cbd for cold sores
cbd for cold sores

CBD For Cold Sore Outbreaks - Winter is Here

Can CBD Help With Cold Sore Outbreaks?

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Lemon Knowles on Sunday Jan 27, 2019

CBD For Cold Sore Outbreaks

cbd cold sores

With 1 in every 6 individuals aged 14 to 49 with herpes, it’s the most common form of sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, many people living with herpes don’t even know that they have it. There are two forms of herpes: the HSV-1 virus, which doesn’t require sexual contact to contract it, and HSV-2, which is sexually-transmitted.


Cold sores are the hallmark symptom of either form of herpes. They can appear on the genitals or on the mouth, as well as in the fingers, nose, eyes, or cheeks. While there is no known cure for cold sores or herpes in general, cannabidiol (CBD) can provide relief for the pain and discomfort caused by cold sores. It can also reduce the frequency by which they appear. The herpes virus stays in the body for life, but certain things can trigger an outbreak such as stress, illness, immune system problems, cold weather, hormonal changes, and fatigue. Individuals with herpes face a life-long battle to keep its symptoms at bay; even if herpes isn’t life-threatening, it’s not only painful when an outbreak occurs, but it’s also extremely embarrassing. The stigma surrounding many sexually transmitted diseases including herpes doesn’t help either.


During an outbreak, in some cases they can be so painful for some people that they have no choice but to reach for over the counter painkillers. Other conventional therapies used include supplementing with lysine and other vitamins, or topically applying antiviral prescription creams such as acyclovir.


If you want an all-natural approach for herpes cold sores, CBD can help.


How CBD Helps


CBD works in many ways to alleviate and prevent cold sores. Though the earliest studies of cannabis’ effect on herpes focused on THC, CBD’s therapeutic properties make this a great alternative especially for individuals who prefer not to get high.


  1. CBD strengthens your immunity. Stress, getting sick, or being overly fatigued can all cause your immune system to crash. When this happens, your body tries to fight back but the presence of the herpes virus in your body may no longer be dormant. A compromised immune system is the most common trigger for herpes virus outbreaks, but CBD is a natural way to alleviate it. CBD works in the endocannabinoid system to naturally give your immune system a boost while strengthening your body’s natural virus-fighting abilities.
  2. CBD fights viruses. CBD has potent antiviral properties, and the University of London’s School of Pharmacy has referred to its “exceptional” abilities to fight off foreign pathogens. In fact, Dr. Dustin Sulak of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine states that the endocannabinoid system is the “most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.”
  3. CBD is an antioxidant. Studies have proven CBD’s prowess in fighting oxidation, which makes it a terrific natural antioxidant. In doing so, it helps repair cells damaged from free radicals, without which can lead to diseases over time and a weakened immune system. Its antioxidant properties also help you maintain balanced health by ensuring your cellular activity is optimal.


How To Use CBD For Herpes Outbreaks


Many people find that the topical application of CBD is the most efficient for herpes outbreaks. Oil tinctures, in particular, are more powerful than creams because they contain concentrated forms of CBD and you only need to use a little to obtain relief. Either way, applying CBD directly to your cold sores can help fight off the HSV pathogens while treating the inflammation-induced blisters quicker. Just place a small amount of oil on the affected area, and gently massage it for a few minutes to ensure efficient absorption.


If you tend to get outbreaks on your lips, you can also use a CBD-infused lip balm, even daily when you don’t have a cold sore for protective purposes. Taking CBD orally regularly can also help boost your immune system, which can help you have less outbreaks in the future. You can also take CBD in other forms such as sprays, edibles, and vapors: go with what is most comfortable and convenient for you to medicate with.


On the other hand, if you aren’t adverse to the psychoactive effects of THC, it doesn’t hurt to consume or smoke it on a regular basis. Doing so will improve your general health and well-being while helping reduce the frequency of outbreaks.








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