cannabis juicing
cannabis juicing

Juicing Cannabis 101 - Weekend Brunch Edition

How To Juice Cannabis And Make A Tasty, Healthy, Drink

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DanaSmith on Saturday May 21, 2016

Juicing Cannabis 101

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Pot is no longer just a “drug” ; its many uses today show that we can benefit from treating it like a vegetable.


Juicing may easily have been one of the hottest health trends of the past decade, but it’s no surprise why: the process of blending your favorite fruits and vegetables into a liquid gives you all of its nutrients in a pure, vitamin-rich form because it hasn’t been chemically altered by cooking in high heat or removing peels. It’s also really easy to do, and if you want to change its taste simply add a fruit you like.


Bet you didn’t know that cannabis is also contains the same nutrients as other leafy green vegetables, such as iron, fiber, and calcium. This makes marijuana a nutrient-dense plant, and when you combine it with the healing properties of its unique cannabinoids that no other green on earth has, you’ve got a magic elixir in your hands. However, pot will also lose much of its nutritional content when it comes into contact with high heat just like with regular vegetables.


Smoking pot activates the psychoactive properties that get you stoned but juicing the herb won’t get you high.


Bet you also didn’t know that we had endogenous cannabinoids within the human body, nourishing your body with CBD from marijuana can help stabilize several important processes that are needed to keep you healthy and strengthen the immune system. This is why raw cannabis juice is frequently recommended to individuals who are suffering from chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and cellular dysfunction; among many other illnesses. What’s more is that consuming raw cannabis juice will activate the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain which then results in an antioxidant release that removes damaged cells from the body.


AND since you won’t get stoned, it’s totally fine to consume large amounts of raw, juiced cannabis. Perhaps one of the most significant health benefits of drinking cannabis juice is its ability to halt and even reverse certain cancers. You will also be able to enjoy the other medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant because it is an anti-inflammatory herb and has antioxidant properties.

How To Juice Cannabis The Right Way


Juicing cannabis pretty much follows the same rules as juicing vegetables: the fresher the bud, the better. Put 15-20 fan leaves and drop 2 buds (if they are amber, which means that it’s ready for harvest) into a blender or juicer.  Cold pressed juicers or masticating juicers may be best for the task if you already have one at home because these mean machines are more powerful when it comes to squeezing and crushing the herb. Conventional centrifugal blenders work on high speeds and sharp teeth, and the machinery often uses heat which might convert the THCa into THC; or in other words activate the plant’s psychoactive properties and get you high.


Don’t use leaves that you bought in a dispensary as there’s a big chance that it’s been cured. If you want to try raw cannabis juice to treat an illness, it’s best to talk to a doctor about which strain has a profile that treat certain symptoms.


Your best bet is to obtain leaves from an indoor or outdoor greenhouse to make sure you’re getting nothing but the good, fresh greens. Remove the stems, add a cup or so of water, toss in a blender then use a sieve to remove the leftover fibrous material. Voila!


If you don’t like the taste of fresh cannabis juice, feel free to mix in some fruits and vegetables that won’t just give it a better taste but give you even more nutrients. Try adding banana, apples, cucumbers, lemon juice, sweet potato, ginger… Get creative and see which flavor combination you like best. Any leftover juice can be stored in your refrigerator in a glass jar but to ensure maximum freshness and health benefits, avoid drinking juice that has been in storage for more than 3 days.


Have you ever tried raw cannabis juice? What was your experience like?



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