walking with cannabis healthy
walking with cannabis healthy

Walking with Weed - Why Taking Cannabis with Your Next Walk Can Help Your Mind and Your Waistline

Does cannabis help you burn more calories when you walk?

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Laurie Lyons on Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

walking with weed for health

It's that time of year again – a season filled with sumptuous feasts, flowing drinks, and endless socializing. While the festivities bring joy, they can also take a toll on our waistlines and mental well-being.


The combination of rich foods, excess drinks, and the stress of holiday obligations can lead to a decline in physical health and an increase in stress levels.


Fortunately, there's a solution that combines the benefits of walking and the therapeutic properties of marijuana – walks with weed. This article will explore how this simple activity can positively impact your waistline and mindset during the holiday season.

The Impact of the Holiday Season on Mental Health and Waistlines

With its abundance of gatherings and celebrations, the holiday season often leads to overindulgence. Whether it's one more drink, another cookie, or an extra party to attend, these indulgences can significantly impact our mental health and waistlines.


According to statistics, 44% of women and 31% of men report increased holiday stress. The stress may stem from added family responsibilities during this time for women. The challenge is finding a balance between enjoying the festivities and maintaining both physical and mental well-being.

The Digestive Benefits of Walking

One effective way to counteract the effects of holiday indulgence is by incorporating walks into your routine, especially after meals. Walking after eating has been shown to aid digestion by facilitating food movement through the digestive system, reducing bloating and discomfort.


This simple exercise helps with digestion and contributes to maintaining a healthier waistline – a crucial factor during a season filled with tempting treats.

Exercise and Muscle Flexibility

In addition to aiding digestion, walking is an excellent form of exercise that contributes to overall physical well-being. Regular walks can help trim the waistline by burning calories and promoting cardiovascular health.


Moreover, walking improves muscle flexibility, enhancing your body's mobility and reducing the risk of injury. During a season when many are sedentary due to festive gatherings, incorporating walks can be a proactive step toward maintaining physical health.

The Mental Health Benefits of Walking

Beyond the physical advantages, walking also provides a welcome respite for the mind. The holiday season can be overwhelmingly stimulating, bombarding our brains with lights, sounds, and social interactions. This sensory overload can contribute to heightened stress levels and mental fatigue.


A leisurely stroll allows the mind to unplug, providing a much-needed break from the holiday hustle. This downtime is essential for replenishing the brain's stores of attention and motivation, fostering productivity, creativity, and stable memories.

Marijuana and Enhanced Walking Experience

With the rising popularity of marijuana-infused products, gummies have become a favored choice for those looking to manage a soft dose during their strolls. These edibles provide a discreet and convenient way to incorporate marijuana into your routine. However, it's essential to approach this combination responsibly. When embarking on a walk after consuming marijuana, opt for an easy and familiar course.


Avoid overindulging, as excessive consumption can lead to undesirable effects. Furthermore, always ensure you have a means of communication with others, especially if you're exploring new or unfamiliar routes.


For those who use marijuana, incorporating it into a walk can elevate the experience. Choosing energizing strains with joy-inducing properties can enhance the pleasure derived from a stroll.


While walks with weed can be an excellent way to unwind, it's crucial to prioritize safety and ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

Choosing the Right Marijuana Strains for Walking

Not all marijuana strains are created equal when it comes to walking. Selecting strains with energizing properties to boost mood and motivation is essential. Sativa-dominant strains are known for their uplifting effects, making them suitable for enhancing the joy of a walk. Understanding the different strains and their effects is crucial for tailoring the experience to your preferences and needs.

Marijuana for Those with Difficulty Walking

For individuals who face difficulty or pain while walking, certain marijuana strains offer a safe and effective method to improve their walking abilities. Strains with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties can be particularly beneficial.


Before incorporating marijuana into their routine, individuals with medical conditions should consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it aligns with their overall health and well-being.

Safety Considerations for Weed-infused Walks

While walks with weed can be a delightful and therapeutic experience, it's crucial to prioritize safety. If planning to consume marijuana before a walk, choose a familiar and easy route. Avoid overindulging to prevent potential discomfort or disorientation.


Always carry a means of communication and inform someone of your plans, especially if walking alone. Responsible use ensures that the combination of walks and weed contributes positively to both physical and mental well-being.

Unplugging the Mind: Walking as a Mental Detox

The holiday season can be overwhelming, bombarding our senses with stimuli that can overstimulate the brain. Amidst the hustle and bustle, finding moments of solitude becomes increasingly important. Walking, especially when combined with the calming effects of marijuana, provides a valuable opportunity to unplug the mind.


Downtime is essential for replenishing the brain's stores of attention and motivation. It encourages productivity, sparks creativity, and is crucial for achieving peak performance levels. In the midst of a busy and overstimulated holiday season, taking intentional walks becomes a mindful practice, offering a mental detox that contributes to overall well-being.



As the holiday season unfolds with its array of temptations and stressors, walks with weed emerge as a simple yet effective solution for maintaining both physical health and mental well-being. By incorporating regular walks into your routine, especially after indulgent meals, you can aid digestion, trim the waistline, and enjoy a much-needed mental break.


For marijuana enthusiasts, choosing the right strains can elevate the walking experience, adding an extra layer of joy and stress relief. So, this holiday season, lace up your walking shoes, consider your strain of choice, and embark on a sound journey for both the waist and the mind.





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