microwave your blunt
microwave your blunt

Wait, Why Does Snoop Dogg Microwave His Blunts? (Should You Do That?)

Is it true the microwaving a blunt adds flavor and removes water particles?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Oct 17, 2019

Wait What? Microwaving a Blunt like Snoop Dogg?

microwave a blunt

Did you know that Snoop Dogg microwaves his blunts for 11 seconds prior to smoking it? According to Snoop, it’s meant to “trap all the flavors” within the blunt. While this is by far not “new news”, it was something that sparked my interest. Does microwaving a blunt actually increase the potency and flavor of a blunt?


Let’s take a gander at the logic


Firstly, we know that cannabis, in its flower form, has THCa. This is the acid form of the cannabinoid we love to smoke. This is also not psychoactive in this state. For the THCa to be converted to Delta-9-THC, we require roughly 104 ºC (219 ºF) and about 15-20 mins of “baking time”.


What this does is it turns the acid form of THC into a psychoactive form of THC. We do this usually for edibles and so forth.


A microwave, however, doesn’t generate “heat” but rather “excited the molecules” within whatever you place inside it. Depending on the wattage of the microwave, you can have a variety of different “temperatures” it can reach.


Typically, people have 900-watt microwaves at home and in all likeliness, Snoop uses a 900-watt microwave as well. At 900-watts, the microwave will average roughly 104º C, meaning that technically it would be able to activate the THC within the blunt.  Bongs are a different story as Snoop-themed bongs and pipes are popular.


This would mean that when you light it up, you already have (at the very least) some THC activated within the blunt. Additionally, blunt wraps are typically very soft due to the wetness of the wrap. Having a blunt wrap too dry can cause it to break.


Snoop claims that putting his weed in the microwave “tightens it up” and “locks up the flavors”. It makes sense then to put the blunt in the microwave due to the fact that the first thing that would be evaporated from the blunt will be the water particles within the paper. This will immediately make it dryer and cause a small amount of shrinkage.


Within this logic, it does make it “tighter”.


But what about “locking in the flavors?”


The Flavor of Cannabis


The flavor and aroma of cannabis are due to the presence of flavonoids and terpenes. The different flavonoids and terpenes also react to heat. When the molecules are excited, they will begin to evaporate. However, considering that you have a blunt wrap around the cannabis, the vapor wouldn’t be able to escape the “tube” and evaporate into the air.


This means that in all likeliness, the flavor does get trapped in the blunt. In fact, it probably changes some of the chemistry of the flavonoids and terpenes which could play a role in increasing the perceived flavor of the weed.


Is there any science we can look at?


Fuck no! This is all about speculation.


Why should we care if it can’t be proven?


It’s not that it can’t be proven, rather, who is going to spend money on trying to figure out whether or not a blunt placed in the microwave increases potency. There is no scientific community that will engage with this type of research.


The reason you should care is because one of the most prominent weed smokers of the modern age has been doing this since forever. Snoop is not an amateur when it comes to smoking. If he says it gets you higher and “traps the flavor”, then it probably does.


At the very least, you get a blunt that’s a bit crispier than you would regularly smoke. At the most, you get a blunt that tastes better and gets you higher.


The Experiment


As you folks know, I don’t simply write about these topics without experimenting first. Thus, I decided to smoke a “prepared blunt” according to the Snoop Methodology. To do this, I used weed I have been smoking for a while, meaning my tolerance was quite high to that particular strain. This allowed me to measure the effectiveness of the method since I was already used to the strain I was smoking.


Furthermore, I couldn’t smoke the blunt if I smoked throughout the day. This meant that I had to space out two blunts over two days of the same weed to see if there was any effect.


I first smoked the “unprepared blunt” in the morning. As was expected, I got quite high by the time I reached a quarter of the blunt.


The next day, I prepared the blunt according to the Snoop Methodology. It took me only a couple of tokes to feel as high as I did the previous day when I reached a quarter of the blunt. In fact, it was closer to 1/8th of the blunt, when I felt the same level of high. The taste was different and the blunt burned a lot better.


In conclusion, I “think” it does actually increase potency and flavor. While I didn’t do a clinical trial on the methodology, I believe that microwaving your blunts is a thing to consider. Don’t believe me, replicate the experiment and see for yourself!








What did you think?

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