vaping mistakes
vaping mistakes

What Are The Top 3 Vaping Mistakes People Make Right Now?

Get A Better Vape Experience With These Vaping Tips

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Oaktree on Monday Aug 29, 2016

Vaping - What You're Doing Wrong




Vaporizers, whether they are the desktop model kind or the portable kind, are all the rage among marijuana consumers today. Many tout the fact that vaporizing the cannabis produces less waste than traditional methods of ingestion and provides a better high. However, for those new to vaping, there have been complaints that it does not work as well as their beloved traditional joints or pipes.



Given that scientific research shows that more active ingredients of THC are released by vaping as opposed to smoking a joint, how can that be possible? If more active ingredients are released, then vaporizers should work better than other methods of smoking cannabis. Yet, many people still say that vaping does not get them as high.



Could it be that they are doing something wrong? Possibly. If so, what is it that they are doing incorrectly and how can it be fixed?





Temperature is important when vaping cannabis. If you remember back to chemistry class, different chemicals change to gas at different temperatures. The temperature for vaping cannabis and the temperature for burning it are different, so you could be getting a different dose than you’re used to. Vaping temperatures are lower.



So what is the best temperature?



Well, that depends on what kind of high you want, as does the kind of cannabis you are smoking. As connoisseurs of cannabis know, different strains produce different kinds of highs. Some produce relaxing, full-body highs. Others produce the “head high.” Some produce a mixture of the two. Thus, your preferred temperature will depend greatly on the type of cannabis you have.


According to the blog Smokazon, vaping temperatures between 175°C to 190°C tend to be best for a sedative or relaxing effect. However, anything above 190°C gives you that immediate “high,” especially for new smokers. Getting above 230°C starts to burn the herb instead of vaporizing it.



Herein lies the crux of the temperature problem. Many pen-style, e-mod style, and other portable vaporizers do not have a temperature control. Some let you control watts or volts, but that doesn’t translate into temperature. The same can be said for some of the cheaper desktop models. It is worth mentioning that there are several portable vaporizers that do offer temperature control.



If you’re considering vaping cannabis, there's something to be said for making a larger initial investment. Sure, you can get a budget model for $60, but you should also consider the durability and functionality of your purchase. As stated, temperature control is important in vaporizing cannabis.



Vaporizers without temperature control can burn too hot, causing the combustion of the herbs, thus defeating the purpose of vaping. They can also burn too cool, which doesn't produce the high you're seeking or, in some cases, fails to produce vapor at all.



The old adage 'you get what you pay for' comes to mind. Instead of getting a bargain priced vaporizer – whether a desktop, portable, or e-pen – consider making a solid investment in your vaporization experience. The most popular desktop and portable vaporizer models average around $250 and provide the valuable function of temperature control. The more expensive models can go for up to $700.



So, if you prefer the ease and discretion of the pen-style or the pen style vaporizers, how can you try and control the temperature? Here’s one tactic from Smokazon. Press the button that activates the pen, then release it shortly after, then press again in a rhythmic sequence. This prevents the coil from reaching its highest heat setting, thus preventing the combustion of your herb.




Grinding and Packing Your Herb Incorrectly



If you're a regular smoker or vaper of cannabis, chances are that you have a grinder and know why it's an important tool in your smoking toolbox. For vapers, grinding is an absolute must.






Most vaporizers, be they the keep-at-home desktop models, e-pens, or portable variety, require that the marijuana is ground to a fine-ish consistency. Buds can contain seeds and stems and can be compacted, which will not do well for even heating. Thus, always grind your bud before using it in a vaporizer.



Many of the desktop and portable models will have in their instruction manual the consistency that is best. If not, simply find the one that works best for you personally and for your model.



When it comes to packing the unit, packing it too tightly can result in there not being enough airflow for optimal vaporization. Therefore, you want a loose pack as opposed to a tight one.




Your Head Plays a Role, Too



The psychology and biology of the user also play a big role in how a particular strain of cannabis might affect them. It’s all too easy for the mind to trick us into thinking that we’re not as high as we want to be. Vice versa, you can also trick yourself into thinking you’re way higher than you actually are.



Some people just have the idea that smoking or eating edibles is, by nature, stronger or weaker than what you can get from vaporization. This can get in the way of enjoying the benefits that vaporization can give you. Granted, you do need to make sure the other factors are controlled for. If the grind or the temperature is off it will change the effect. Psychologists have long said that the mind is a powerful thing, and you can seriously convince yourself that you're not getting high or as high.



In conclusion, if you do not feel that you are getting as high from vaping as opposed to traditional methods, it could be your method. Evidence supports that vaporization of cannabis is more efficient and provides more of the psychoactives in cannabis as opposed to joints, bongs, and bowls. If you haven’t had good luck in the past, try following the tips in this article and you’ll soon find the groove you need to enjoy vaping.




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