Where should you buy cannabis
Where should you buy cannabis

Wait, Should I Buy Weed from My Dealer or That New Dispensary on the Block?

Is all cannabis the same, from a private grower or dispensary?

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BostonBakedPete on Saturday Aug 13, 2022

where should you buy weed

The question of where to get weed from should be expected to have a straightforward answer right? Wrong. For many cannabis users, this choice of where to get the desired product remains a big issue that many haven’t settled.  Some are unaware of the benefits that getting cannabis from a trusted source brings. Well not to worry, we will take you through the pros and cons of both sources. Ultimately, you should be able to decide after reading this article if you should buy your weed from your dealer or dispensary.

Sources of cannabis products

The emergence of legislation that allowed for recreational marijuana and medical marijuana promoted the growth of cannabis dispensaries. Before this period, the illegal classification of marijuana meant that it was sourced from illicit markets that are unregulated. Many cannabis users today grew to believe that dealers are the only available source of marijuana. However, the prominence of legal markets in different states in the country has opened up cannabis dispensaries as the accepted source.

Dealers have wrongly been seen by many as stoners who are by the roadside or in shady places exchanging ditch weed. The advent of legalization has seen many cannabis dealers upgrade with the trend and the value of their services. This has repeatedly kept them relevant in the market among cannabis users despite the fact that their activities are illegal. Most dealers in the market to are more sophisticated than ever before. They have a wide range of selected products to offer which makes them an option for many cannabis users.

Cannabis dispensaries are the structured framework under accepted regulations licensed to dispense and provide cannabis products. Dispensaries have budtenders who provide customers with adequate information on the strains as well as expected effects. More cannabis dispensaries are being opened in legal states nationwide with some providing delivery services.

Dealer or Dispensary

The choice between either getting cannabis products from the dealer or dispensary depends on different factors. There are a number of pros that favor the use of dealers (not that we are advising you to) and also those that favor dispensaries. In order to be fair, we will look at some of these factors holistically and see how both sources look with respect to the factors.


This is perhaps the most important factor that characterizes these sources of cannabis products. While dealers are legally backed by regulation agencies, dealers are characterized as illicit, unregulated, or grey markets. Cannabis users who purchase products legally from dispensaries are free of worry as they are on the right side of the law. This is however not the same for those who possess cannabis illicitly from cannabis dealers. Though it seems regulation bodies haven’t been too tight on those who patronize dealers in states with the legal market, a simple move could correct that. The implications can be very bad for those caught on the wrong side.


Dealers mirror less the community pharmacies when it comes to cannabis products. This is because they are close to the users and readily made the drug available. Dealers are present in the cities and states and perform delivery services which prompt many users to use their services. Cannabis dispensaries are less mobile as only a few have delivery services which means most times users need to physically to the dispensaries. This can be a downside for some cannabis users who are seeking privacy.


Price is a major factor that tends to affect the choice most users make on where to get their cannabis products. Dealers as expected have lower prices for their products which attract many users to patronize them. Dispensaries on the other hand have higher prices for their products. This is largely due to the presence of excise, sales, and local taxes on the products. Likewise, cannabis dispensaries also need to pay for staff and other logistic requirements which have an effect on their prices.

Environmental sustainability

This factor is more of a continuation for prices in terms of cannabis dispensaries. The tax levied on cannabis products is being used by the government for environmental sustainability. It is readily used to promote health, education, drug abuse research, and so on. Dealers on the other hand have the leadership potential for environmental sustainability. This is because their activities tend to deplete the integrity of structures within the environment.

Safety and Quality

Cannabis dealers provide users with products whose safety and quality cannot be verified. Users get products that they have no inkling as to their source or constituents. Some of these products can have serious health risks to the user thanks to the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other residues. Alongside, dealers give estimates of the THC potency of products which can be false as there are no testing processes performed on the products. Products procured from cannabis dispensaries on the other hand are very safe as they would have passed through different stages of analysis to establish the safety of the products. Such products are free from harmful materials like pesticides and heavy metals. The quality of the products is also assured as proper testing is carried out to ascertain the potency of the product.

Bottom line

The truth is the choice of where to procure your products ultimately lies with you. However, considering the factors laid down above, there seems to be only one logical choice. This is the choice that keeps your civic character in the proper state by not putting you at loggerheads with the law. This is the choice that ensures that the proceeds of your procurement go towards the sustenance of your community and environment. This is the choice that ensures you get products that are safe to use without health risks. This is the choice that ensures that what you ordered or required is what was delivered. We need not say more, as you already know the choice to make.





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