Consume Cannabis
Consume Cannabis

The Best Ways To Consume Cannabis?

Consuming Marijuana Is Easy, There Are No Wrong Answers

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BostonBakedPete on Thursday Apr 28, 2016

The Many Different Ways to Consume Cannabis


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These days, there’s a lot more ways to get cannabis into your system than ever before. From buds to oils, you have a buffet of options at your disposal. This is especially true in states that have legalized marijuana. Places like California and Colorado have long been a stoner’s mecca in terms of variety.


Today we’ll be going over all of the different ways you can consume cannabis.


Good old Green

The most known method of consuming marijuana comes through the way of the joint. However, whether you like packing bowls or rolling blunts, the most common way that people consume marijuana comes through smoking it.

There’s a wide range of smoking devices that you can use to get the job done and a billion-dollar industry supporting the manufacturing and retail of the devices. People can’t get enough of smoking buds. From the smell to the taste and the infinite amount of strains out there, you’ll never get bored of smoking weed.

Some people prefer other methods of consumption due to effect or the inability to inhale smoke.

Fortunately, there are other ways to consume cannabis.


Enjoying those Edibles

Another popular method of consuming cannabis comes in the form of edibles. The edible industry has seen a massive expansion over the past few years. With legal marijuana booming, there has been a definite demand for edibles and the industry responded by creating a wealth of products.

From cookies to chocolate bars, ice cream and juices…you can virtually get high in all the flavors that’s on the planet. However, for those who don’t like the sweet stuff in life, there are many cannabis friendly restaurants emerging where they infuse their dishes with cannabis butter; providing you with fine dining and a killer high.

Edibles however should always be taken in moderation as many people have found themselves in a “hash hole” couch-locked to an almost narcotic state. For the most part, people recommend you wait at least 45 minutes before eating another edible if “you don’t feel it yet”. Typically, right after someone says, “I don’t feel it” they get higher than they have ever been in their lives.



While most people juice for wellness reasons, there are ways to juice and get high. Nonetheless, most of the people that consume cannabis in juice do it for health related issues or disease prevention. Juicing raw cannabis will not get you high. It does however provide you with all the cannabinoids you need to be a healthy, energetic human being.

To turn your cannabis juice into a psychoactive concoction, it is rumored if you mix coconut milk and a citrusy fruit with the raw cannabis leaf/shake…you can turn it psychoactive. Don’t ask me about the science behind it because I have no idea about how it works. Since I have never tested this myself, I will leave it as a “possibility”. You can check this video to see what I’m talking about.



One of the more popular trends of late has to be extracts. Being way more discreet than smoking a bud and much more potent, extracts have definitely gained popularity over the years. Don’t be fooled, this stuff has been around since the 60’s, however, it wasn’t until the introduction of portable vaporizers that BHO, Wax and Budder took off.

I personally love extracts. It’s a lot easier to store and transport and if you have the right kind of vape pen on you, you can virtually toke up anywhere. I think this new trend has done a lot to help push public acceptance of cannabis consumption as a whole. A lot of celebrities are totally into the idea of vaping their wax.

Seeing that the wax is also much more potent than a bud, you need less of it to get you high meaning that while a gram of wax might set you back a bit more in the wallet department, it will last you much longer.



While this technically falls into the category of Buds and Wax, vaporization is definitely something I’ll mention on its own. For me personally, vaporization is the most efficient way to consume cannabis. I typically shy away from edibles since I become useless and lazy. If I vaporize I can stay focused and do what I need to do throughout the day. Edibles are for special occasions.


Whatever gets you off

In the end, your personal consumption choices will lead you to your preferred method of consumption. As mentioned, most people simply find smoking buds is the way to go, however, some people find that perhaps wax or edibles is the way to go. This brief overview of the different consumption methods should give you the groundwork to begin exploring whatever works best for you.









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