dabbing cannabis safely
dabbing cannabis safely

Tips For A Safe Dabbing Experience

Dabbing Cannabis Safely Is Important For Everyone

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

Tips For A Safe Dabbing Experience



Concentrates are a relatively new way of enjoying cannabis. If you’ve been smoking since the 70’s, the concept might be totally far out for you, but there’s a reason why it’s become a popular trend among cannabis enthusiasts.


Dabbing, in particular, is a fantastic way of enjoying cannabis. Although dabbing has been around for almost a decade, it’s only recently gained traction and is primarily recognized for being an extremely potent way of getting high. However, dabbing is not for the faint of heart: a single inhale of a dab concentrate can easily be the equivalent of up to 10 puffs from a joint. Dabbing also delivers a much faster and euphoric hit compared to smoking the stuff.


However, dabbing has also raised concerns about safety because it involves the use of butane. It’s a little more complex way of enjoying the herb compared to the traditional joint, pipe, or bong. Dabbing is preferred by advanced cannabis connoisseurs who already have several years of experience experimenting with different ways of ingesting the plant.


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Here are useful tips for a safe and enjoyable dabbing experience:


  • Torch safety: This is one of the most important aspects of safe dabbing. Torch use is fundamental to the entire dabbing experience and it requires 110% of your concentration especially if you are lighting up a torch in a small space. Torches are used to heat the nail so that it reaches a certain temperature. Being stoned isn’t an excuse to be careless about safety, so if you’re not careful with using the torch, your experience can go downhill FAST (read: go up in smoke, and not in the way we’d want to).



As you fill your butane torch, it’s necessary to ensure that the torch plug and nozzle fit properly together to prevent any butane from spilling or leaking which will result in an explosive hazard. Before you light the torch, remove anything flammable near the glass and nail. Most problems that people encounter when dabbing is using indoors because of the presence of hazards found in most people’s homes; it’s always much safer if you can dab in the safety of the outdoors or your patio / garden.



Torches are a little to easy to knock over, and one simple accident can set your surroundings on fire. When you’re done using it, turn off the gas completely and put it back into its safety mode (most torches have this option).


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  • Start small: It’s always wise to start with small dab hits especially if you’re new to concentrates. You can eventually build up your tolerance over time in order to endure the hit of bigger dabs. Think about it: why is it called “dabbing” in the first place? It’s because it’s meant to be taken in “dab” portions, not chunks. Starting small will help you evaluate your tolerance to concentrates.


Sometimes, even users with years of experience find the hit of a baby dab so overpowering, but it will definitely take time to increase your tolerance with dabs. Ideally, start with a size that’s just enough to cover the tip of the dabber itself. Eventually you can work up your way to dabbing with an amount that suits your tolerance and needs.



  • Clean between hits: Keep your dabber and tools clean between hits. Otherwise, dirt and other nasty stuff can accumulate in it. You also don’t want to inhale remnants from your last dab – these remnants can easily change the taste by affecting the terpenes.



It also helps to buy a rubber dab mat which can prevent your dabber from falling off tables. If you have pets, their hair and who knows what else can get into your piece. Keep the dabber off dirty surfaces.


  • Low temperature: Taking dab hits using low temperatures can help you have a more enjoyable experience because it enables you to have a smoother dab while enjoying its effects and unique taste. Finding the right temperature will depend on the material and model of the nail that you’re using. For nails that aren’t made of glass, get it red hot until it gives off a glow. When it cools down, you’ll be able to tell by putting your hand just above it, then wait and see until it’s tolerable for your hand. Titanium and quartz nails usually retain heat for a longer period of time.


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  • Pay attention to the nail: The leading cause of injury experienced by most people while dabbing is a nail burn. These tiny bowls can get extremely hot so give it some time before getting touching it with any part of your body, because even the slightest touch can result in a serious, painful burn. When cleaning, simple wipes between hits once it’s cooled down will guarantee a safer, cleaner hit next time. Invest in a long dabber because it’s usually the safer option; this way it gives you more leeway to dab safely while giving your hand adequate space from the nail. It’s also ideal to use dab tools that are equipped with carb caps on the side since they’re usually built to reduce the risk of exposing your hand on the hot surfaces. If you’re using electric nails, use with even more caution since they are always hot once you turn them on unlike regular nails which can cool down in a few minutes.



  • Use quality concentrates: Pesticides, chemicals, and toxins can still be lurking in your concentrate oils. This increases the risk for ingesting any unwanted contaminants that you don’t want in your system especially if you are medicating. Only purchase concentrates that have been tested, and avoid bargain extracts. There’s usually a reason why specific concentrates are cheap.


Do you have any safe dabbing tips you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!









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