, the Jeffery contains a bit of morphine to handle the cocktail coursing through your veins.






Now time to add in the visuals. Get some Peyote or Mescaline and add that into the mix. Mescaline is a very different visual trip and I’m sure shamans from all over would frown upon adding this in as its seen as a spiritual gateway of sorts. However, for Aldous and his posse, this element adds the visuals to the mix.






After Aldous talks about some “unidentifiable” substances, he concludes with PCP or Angel Dust.  Essentially this inhibits pain receptors in the brain allowing people to do amazing feats. When Jonah  Hill’s character was tweaking in the car in a state of rage…it was probably the PCP talking.



And there you have it, the ingredient list of a Jeffery.



Taking substances isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Intention has a lot to do with it. A hammer can be used to build or break down, it’s the user that defines the purpose. The same goes for drugs…they are merely tools and it can be dangerous to use tools you are unfamiliar with. Or using a chainsaw and a nail gun simultaneously could spell danger in no time. So be careful.



If you are on a laptop or not able to access YouTube, you can watch How To Make A Jeffery Below on Slideshare.








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