Top Five Beastly Blunt Designs

How Do You Roll A Beastly Blunt?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jun 7, 2016

Top Five Beastly Blunt Designs


Watch the video on the best blunt designs below.


5 Crazy Blunt Designs You Won't Believe from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


While some people know how to roll joints, others are hopelessly bound to smoking pipes forever. The people on today’s list however, take rolling marijuana joints or blunts to a whole new level. While you may have seen a few good blunts in your day, I’m positive that the vast majority of you have never smoked one of these Beastly Blunts.


The following list will start from the “weakest” out of the bunch and work its way to the “master blunt”.  Are spiffs, blunts, and joints all the same? No way! Read on to see why blunts are the dankest and biggest rolls out there!


Obviously this list is purely subjective, so if someone comments something like, “I wouldn’t put it in that order”, well…tough titty, it’s my list and I’ll put it in whichever order I damn well please..


Anyhow, without any further ado – “The Top Five Beastly Blunt Designs in Descending Order”



# 5 – Star Blunt

The Star Blunt, while simple in its design still deserves a spot on this list. I’ve seen many people roll blunts in my day, but to make a blunt of this caliber is beyond my social circle’s ability. Perhaps, if we had enough time we could make this one, but I doubt my patience would hold fast. Nonetheless, out of the blunts I saw during my research, I think the Star Blunt is definitely a worthy contender due to its simplicity and symmetry. Also the double runner feature of the blunt is just cool looking.



# 4 – The Squid Blunt

There are many variations of the Squid Blunt, however this one is by far my favorite. The other Squid Blunts have a more “cartoony” feel to it unlike the one I picked for this list. What’s cooler about this particular selection is that they show you the process of smoking old “Squidworth”. Once more, I’m sure that this will be a royal pain in the ass to roll, but I will definitely raise a blunt in honor of the artist.


# 3 – The Angler Blunt

Staying in the aquatic zone for a while longer, we take a look at The Angler Blunt. Being a mesh of joints and blunts makes this piece of smoking art worthy of being mentioned on this list. I’m not sure if the yellow bits are covered in wax, but if it is…I would love to smoke this deep sea creature. I ranked this specific blunt higher than The Squid Blunt due to the complexity of the design. It’s cool looking and I’m sure it will get you higher than Jesus on acid.


# 2 – The Devil Went Down to Georgia Blunt

I saw a variation of this blunt that I was going to add to this list which is the “Robot Blunt”. Similar in box design, however this guy took it a step further. He took out all the stops when crafting this diabolic smoking artwork. Equipped with violin and red coloring, we have a spectacular blunt that would almost be a shame to smoke…yet smoke it we shall!



# 1 – The Meta Blunt

Finally, we reach the pinnacle of Blunt Art. I dubbed it the “Meta Blunt” because when you smoke this blunt, you’re smoking a dude that is smoking a blunt. I mean, the precision of this artwork is mind blowing. I’m assuming you place the facemask over your own face to smoke this blunt. Nonetheless, this guy deserves a metal!


That’s it for this line up of Beastly Blunts. Which one was your favorite?








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