college degree marijuana jobs
college degree marijuana jobs

Do You Need A College Degree To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry?

Marijuana Jobs For College Graduates Are Expanding

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Nanci Chi-Town on Tuesday Jun 27, 2017

Do You Need A College Degree To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry?


There’s no doubt about it – the cannabis industry is going to be the next biggest industry in America. The benefits of legalization trickle down every single aspect of life in this great country, from health care to the economy.


Speaking of economy, the cannabis industry is increasingly becoming highly-coveted for people looking for a job. When it comes to employment in the cannabis industry, the possibilities are endless.  In fact, a recent report from New Frontier Data revealed that the cannabis industry alone can create more jobs surpassing those in manufacturing come 2020. The report says that the legalized cannabis industry can open up 250,000 jobs, and that’s counting the positions only in states that have legalized cannabis in one way or another.


The cannabis job market is worth over $7 million today, so it’s easy to why everyone wants to be a part of the industry responsible for providing man with the ultimate form of natural medicine. However, many still have the misconception that you need a college degree to succeed in the green business.


Here’s the truth: you don’t need to have a college degree to get a job in the cannabis industry.



If you want to get in the industry but don’t have a degree, here’s what you can do:


cannabis job board

  • Research on cannabis job boards. The job board has dozens of jobs available that you can apply to. From startups to e-commerce sites, there are many firms that will accept you depending on your skill, talent, and most of all willingness to learn.


  • Find out what you can contribute to the cannabis industry. There are hundreds of different kinds of work available, from cultivation to finance. Understand what your core strengths are; if you have a green thumb you can pursue a job in cultivation; if you’re a people person you can also help with customer service. Other roles that you may also want to consider include writing, photography, marketing, and helping with administrative roles for cannabis companies both big and small.


cannabis show

  • Attend cannabis conferences in your area. Networking with professionals in the industry is a great way to learn about cannabis first-hand, while giving you the opportunity to meet hundreds of different green businesses. Bring along a printed copy of your resume and talk to as many people as possible. Networking through cannabis conferences might just lead you to that one life-changing contact!


online cannabis courses

  • Get a certification or take up a cannabis course. Even without a college degree, having a certification will definitely make you stand out among a pool of applicants. There are several training schools that offer cannabis programs, even for those who know nothing about the plant. While it’s ideal to have a passion for cannabis, these programs can teach you everything you need to succeed in the industry.


how to open a dispensary

  • Do your research about the different kinds of cannabis businesses there are. It’s a growing industry and there are so many companies sprouting, some much more focused on niche businesses such as technology and artificial intelligence, while others cater to developing strains; some are recreational oriented while others are focused on medicine and health care… there are infinite possibilities. To ensure your success in the cannabis industry, learn about the company that you are interested to apply to. Having a good match with the brand personality will ensure long-term success.


  • Customize your resume to each company that you apply to. Don’t be too worried about lack of experience in the industry; remember that cannabusinesses are fairly new so it’s not uncommon for people without college degrees or any experience with cannabis for that matter to apply and get accepted. When creating your resume, place an emphasis on any former job responsibilities you’ve had, as well as personal and professional skills that are relevant to the company and job/company you’re applying to.


  • Write a professional cover letter, which will show that you have done your homework on the company you’re applying to. Just because it’s in the field of pot doesn’t mean that you should be using slang terms. The cannabis industry is worth billions of dollars, and these are businesses that investors and entrepreneurs take seriously so they expect professionalism no matter what role you’re applying for. Also, don’t use an email address like - small details like this will matter so be as professional in every way that you can.



how to interview with a marijuana company

  • Prepare for your cananbis job interview. As a cannabis worker, the goal is to break stigmas and you can’t do that if you show up in a tie-dyed shirt, jeans, and Birkenstocks. Be conscious about your personal appearance, demeanor, and manners. While at the interview, show the recruiter that you’ve done your research by asking questions about their goals for the future and give compliments about the services or products they’re already offering.


What has helped you land a job in the cannabis industry even without a degree? Share with us in the comments below!









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