cbd for dog anxiety
cbd for dog anxiety

How to Use CBD for Your Dog's Anxiety - What Works, What Doesn't?

CBD for canine anxiety is a big pet niche, but how does it work?

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Chiara C on Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

cbd for dog anxiety

These days, everyone has heard of CBD, and the statistics are striking: 26% of American adults are using CBD in 2022, meaning that a major percentage of our population is using the substance to help them deal with a variety of issues. Many individuals have found that CBD has helped them in various ways, including helping to reduce anxiety, improving pain, and improving sleep. However, CBD has also proven to be popular for more than humans, and some research indicates that CBD may be helpful for dogs. Just like humans, some have found that CBD can be helpful in reducing their dog's anxiety.

This begs the question: How can you use CBD for your dog's anxiety? There are a few things to keep in mind when considering giving your dog CBD - let's take a look at some of your options. 


What The Research Says


As noted by dog experts - like those at the American Kennel Club - research is still limited on what CBD can do for dogs. However, a limited amount of studies - as well as the anecdotal experiences of many dog owners - have found that CBD can help certain pets recover from a variety of ailments. Owners have found that giving their dogs CBD can reduce anxiety, particularly when they are entering a stressful situation, like being alone or when there is a storm.


To be clear, this experience is anecdotal only, and more research is needed before veterinary medical authorities can come to more definitive conclusions. Furthermore, negative side effects - like changes in liver enzymes and an upset stomach - are possible for dogs who take CBD. However, as the AKC notes, the limited amount of studies conducted have indicated CBD's potential to help dogs with symptoms of arthritis, itchiness, cancer, seizures, and anxiety. As such, there is some evidence to support the idea that CBD can help dogs. 


Speak With Your Vet


Of critical importance is this: You should speak with your veterinarian before giving your dog any supplement, and this is unquestionably the case when it comes to CBD. This is the case for many reasons. Chief among them: CBD is still relatively new to dogs. As such, it behooves you to check and make sure that no new research has come out that may present any concerns about how a dog will react to CBD.


Furthermore, since the research is constantly evolving on how CBD impacts dogs, your veterinarian may have some recommendations about types of CBD and dosages to give your beloved pet.


Start Low and Slow


Finding the right instructions for how to use CBD for your dog can be difficult and complicated. Since the area is so new, you may have multiple questions about the right way to use CBD for your pet. Chief among them: How strong a dosage should you give your pet? How often should you give it to them?


The answer to this very important question should come from two sources: Your veterinarian and the CBD product you actually buy. Follow your vet's advice above all else. If your vet isn't sure and notes that it depends on the specific product you can use, your best bet is to start low and slow, just like you would for a human. Pay attention to the instructions of the CBD that you buy and use the lowest possible dosage. Doing so will ensure that you can avoid any potentially problematic side effects. Give the lowest possible dose for a week or so, and monitor your dog for changes in its behavior. If you are not noticing any problematic side effects, slowly increase the dosage until you find your dog is responding. 


The one thing you may want to consider is your dog's size. Larger dogs - just like larger humans - may need a bigger dosage in order to have any impact. You should still err on the side of giving a lower amount, but if you have a larger dog, you may need to give more. Many CBD products will have different dosage requirements depending on the size of the dog, and this makes sense. 


Buy Pet-Formulated CBD


There are many types of CBD on the market. However, just like with regular food and supplements, there are key differences in terms of the type of CBD available for humans and the type of CBD available for dogs. You should only purchase CBD for your pets that have been specifically designed for them. Doing so ensures that you are giving your dog a product that it will be able to digest and absorb easily. If the product is designed well, it also ensures that it will avoid any potentially harmful additives that might be more tolerable in humans.


Check The Certificate


Every package of CBD - regardless of if it is made for humans or animals - must come with a Certificate of Authenticity for you to consider buying it. A Certificate of Authenticity is a test that is conducted by a third party. The information on it will reveal the testing results for the particular batch of CBD you are buying. This test will reveal the content of the CBD and its purity. It will also confirm that there are other dangerous contaminants in the CBD. 


Unfortunately, this certificate is absolutely critical. Multiple studies have confirmed that some unscrupulous CBD vendors do not accurately label their CBD products. A Certificate of Authenticity can help to ameliorate these concerns by ensuring that a third-party tests the CBD. This should allow you to purchase CBD with safety in mind. 


Buy From a Reputable Company


Not all CBD companies are created equal. Look for a proven brand such as Eden's Herbals. They carry specialty made CBD for dogs. Their products come in both tinctures or treats, giving you the flexibility to ensure that you give your dog a CBD product that works best for you. These products also come with clear instructions on how to best use each product.





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