marijuana tolerance break
marijuana tolerance break

You Took a Tolerance Break from Cannabis But Still Can't Get High, Now What?

Why your marijuana T-break isn't working and how to fix it!

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Chiara C on Thursday Nov 25, 2021

marijuana tolerance break

The use of marijuana as many cannabis enthusiasts will say is an art, and the way to perfect art is through skill and technique. You might wonder how that comes to play with the use of cannabis but to get the best out of the herb, you must know when to go hard and when to drawback. This is what brought about the idea of a T-break to help the users get the best from the herb at all times. Read on as we look into what a T-break is, its importance, and why it seems to not be working for some cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis T-break

T-break is short for tolerance break which is a special time a cannabis user sets aside to deliberately cease from consuming cannabis or cannabis products. The aim of this cessation is to help such users to condition their body and prevent it from developing tolerance and insensitivity to the cannabinoid. THC is a strong and effective cannabinoid that gives a euphoric effect to its users. However, chronic use of cannabinoid and cannabis products helps users to develop increased tolerance. When this tolerance racks up, the natural drug ultimately becomes ineffective and unable to achieve its desired result.

Cannabis T-break is aimed at reducing tolerance which develops when the body grows resistant to chronic use of cannabis. When tolerance is developed, a larger amount of the cannabis product is needed to promote effects common to low doses. Usage of such high doses during tolerance can inadvertently promote adverse reactions in the body of the users.

Cannabis Tolerance

The science to explain cannabis tolerance is not fully elucidated yet and this is understandable because the concept of body adaptations towards general tolerance remains a complex phenomenon. Studies of chronic cannabis users have shown a correlation between chronic use and reduction in the number of available THC receptors in the brain. The dynamic and sensitive nature of the endocannabinoid system in the body also helps to promote the state of cannabis tolerance. When the ECS is overwhelmed by the amount of THC, it complements by being less sensitive to available THC molecules. This makes the cannabis user believe that an increased dose of THC will be the answer.

While many cannabis users might believe tolerance to cannabis is a completely bad experience, the reality is not so clear-cut. Some cannabis users especially those for medical purposes are saved from some unwanted side effects of THC when they develop tolerance. Some anecdotal reports from patients have attested to the capturing medicinal benefits of THC with limited impairment after prolonged use.

Why should I take a T-break?

There are myriad reasons you can come up with as to why a T-break is important for a cannabis user but they are all culminated into the protection from unwanted risks ascribed to high doses of THC. The endocannabinoid system of the body through its receptors after overstimulation leads to two special conditions called cannabis use disorder (CUD) and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). The occurrence of these two conditions is mitigated when a user properly takes a T-break.

Following proper use of the T-break, resumption of cannabis consumption will help the user have increased effectiveness of the natural product. This is particularly beneficial for medical marijuana users who use the herb for conditions like insomnia and anxiety. With increased effectiveness, the user gets a potent dose for less amount money which is ultimately a win-win situation for the user.

For chronic users, taking q T-break might not be as simple as it is put in this article. This is because such users are prone to withdrawal symptoms that readily challenge such persons after cessation from prolonged use. Highly dependent cannabis users can have symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Some medical marijuana patients also have issues with taking a T-break as it will require the use of other medications which might not have the needed therapeutic effect to the same degree.

Why is your T-break not working?

Some cannabis users after taking a T-break complain of its ineffectiveness as they still need a similar amount of the product to get their desired effect. Available evidence has shown that this is because many of such users go about taking the T-break the wrong way. The first point of discourse is the duration of the T-break. The amount of time accorded to allow the body to recover from the effect of overdependence on THC is very important and cannot be addressed lightly by anyone who wishes to take a T-break.

While it is true that the effects of cannabis easily wear off after one day, it is not the same for the interaction box THC with the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Research has shown that it can take as long as four weeks before CB1 receptors regain normal activity after being acted upon by THC. This means that an adequate amount of time will be needed to take a T-break and minor halts of a few days cannot count and will lead to ineffectiveness.

Another factor that leads to failed T-breaks is the lifestyle of the user during the T-break. Many cannabis users spend the T-break counting the time and waiting on for the next hit instead of looking for ways to condition the body for what is to come. One simple option that can be taken during the T-break is CBD because of its lack of psychoactive effect and calming and wellness effect. Cannabis strains with an equal ratio of CBD and THC have less incidence of unwanted side effects and less pressure is placed on the ECS.


T-breaks are very useful for cannabis users especially those that are highly dependent. The success of the exercise however is heavily reliant on the amount of time given and how the user utilizes the break to condition the body. Once these two factors are properly modulated, you will easily see the numerous benefits of taking a cannabis tolerance break.








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