terp pearls in dab rigs
terp pearls in dab rigs

What are Terp Pearls, and Why Should You Be Using Them in Your Dabs?

Have you tried a terp pearl in your dab rig, yet?

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DanaSmith on Monday Aug 1, 2022

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The world of concentrates never seizes to amaze: there’s always something new to discover and try, especially if you want to explore something particularly strong.


Lately, there’s something new that seasoned dabbers have been using to maximize the efficiency of their dabs: terp pearls. These are small, usually around 4 to 6mm in size. They are available in various materials:


Quartz: The most popular kind of terp pearls are made out of quartz. It does a good job of managing heat and offers a fantastic flavor profile. They are also easy to clean, affordable, and durable.


Ruby: Ruby terp pearls are naturally more expensive, but well suited to cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy the finer things in life. Ruby terp pearls are superior in handling heat although they can be challenging when it comes to cooling down and cleaning.


Ceramic: Just like quartz, ceramic terp pearls can handle heat quite well. However, due to its porous nature, they can be hard to clean. Some dabbers still prefer ceramic terp pearls because they preserve flavors well, despite the fact that they are fragile.


Borosilicate glass: On the lower end of the price spectrum are borosilicate glass terp pearls. The downside is that they are not suitable for high temperature dabbing because they can warp or even melt. If you do decide to use borosilicate glass terp pearls, don’t heat them directly and be very careful when handling them.


Silicon carbide: Silicone carbide terp pearls offer excellent heat retention and can also withstand thermal shock. This makes them a versatile choice for any kind of dabbing rib. They are also much easier to clean using alcohol, a torch, or just about any cleaning method.


Why Would You Add Terp Pearls To Your Dabs?


Terp pearls may look small and inconspicuous, but they actually do so much to level up the dabbing experience. With minimal effort, the simple addition of terp pearls maximize your concentrates just by spinning around the banger while you inhale.


These little beads are placed inside the bangers to help eliminate reclaim, but they also have many other important functions, aside from the fact that they look pretty cool when you dab:


  • As they spin, they help distribute your concentrates in the banger and result in a cloud size, enabling you to vaporize most or all of it

  • Reduces residue

  • Helps you make the most out of wax even in lower temperatures. They do this by ensuring even circulation of hot air inside the banger

  • Distributes heat uniformly while helping you maintain the right dabbing temperature for a longer period of time

  • Prevents hot spots and cold spots

  • Preserves flavor and terpenes during low temperatures


Terp pearls can be used in both low and high temperature dabbing, though it should be said that terp pearls work best with low temperature dabbing.


When used in low temperature dabbing, terp pearls do a good job at reducing cold spots and pooling. The cloud size can be increased based on the temperature of the banger, enabling you to consume more concentrates efficiently. Meanwhile, terp pearls can also maximize your high temperature dabbing experience by preventing cold spots because they enable the banger to be heated uniformly in all parts while the concentrates vaporize. Concentrates are no longer wasted because burning no longer occurs in one area.


How To Use Terp Pearls Correctly


Terp pearls are fairly easy to use: just drop two of them into the banger before you decide to heat them. They should be placed at the bottom of the nail while it’s still in room temperature. Heat the nail, along with the terp pearls, from the bottom and once the temperatures have increased, and wait for the nail to reach your desired temperature.


Once you have obtained the temperature of choice, use the tab tool to put the concentrate in place. Cover it using your carb cab of choice – and there are many to choose from, though vortex carbs are usually the favorite of most dabbers.


The time has come for you to inhale the powerful concentrate. While you draw your breath in, the smoke from the carb cap hole will cause the terp pearls to spin around while it does its job of distributing concentrates and heat.


Cleaning Terp Pearls After Use


Terp balls should be cleaned properly after every use, just like any other tools that you are using. Routine cleaning after each dab session will ensure that terp balls spin around with ease and will always give you a fresh, delicious taste.


To begin cleaning, it will take some elbow grease to remove the residue off the banger. It can be challenging given the small size of the pearls so be sure that you handle them carefully especially when they are still hot – though you can handle them using tweezers but it’s always best to let them cool down first so that you don’t hurt yourself.


Use a cotton swab to gently scrub the pearls and clean the bottom of the banger. For stubborn residue, soak the pearls in an isopropyl solution bath for half an hour then proceed with cleaning. Just be sure not to drop hot terp pearls into cold isopropyl alcohol because this can ruin them.




Terp pearls are a great way to up your dabbing game. They come in several options to accommodate all budgets and preferences, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be giving them a try today.





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